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Can your Dog Help you Be Happy, Again. Guest Michael Overlie explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Men, want to have better relationships? Be a Better you? Meet Michael Overlie who understands how to talk to and help men.  He is a dog and nature lover. With Mike’s experience he helps guide men in finding and keeping purpose and joy in their lives by (a unique way) letting their dog lead. Mike is the author of “Let Your Dog Lead” and helps us understand his process.  Enjoy the show.

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(5:40) Example how dogs can help.

(13:15) These feelings, awareness are You telling you to look for help.

(17:40) Building your self-confidence, then applying it.

(21:30) Steps to being happy…again.

(23:50) Changing habits to feel uncomfortable; then feel safe.*

(30:20) Integration: how your dog will help your physical AND mental health.

(33:10) 1 Degree Shifts; to build sustainable habits.

(34:00) What stops us from improving ourselves.

(36:00) The True Alpha Male. Mike explains how this can be a complete Man.

(41:00) How Mike helps men at ages 35, 45 and more; finding out the “what’s next for me?”

(46:50) How Mike’s book helps men be more open and accountable; and help their relationships.

(51:30) How my late dog make ME cry. Healthy to be without a puppy?


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Back Exercises for a Healthy & Happy You. @Gibson Sept. ’21. #crookedspineshow

A stronger back helps you move pain-free, sleep better and be happy. After you are cleared of any medical or physical conditions, these exercises will start with stretching and then strengthen you back.  Keeping these exercises part of your lifestyle will keep your body healthy and happy. Checkout the show.

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(5:00) Sitting & standing posture checklist.

(12:20) Lunge exercise for a hip stretch.

(17:00) Wall, chair and standing squat for back and hip strength.

(27:30) Setting your walking gait.

(39:10) Lunge exercise for leg and back strength.

(42:30) Seated hip stretch.


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Erasing the Fear of Seeing a Chiropractor. Naomi, ESQ. of Gonzalez Law Firm questions with Dr. Tony

All of us have fears that can limit our ability to try different treatments. Can we help people experience an improved quality of life by seeing a chiropractor by erasing the anxieties (false fears)? This interview with Naomi Gonzalez, a local attorney, will help her clients/future chiropractic patients enjoy the health benefits of chiropractic adjustments.  Checkout the show.

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(909) 266-0003

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In this interview, Naomi wants answers to these top anxiety-causing questions:

(2:30) What happens during the adjustment.

(3:30) Are their risks if the patient cannot relax?

(4:50) Is the adjustment painful?

(5:45) Do you feel better right away from the adjustment? How long does it last?

(7:00) What body parts do chiropractors treat?

(8:00) Besides adjustments what other treatments/services do chiropractors perform?

(10:20) Can chiropractors prescribe medications?

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: November 2021

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The last two months of the year. Is your health where you want it? 

Can we continue to work on finishing the year strong by keeping or starting healthy habits.  These videos will give you the motivation and “how to’s” to end 2021 on a good note. 

The Colored Titles will link you to the specific video list.

I. Patient Stories

I. Exercise Playlist

I. Health Education playlist

I. Workshops

I. Interview Playlist

I. Podcast playlist

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Your friend’s health is just as important.

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