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The 2 BEST Low Back Stretches:

  1. First Low Back Stretch

  2. Low Back Roll Stretch

Back pain is no joke.  By the age of 30, about 75% of the population has experienced back pain.  So what is your plan WHEN you get back pain?

Pain (especially lasting 3-4 days with the same intensity) around your back or neck, should not be taken lightly.  It can be a sign of something wrong inside your body; a spinal joint irritation, spinal disc herniation or bulge or nerve irritation.

Instead of following your medical doctor’s advice, why not find out if there is an underlying problem?

Check with your local chiropractor.  They can do a detailed exam and x-rays of your spine to let you know if you need to fix the problem causing pain.

Chiropractic adjustments reduce pain, headaches, neuropathy by releasing spinal joint pressure.  This allows the nerve to relax, the disc to heal and the spinal joint to stay loose.  Then the root problem causing the pain is fix (not just covered up with medication).

Then your chiropractor can guide you in specific stretches first (like the ones in the video), and strength building exercises (below) to keep your spine fixed.

This will keep your body healthy to tolerate the stress of your daily life.

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