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Using Yoga & Breath Work to Help Mental & Physical Health? Guest Hailey Johnson. Crooked Spine Show

Can Yoga help you relax? Feel less stressed? Hailey Johnson is the founder of Bloom Yoga and Wellness. She is a Certified Yoga instructor whose mission is to teach others how to find inner peace and happiness through breath work and yoga.  She is a former NCAA gymnast with over 17 years of athletic experience. She brings authenticity and vulnerability to each class, providing a safe place for you to show up exactly as you are.

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(2:35) -Why yoga and breath work has become Hailey’s passion.

(5:20) -Competing as a collegiate gymnast, Hailey different yoga practices improved her health, differently.

(9:40) -Hailey explains yoga and breath work.

(14:00) -Why yoga is for everyone.

(16:30) -Is there a length of time practicing yoga to see results?

(18:00) -Do you want with chair yoga? Hailey explains the benefits.

(18:50) -How Dr. Tony was humbled at his first yoga practice.

(20:20) -How yoga increase flexibility, strength.

(22:30) -What yoga practices does Hailey teach? How to prevent injury during yoga?

(25:10)-Health, and physical benefits of yoga and breath work.

(30:10)-This yoga for the busy, stressed person. Hailey explains.


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Understanding your Nerves Connection to Health. In-office Jan ’19 replay. Crooked Spine Show

Chiropractors help improve your nervous system function by the adjustment. This talk links the sources of your neck, back and other pains to your nerves. Including your nerves effect on the your overall health. Learn how to get and stay healthy using chiropractic and exercise. Then get and stay strong and relaxed. Checkout the show.

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Highlights (podcast times):

(4:33) Your nerves connection through the body.

(7:30) Healthy or irritated nerves -how it works.

(10:30) The Nerve Chart: link between nerves to how you feel. 

(17:30) Nerves effect on sleep, anxiety, stress.

(24:30) Nerves link to attitude.

(32:05) How to get and stay in good physical health-simple, but work.

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Want to grow Professionally? Grow your Business? Start here. Guest Ana Robles. #CrookedSpineShow

Can a coach help you personally, so can can grow business? Ana Robles is a successful coach that works on our mind first, so you a company can grow with less stress.  In today’s episode she shares here secrets that will help you see the “simple things” that are blocking your personal and professional success.  Enjoy the show.

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(626) 757 9681

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(3:00) Ana’s experience and training before becoming a coach.

(7:15) Reprogramming your self-talk.

(10:00) Steps to applying a positive mindset to your work, vocation.

(12:40) Finding your blind spots.

(16:45) Working on (not in) your business; what is the difference.

(18:45) Grow your business by delegating. How?

(23:00) Find the balance in business to be happy.

(25:10) Being uncomfortable to grow.

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How to Check and Reset Your Posture, Standing & Sitting; then Exercises to Improve. @Gibson July ’21

Feeling neck or back pain when sitting or standing?  The underlying problem can be your posture.  This workshop (first since the start of Covid) will show you how to improve your sitting and standing posture. Also you will learn exercises to build strength and endurance to hold these better positions.  Then the pain cannot come back.

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(1;15) Why posture is important.

(3:20) Sitting Posture setup.

(8:50) Stand Posture checklist.

(14.40) Walking posture exercises (feet rolling, heel to toe).

(16:10) Fixing rounded shoulders; these 3 exercises.

(30:50) Lunge exercises to relax your front hips.

(35:00) Side hip stretches.

(41:00) Calf stretch to avoid cramps, tightness.

(46:20) Quick review of today’s exercises.




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