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4/19: Gibson Center: Beginning Low Back Exercises


Learn the basics and the benefits

in building a low back exercise routine.

At the Gibson Center

Address: 250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786
All ages welcome.
No cost to attend.
Approximately 30 minutes plus Q&A.
Please bring note taking materials.
RSVP recommended due to limited seating.


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Four Factors you Need to Know BEFORE Seeing a Chiropractor

First time seeing a Chiropractor?

Do not know what to expect?

This is an introduction to 4 videos that will help you understand Chiropractor’s unique healing art and beliefs within.

Being well-informed before your first appointment will help you find safe and effective Chiropractic treatment.

We hope this video will dismiss any false fears about Chiropractic.

Video 1: Chiropractic vs. Medical Beliefs and Practices
Video 2: Chiropractors Correct Subluxations in the Spine
Video 3: The Popping, Cracking Sound of the Adjustment
Video 4: The Chiropractic Adjustment Demonstrated

Helping Change your Health from the Inside Out

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Pilate Instructor’s Scoliosis Correction Success

SCOLIOSIS TALK: Kelly’s discusses integrating Pilates for correction…

Kelly Lamoureux started her professional career as a ballet dancer at twelves years old, and now and is a ballet and Pilates instructor at the Inland Pacific Ballet.

She has observed dancers experiencing signs of scoliosis at an accelerated rate.

In this preview, Kelly explains integrating x-rays, a thorough exam, Pilates, chiropractic, home exercises and routine checkups as an effective treatment for scoliosis.

In the full video (coming soon), Kelly explains her scoliosis exam and she uses it to help treat through Pilates, along with other information for parents.

I observed her work with a dancer with scoliosis, and was impressed with Kelly’s ability to specifically train each body part to correct the scoliosis.

I would highly recommend my patients to Kelly or any other instructors at the Inland Pacific Ballet.
The contact info. is located at the end of the video.

Go to our scoliosis page for other videos/posts.

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

Changing Your Health from the Inside Out.

Serving Upland, Claremont, Cucamonga, Ontario and surrounding communities.

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Open this Monday Feb. 15th

open signDue to the high demand, we will be open regular business hours this Monday:

8:30-11:30, 2:00-6:30

Hope to check you then. 

Euclid Chiropractic is your Whole Body health center.

We help patients by removing spinal conditions and allowing a better quality of life.

Enjoy better health from the inside out.

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Low Back Recovery by Spinal Correction


Patients want to know “How Chiropractic Works”This video explains the “how” of Chiropractic to improve Francisco’s health.

This video will explain a standard normal low back x-ray, Francisco’s pre-treatment and post-treatment x-ray correction that lead to his quick recovery.

Chiropractic care is most effective when x-rays are involved with the diagnosis.

Watch Francisco tell his story…

Francisco’s Fast Back Pain Recovery

Go to our Youtube Channel to see other health videos and testimonials.

Euclid Chiropractic Clinic is your Whole Body health center.

We help patients by removing spinal conditions and allowing a better quality of life.

Enjoy better health from the inside out.


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