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Know The Brain & Gut Connection to Keep Your Body Well. Guest Layne Vanlieshout explains. Crooked Spine Show

Did you know it’s Scientifically Proven that your Gut and Brain work together to keep you healthy? In today talk my expert Layne Vanlieshout explains how this work.  Layne also tells us how to fix a leaky gut or brain, and then how to change your lifestyle to keep both healthy.

Topics for today:

1. How gut health impacts our brain and mental health

2. What is leaky gut and leaky brain?

3. How mental health affects gut health — a vicious cycle

4. How to start optimizing both

5. Is it a good idea to do a gut cleanse? What kinds? How often?

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Link to free resource (Energy Rescue Ebook)

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Steps to a Healthy Brain, Forever. Jerry Baker explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Let’s talk about Brain Health. Are there simple habits we can start today to keep our brain and mind health and alert? Yes! And my expert today is a previous guest, Jerry Baker. He has done the research and written articles on this subject. Let’s find out how we can train our brain and mind to stay healthy.

Topics cover today—

*What age does the brain need extra help staying healthy?

*What foods are good for brain health. And do we need add supplements too?

*What activities keep the brain strong? (Ex. puzzles, reading, math, writing).

*How does physical activity improves brain health.

*Do our social connections help/hurt brain health?

*What is the effect of stress control help a healthy brain?

*How does hydration affect brain health?

Connect with Jerry Baker—

And the personal assessment tool (to get your supplements right)

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: July 2023

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How to Care in Healthcare. @UCR April ’23. Reach Out’s Health Professions Conference. Crooked Spine Show

In today’s workshop, Dr. Tony explains how to communicate to your patients that you care through your body language, eye Contact, your smile, your voice, your language, and much more.

Also, understanding the importance of getting experience and knowledge through mentorships and internships before choosing a healthcare career path.

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Solving the Pain Puzzle. Rick Olderman’s New Book, and his Bird’s Eye View to Help You Fix Pain.

Rick is an expert physical therapist because he can teach it to his peers and the community so they can understand. He is a published author of manuals to help his colleagues and spreads the word through his “Fixing You” Series of self-help books for back, knee, neck, shoulder, elbow pain recovery. In addition Rick promotes health as a speaker, podcaster and social media.

This new book from Rick Alderman is different. From what I have read so far, this book “Solving the Pain Puzzle” helps us understand how Rick thinks when fixing pain. It seems to be a ten thousand feet bird’s eye view of his experience, research and knowledge has helped him understand the different aspects of one’s pain.

Check out the intro. and table of contents here-

Let’s understand more by having Rick Olderman explain when he wrote this book and how it can help us. Listen in.

Connect with Rich Olderman—

Checkout his downloadable home exercise videos–

Rick’s podcast, “Talk About Pain,” is also a good resource:

Rick’s new book, Solving the Pain Puzzle, is now available on Amazon. Intro. & purchasing the book:

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