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CSP 009: Helping Children with Stress. Interview with Norina Murphy, LCSW by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

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Stress is a common mood that can effect a child’s physical and mental health.  Knowing where to get help and why is the first start in help a child’s quality of health and life improve.  Norina Murphy is a license clinical mental health therapist.  She has worked full time with children since 2011. She opens up on this show to help parents (and children) understand the need and benefits of child/teenage therapy.  Norina also give a stress solutions for children/teenagers and their parents. 

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(909) 815-9841

600 N Mountain Ave, Ste B106

Upland, California



Show highlights:

Is a child ready for therapy? Removing the stigma (3:10).

Finding the right therapist (5:30).

What is beyond normal child behavior? (6:45).

Is my teenager behaving normally? (8:00).

Parent involvement in therapy (11:25).

Helping a child with ADHD (13:35).

If/when medication is appropriate through a psychiatrist (14:50).

Nutrition/hydration effects on a stress health state (17:25).

Benefits of exercise to remove stress (19:35).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (23:30).

Norina’s discussion should help parent ease the stress of child/teenage therapy by know there are many levels of therapy before medication and long-term treatment.  Speaking with a therapist like Norina early can help you know your child is ok, and/or give you and your child solutions to reduce the causes of stress.

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Kick Back Exercise. Low Back Strength Exercise. Euclid Chiropractic

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Suffering from long-term, chronic back pain can limit your ability to move because of the fear of more pain.  This will cause your back to become weak and tight.  Even neuropathy.

Here are the steps:

  1. Relax on your stomach, up on your elbows.

  2. With your back relaxed, raise on leg straight up.

  3. Hold for 5-10 seconds, then switch to the other side.

Based on your doctor’s recommendations, you can perform 3 sets on each side.  Only perform this exercise if it’s pain-free. 

Recovery from a painful back can start here. 

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6 Second Posture Check

Fixing Your Back Pain. What to Expect.

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Upper Back, Poor Posture Recovery Workshop. Step by step. @Gibson Sept. ’17

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Helping people understand how to fix poor posture begins with understanding how to set good posture.  This workshop gives the step by step to return good posture, then strength exercises to tolerate everyday stress.  Maintaining the good habits will make you look good, avoid injury and (for seniors) keep your independence.

Show highlights & specific exercise videos:

These steps before exercise (2:20). Video.

Start with the Upper Trap Stretch (4:50) Video.

Upper Back Roll Stretch (8:50) Video.

The Broomstick Stretch (19:50) Video.

The Reverse Fly Exercise (28:50) Video.

The Shoulder Press Exercise (36:20) Video.

Summary: posture, range of motion, stretch, then exercise (41:50).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (45:15).

Following this step by step recovery plan for upper back poor posture and health conditions allow your body to enjoy a relaxed state of physical and mental health.  Then the stress that surrounds our daily lives becomes manageable and enjoyable.

Please seek a consultation with a chiropractor if there are concerns with muscle, joint or nerve conditions through an x-ray analysis.

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

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Helping Change your Health from the Inside Out. 

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“Because of them I developed daily routines…” -John

“Euclid Chiropractic was professional in every way helping me with my lower back issues.  Because of them I developed daily routines (long walks, ice treatments, etc.).  They were easy to stay with and helped me immensely.

Wait times are practically zero each visit.  Dr. Ratkovic and Dr. Weaver explain things in ways making them easy to understand and apply towards treatment.

I highly recommend Euclid Chiropractic.”

-John B.

Here is one of John’s exercises:

Back Extension Stretch


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CSP 008: In-Home Healthcare after Emergency/Medical Care. Interview with Dan McGuire of Right at Home.

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Careful and timely rehab after a injury or medical condition can save a re-injury or scar tissue.  When you plan for then events Dan from Right at Home explains the stress caused by the costs can be reduced and your loved one’s (or yours) quality of life can return quickly.

Contact and connect with Dan McGuire, Right at Home:

(909) 466-5472

10134 6th St, Ste J

Rancho Cucamonga, California


Show Highlights:

Home care vs. Medical care (0:50).

Have a plan (1:40).

Home care from a CNA.  Their licenses protects you (4:30).

When to start the preparing yourself/loved ones (7:30).

Right at Home’s study to help insurance coverage (8:30).

Why to prepare a budget for home care (11:25).

What NOT to do.  D.I.Y. (12:20).

A comparison to assisted living (12:45). The highlight

Importance of senior independence (14:00).

Prepare now to match personality for best recovery (14:45).

Working with a CNA: Patience->Trust->Recovery (17:15).

Sundowners. Your CNA can help (19:40).

An example of returning a senior’s quality of life (21:10).

Being Released from a Hospital…now what? (24:50).

Prevent scar tissue/re-injury by fast recovery (27:40).

After a severe medical condition or hospital stay, a licensed CNA gives you the best chance of returning quality of life.  Then maintaining your independence through routine healthy habits can keeping you well.

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

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Neuropathy: Understand the Causes and Treatment of Spinal Nerve Pain @Gibson Jan ’17

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Having leg or arm symptoms of pain, burning and numbness can cause you go see your doctor for treatment.  The diagnosis is Neuropathy.  Most treatments include medications and pre-surgery preparations.  These treatments rarely reduced symptoms can cause permanent injury.  Here is the natural approach.

Causes and natural treatments explained in this podcast:

Stenosis -a common cause Watch  1:00.

Arthritis/bone spurs another cause Watch  3:10.

How the spinal disc wears down causing neuropathy Watch 5:10.

The effects of disc replacement 7:00.

How the disc stays healthy 8:40.

Inversion tables and decompression machines 11:05.

How is sciatica is caused Watch 14:05.

How to rule in or out neuropathy Watch 17:40.

Symptoms of neuropathy 18:45.

Dr. Tony’s wrap up 21:05

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

There is no video related to this podcast, so go to the links above to understand the details of recovery.  Recovery, when diagnosed properly, can occur through natural treatments like chiropractic and specific rehab exercises.  Then quality of life can return to enjoy health again.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: October 2017

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Educational/Exercise Videos:

The Scary Popping Sound during an Adjustment

Upper Back Stretch with a Roll.  3 Levels of Difficulty. 

X-ray analysis to fix back/neck/nerve pain. 

Short Clips:

How to Get the Most from your Massage Therapist

For Back Strength: Modified Chair Squat

Women: Lose Weight thru Weights


Stopping Pain and Anxiety Medication -highlights from William’s story

Less Chance of Falls Now – Carol

Low Back Pain Gone -Steve


Becoming a Healthcare Professional. A chat with students (2016). 3 clips.

What to look for in a Personal Trainer w/ Mike, owner of New U Fitness

Massage: Solution for Stress and Physical Injury

Podcast:  The Crooked Spine Show

CSP 005: Find the Right Massage Therapist

Stopped the Medications

Becoming a Healthcare Professional

CSP 006: Your Personal Trainer

Building Back Strength Workshop

CSP 007: Detox to reduce Sickness; Feel and Look Better.


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