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How to Find your Healthcare Career? @Out Reach March ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

How do you find your career in healthcare? Doesn’t matter if you in college, high school or earlier; it’s best to think about it now.  In this talk I have these students learn from my experience (what to do, and what not to do).

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:50) Sit for more energy/better thinking.

(4:20) Are you the top 5% in your profession.

(6:20) Why now is the best time to work for free.

(9:50) Reverse thinking to find your profession.

(15:20) Your reputation vs. character -why it’s important.

(18:50) How exercises relaxes the brain/body.

(25:20) How to be liked, forever.

(31:00) Working on your bedside manner.

(37:20) Learning the best way for you.

(42:00) Find the negative, first, for professions you like.

(43;50) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Knowing your personality and developing your personal character is never-ending.  Starting now gives you the opportunity to grow from positive results and mistakes.  Caring for others should be an extensions your personal beliefs, and actions.  Then practicing in a healthcare career becomes easy because you love it.

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CSP 050: Test, then Get & Stay Healthy with BioStar. Karen explains on the Crooked Spine Show

Can we measure your health-your mind, organs and physical body?  BioStar scientifically measures your energy levels through vibration/sound. Karen uses BioStar so you know what part of your bodies are unhealthy, which may be hurting.  This can not only help you prevent a medical condition, but also allow you to get and stay in a healthier state.

Contact and Connect with Karen, at New Waves Holistic Energy Balancing Studio:




Highlights (podcast times):

(1:30) How BioStar measures energy levels through vibration.

(4:30) Test to know if your vitamins are working.

(6:00) Can BioStar help you find parasites in your body?

(7:50) How a BioStar scan works.

(9:10) Helping find the #1 health problem.

(14:00) Understand Epigenetics to fight your genes.

(16:40) Toxins that affect your health.

(21:50) What health changes to expect after scan/changes to your lifestyle.

(24:30) How your chakra energy affects your health.

(27:45) Common protocols that fix gut issues.

(35:50) Karen’s wrap up.

(40:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Knowing your health is not just how your feel.  BioStar (like a blood test) can help predict future health conditions, and how to fix your body to prevent them.  Even when you live a healthy lifestyle, knowing your body’s inside can give you the insurance policy to get and stay healthy.

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Shoulder Exercises for Pain Relief and Posture. @Gibson March ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Your shoulders’ health is complex.  Any muscles or joints injured around the shoulder (even your posture), can cause shoulder pain, weakness and/or a loss of motion.  These exercise will help improve motion, strength and your posture to maintain healthy shoulders.

Highlights (podcast times):

(4:00) How a shoulder becomes a problem/medical condition.

(6:30) Why it’s NOT crazy to move a painful shoulder.

(8:45) Start with stretching the muscles around the neck –Video

(9:50) 3 stretches for the shoulder joint –Video

(15:50) Modified downward dog wall stretch.

(16:20) Towel stretch for for upper back, shoulders and arms –Video

(19:00) Improve shoulders by proper walking, standing and sitting.

(20:10) Stronger shoulders by this press –Video

(21:00) Video wrap up.

(21:33) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

So shoulder motion is the key to recovery; slow at first, and then aggressively to improve motion, strength and posture.

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What should Healthcare Practitioners & Patients Expect? @Keck Graduate Institute March ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

These students next step is applying to highly ranked medical schools.  I give them the personality and my experience to help understand what it takes to help patients in a private practice setting.  One student came into my office after to see me in action.  Hope this talk helps patients know what to expect from a private practice doctor. And how students can give patients a good experience.

Highlights (podcast times):

(3:20) Why volunteering is important.

(8:20) How “going for the no’s” works.

(9:20) Senior patients treatment stories.

(15:35) Fun with younger patients.

(17:05) Treating stress in the body.

(22:50) Can patients reduce medications?

(27:50) How to help patient relax.

(32:50) ALWAYS work to get patients feel good.

(35:00) Students-build your online reputation now and why.

(40:50) Interview for jobs/schools: #1 characteristic needed.

(44:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

It continues to come down to doctors listening to patients.  Communication skills are required, so doctors can make the correct diagnosis and treatment to help patients improve their health.  And by students willing to volunteer/intern they gain the experience EARLY to build a reputation as a caring and competent doctor.

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Loud Screams during Jack’s Painful Adjustment for Back Pain Relief | Claremont Cucamonga Upland Chiropractors

This treatment is a little scary to watch.

Coming from the Emergency Room, Jack trusted Euclid Chiropractic to help him with his condition.

We had helped him with pain & anxiety before, but this time it was worse.

Watch full video, and see if he felt better after.

Someone’s chiropractic adjustment can be exciting or scary. Because you never know what your going to get as a reaction. And because we will only do the adjustment if it can give a person a relief, we feel confident when I perform this action.

As you can see in the video, Jack is screaming and then has relief in the end.

Performing an x-ray analysis first, then we can know where to cause a chiropractic adjustment that can benefit the patient.

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