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“ accident and hurt my back pretty bad.” Vincent’s Story. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chirorpactor

“Dr. Tony has been working on my back since early November and I’ve been getting treatment twice a week. I was in a car accident and hurt my back pretty bad. I always feel great after my treatments and pain is gone now, just slight discomfort. Finally healed enough to start going back to the gym and he’s been pushing me to get stronger. Taylor at the front desk is super nice and is really accommodating. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, go here. You’re welcome.”

Vincent’s YELP Review



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“The Chiropractic Masters.”-Pelaiah Review.

“Dr. Tony is a MASTER at his craft! I’ve had awful posture for awhile posture so I came in, we did XRays and an adjustment. He explained what was going on thoroughly during the whole process. Not only did I leave feeling better, I feel more knowledgeable now. Thanks so much!!”

Pelaiah M.

Glendale, CA


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Do Interns like Euclid Chiropractic? Sarafin’s story. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Every semester (for about 11 years) Euclid Chiropractic sponsors interns through Upland High School’s externship program.

On average, these interns are seniors who have done well in pre-med classes, and have a post-high school focus on a medical career.

Because these specific students have put their head down in books to do well in their classes, sometime they have not developed their social skills.

The first few days our interns have been uncomfortable in the past.  They are quiet and do not ask questions.  I work to break them of this.

I have them shadow me with patients, have them answer the phones and for independently developing x-rays.  I want our interns to become more balanced.

When ready we start having interns work independently with patients with doing therapies and transferring patients to different rooms at a fast pace.

The Result: a person who has better confidence; work independently with patients, sound happy on the phone and smile more.

Who wouldn’t want this?

When watching Sarafin’s story, listen for her personality change that also affected her at school, etc.

Here is another intern’s story. Another great turn around:

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Darlene’s Story

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