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Improve your Physical Training with the Proper Mindset. Know these Common Blockers & Enhancers. Derek & Dr. Tony. May ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Sports Psychology is a huge part in get athletes to perform at the next level; along with weekend warriors like myself. Derek trains kids that want to get to the next level in college or beyond as well as people that have hit a wall in respect to improving strength, losing weight to look and feel great. In today’s workshop Derek explains how you think will affect your performance in a sport or when you train. And by continually learning you can enjoy a long, health life; and then help others do the same.

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Here are the show notes:

Emotional Blockers: Fear, Worry.

Heart Enhancers: Humility, Gratefulness.

Mind: Blockers or Enhancers: Patience, Knowledge, Wisdom.

Dr. Tony’s addition:

Wisdom (experience +. knowledge) can then turn into being a competent teacher/coach with patience/time.

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Reduce Inflammation in your Body to Live a Better Quality of Life. Melissa Bunkers explains. Crooked Spine Show

Inflammation (especially long standing) in your body can keep your in a stress state. This can lower your quality of life physically and psychologically leading to chronic pain, less sleep, anxiety, etc. Melissa Bunkers of Revive Functional Medicine is a Nurse Practitioner and Functional Medicine Health Consultant. Her Revive Method will help your body reduce inflammation and return your quality of life.

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Ways to reduce inflammation ->

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In this show Melissa explains:

-What is inflammation and when does it become “bad”.

-What causes inflammation –

Ways to reduce inflammation

-and more.

And how Melissa’s REVIVE Method works to help you.

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Choosing Your Foods WISELY for a Healthy Body & Mind. @Gibson April ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Are your food choices important? Yes! Today’s workshop helps your understand the types of foods and its function, which help with stress (instead of feed stress), importance of reading labels, the effects of food on mental health and more detailed in the outline below.

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The Basics: Understanding the difference between Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats

What are your BETTER choices for you? 

Don’t forget the fiber. 

Burning Calories; how to be efficient. 

Hydration for food absorption, digestion and getting it out the OTHER end. 

Checking the label.

Stress: Fight OR feed stress (inflammation) with your foods. 

Energy: What are good and your food choices?

Sugar and Salt:  Are they Evil? 

Supplements: Do you need them? 

Eating to lose weight

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: May 2022

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Summer is almost here. Are you ready to enjoy the warmer weather and enjoy longer days in Southern California? Now is the time to check your walking or running shows and get out the sun block. Let’s get outside and start moving more to get yourself feeling and looking healthy.

These videos are filled with health experts’ advice to get your body healthy from a plethora of health conditions; even helping your mindset to get more motivated. Check out the videos that interest you by clicking on the orange colored playlists that take you to the image of videos on YouTube.

Let’s get and stay health my friends😊

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Signs of an Hormone Imbalance & How to Fix Them. Guest & Expert Megan Bliss Explains. Crooked Spine Show

You might have been told your weight gain, lack of energy, overwhelming stress and other symptoms is from a Hormonal Imbalance. Medical treatments such as birth control, surgery, antidepressants will not fix the problem, and can have long-term side effects. Megan Bliss has helped many women fix their hormonal imbalances NATURALLY. Over the last eight years Megan has helped women regain their lives, look good, feel help and stay healthy. Today Megan will discuss: -how hormonal balances occur. -the best way to test your hormones and how frequent. -why your doctor only can help you through medications and surgery. -why hormonal balances cause weight gain, and feeling of being overly stressed. -self-care tactics to help you rebalance your hormones. -And Megan explains her Free Hormone Symptom checklist on her website.

Connect with Megan to understand how to take care of your body—

Free Hormone Symptom Checklist:

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(3:50) Causes of hormone imbalances.

(5:50) How your food choices effect your hormones.

(9:10) The Lab testing and more Megan uses.

(13:50) The imbalance causing weight gain.

(15:00) Stress reduction: a collaborative effort.

(18:30) How your amount of exercise effects hormones.

(22:10) Adrenal fatigue recovery.

(24:00) This is your self checklist ->

(26:00) Pregnancy & hormonal imbalance.

(28:10) How your partner will enjoy having your hormones balanced.

(28:40) Megan’s first day client process.

(30:10) Megan’s takeaway:  Don’t wait.

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