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Speaking at Health Science and Medical Technology, Upland HS. Fall 2019

Written in 5th century B.C.

Adjustment video #1 (Start at 2:14)

Adjustment Video #2

Last Semester’s Upland HS Interns -Sarafin, Kassidy

Intern’s Story – Natalie

Here’s also the agenda for the talks…

First video (start at 2:14)

We need more healthcare professionals -is it you?  

Is high school classes really important? 5% rule. 

Sorry, science classes/good grades are required.

1. staying focussed, don’t be average, your friends. 

Reputation vs. Character

How do you learn (listen/video/writing, etc.) ; where you learn

Plan ahead -what does your next school require?

Video 2 -Mars

Do you care? Test -Talking to older people, helping. 

Why internships/volunteering is important -Samantha

  1. to find a job

  2. how being a techie can help

Why, NOW is the best time to volunteer. 

My volunteer story. 

Who are (or can be) your mentors?  How they help you. 

Video 4 -Sarafin, Kassidy

1st impression- important?

PMA, always with patients. 

Patient Exam -like attracts like. Practice.

Patient stories. -Why she did not wake up. 

Be the exception -LISTEN. and stay quiet.

How do YOU relax to Learn/stay healthy.

1. sitting, standing, exercising. 


Here is my talk at this class last Spring

Check out tadalafil side effects

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Your Healthy Heart-How to Lower Stress and Stay Healthy. @Brookdale Jan. | Crooked Spine Show

Your heart heart is vital to stay alive and healthy.  Certain stresses can damage the heart and its function, sometimes with no signs.  This talk explains some of these problems, solutions; and how your environment, diet, ans exercise can help or hurt your heart.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:30) How different exercises affect your heart.

(6:00) How the muscle and heart muscles repair differently.

(8:25) Side Q/A: knee surgery recovery help.

(11:45) Cold weather effect on heart and body.

(16:20) Supplements vs. Medications for your heart & blood pressure.

(22:20) Stress effect on the heart; and solutions.

(28:15) How olive and other oils help/hurt.

(30:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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“ accident and hurt my back pretty bad.” Vincent’s Story. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chirorpactor

“Dr. Tony has been working on my back since early November and I’ve been getting treatment twice a week. I was in a car accident and hurt my back pretty bad. I always feel great after my treatments and pain is gone now, just slight discomfort. Finally healed enough to start going back to the gym and he’s been pushing me to get stronger. Taylor at the front desk is super nice and is really accommodating. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, go here. You’re welcome.”

Vincent’s YELP Review



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“The Chiropractic Masters.”-Pelaiah Review.

“Dr. Tony is a MASTER at his craft! I’ve had awful posture for awhile posture so I came in, we did XRays and an adjustment. He explained what was going on thoroughly during the whole process. Not only did I leave feeling better, I feel more knowledgeable now. Thanks so much!!”

Pelaiah M.

Glendale, CA


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Patients tell their Story at Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Do you know how chiropractic is the leading non-drug

health profession for these conditions

neck pain, back pain,

headaches, nerve pain,

leg pain , shoulder pain, 

accident recovery,

And more

This video are clip from patients.

Watch  the full videos of each (Tap title or image to watch):

Shantal’s Accident/Back Pain Recovery 

Peggy’s Story: “Why I chose these doctors.” 

Guy: Drug-free Treatment for Back Pain 

Sonja L., “Leg tingling & numbness gone in 3 wks!”

Neck Back Posture Recovery-Kyndall 

David L : “I suffered with leg and back pain for 2 years.”  

Rose M., “Now I take 80% less medication for Headaches, Neck Pain.” 

Frankie, “I feel young again at Euclid Chiropractic” 

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