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Get Help for Postpartum, Menopause/Perimenopause and More by Deana Freeman. Crooked Spine Show

Does experience matter when looking for alternative healthcare help? Deana Freeman is a functional health practitioner, and has been a nurse for over 20 years. She has seen and helped many people in her career, so she can empathize with your problems. As a functional medicine practitioner, her focus has been helping women over 40.

The topics today she will helps understand how to recover from are:

-menopause/perimenopause and with the affect of gut health.

-postpartum symptoms such as anxiety, depression, weight gain, etc.

-Causes and cures of sleeplessness (insomnia).

-the importance of mindset in your recovery.

Connect with Deana for a consultation and checkout her social media for free knowledge—

Free Better Sleep guide-

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Show highlights: 

(2:30) Deana background and why she focusses on women’s health.

(5:40) How Deana helps postpartum.

(13:15) Importance of sleep; how to improve.

(20:15) Why Deana FIRST helps you with mindset.

(24:20) Getting help with menopause & perimenopause; and why/how to check your hormones.

(28:00) Deana’s new client easy processing.

(32:30) How having a coach shortens the learning curve and improve results.

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Do Vitamins Work? Tara Perrin uses Testing, etc. to Help you Understand your Supplemental Needs. Crooked Spine Show

The simplest building blocks of the human body are minerals and vitamins to help us grow, fight off infection/disease, and keep us healthy. But are we getting enough in our foods; how do we know? Let’s ask this expert Tarra Perrin, a fully-certified health and nutrition coaching professional. She has implemented her knowledge in her own lifestyle and wants to help you understand the benefits, especially when wanting to ramp up your health.

Connect with Tara—

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(3:00) Tara’s experience as an athlete and her knowledge.

(4:20) Where to start? Specific lab testing and what it is for.

(7:30) When lifestyle/change in activity requires change in supplementation.

(8:40) Why our body requires minerals and vitamins.

(9:00) When to retest our labs.

(11:50) Why the American diet isn’t enough.

(15:30) How to get enough omega-3 fatty acids (good oils).

(17:40) Being proactive to stay healthy.

(27:00) Shifting your mindset from meds to supplements to get and stay well.

(28:40) Mediation: what type works for you to stay healthy.

(34:40) Knowing when your stressed.

(36:40) Tara’s takeaways.

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When your doctor says, “Everything is normal.” How Layne Vanlieshout of LV Wellness can help you.

What the title means is you should always ask your doctor if your tests are “normal”, what else you can do? This may be your next option. Layne VanLieshout is a Functional Medicine clinician and a nurse practitioner. She works with her patients one on one to help understand the underlying cause why they feel “unwell.” Layne will spend the time with you. In today’s interview Layne will help us understand how to heal your body long term when suffering from hormonal imbalances, gut conditions, and more.

Connect with Layne, LV Wellness–

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(3:00) Layne’s bio and clinician experience; finding the root cause.

(5:10) Initial client interaction: 90 minute interview, past history, labs, treatments.

(7:40) How to diagnose a hormone imbalance condition; and what you might feel.

(13:50) Gut health: what problems you may have; testing and fixing any conditions.

(23:10) Importance of learning to stay healthy, long-term.

(31:00) Layne’s take aways.





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Fixing Upper Pain: Causes, Your Stretches and Muscle Building Exercises to be Pain-free. @Gibson Aug. ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Upper back pain can come from many sources.  This workshop explains the causes and how to fix it through exercises. Also, you will understand how posture plays a role in the cause and correction of your upper back. Check it out.

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Upper back pain causes:

-poor posture 

-accidents/trauma (recent or past without proper recovery) 


-change in physical stress (having a baby, job change, starting/changing your working out) 

Upper back pain effects: 

-local pain

-chest tightness: pain with breathing 

-shoulder pain 

-neck, lower back pain. 

How to diagnose: 

-physical exam 

-posture check (weak or tight muscles)


(18:40) Your stretch exercises:

-Lying down/face up/arms overhead


-corner stretch. 

Your strength exercises:

-elbows to the side, water bottles out

-wall push-up

-reverse fly (bent over)

Daily posture awareness. 

-standing/walking (wall pasture check)

-sitting posture check

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How Melissa Klepacki helps her Clients with Toxin Removal, Sleeplessness, Dehydration, “the other end” and more. Crooked Spine Show

Do you look for your health practitioners with as much detail as when buying a car or home? Usually not. Melissa Klepacki has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right practitioner, and help you live a better quality of life. She is a phenomenal health coach and enjoys giving away health tips on social media and I especially like her Today’s Health Tip podcast (links below). These four topics I picked from her plethora of knowledge will help you get and stay healthy now:

1.Could it be mold exposure or Biotoxin Illness (like Lyme disease)?

2.Sleep – why it’s crucial to detox.

3.Hydration – what kind of water matters!

4.What comes out the other end tells your health story.

5. Fixing your five pillars of health. Let’s listen in and keep our bodies healthy.

Connect with Melissa K.– (checkout her free wellness assessment & mold illness questionnaire)

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(3:20) Melissa’s knowledge & experience in becoming a Integrative Health Practitioner for her clients.

(4:50) Understanding Lyme Disease & Biotoxin Illness Recovery from chemicals, mold, ticks, etc.

(15:30) Pooping: what is healthy regarding frequency, etc.; and what it means.

(18:10) How to your body’s required minerals through water.

(21:10) Melissa’s One-minute Wellness Assessment Questionnaire; How it will help you.

(22:10) The changes you will experience after working with Melissa for 2-3 months.

(26:50) How your better health with lower physical and mental stress.

(29:40) Why working with Melissa can reduce your medication use.

(33:50) Melissa’s takeaways.


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Adjusting Your Food Choices to Get and Stay Healthy. Guest Alicia Marie, founder of I Am Wellness. Crooked Spine Show

Why don’t we all eat at McDonalds everyday? It’s 2022 we know that long-term these type of cheap fast foods can make us feel and look unhealthy; and cause disease. Alicia Marie, NP, founder of ‘I Am Wellness’ health consulting. She will explain how she helps her clients learn to eat better to recover from chronic disease, look good, and eat to stay healthy.

Connect with Alicia—

Free CORE Food Plan guide:

Checkout Alicia’s recent magazine article:

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(4:10) Why Alicia found a passion in functional medicine.

(6:20) Customizing a food plan.

(8:00) How the SAD American Diet causes so many chronic diseases.

(11:40) This mindset will help you achieve your goals.

(13:00) The Benefits of a Coach/accountability partner.

(19:00) Food allergy vs. sensitivity.

(21:30) Is investing in your health justified?

(23:10) Balancing supplements with nutrient defense foods.

(25:15) Meal planning to prevent waste and over eating; when are meal prep program worth the cost?

(30:30) Get your Free Core Food Guide (see link above).

(33:00) Become your own Health Advocate.

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Low Back Pain: Recovery Exercises; then Staying Strong & Flexible. @Gibson July ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Lower back pain can make you stop your daily routine, and make you anxious about certain movements and lifting anything. If the pain persists, then it can affect your sleep, mood and strength. In this workshop I help the audience understand the sources of of low back pain, when to start pain-relief stretching and when to add strength exercises. Then you can personalize your DAILY routine to KEEP your back strong to enjoy a phenomenal quality of life.

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Starting an exercise recovery program starts with knowing the source of the pain and your pain level. Before starting exercises.

Check and correct: 1. Standing posture 2. Sitting posture

Start with these stretches: 1. Low back roll 2. Supine outside hip stretch. 3. Seated figure 4 knee to shoulder.

Once the pain is gone then strength exercises: 1. Wall kick back (Thank you Dee for demonstrating this exercise) 2. Wall to chair squat 3. Walk THIS way.

Ask yourself:

“Do you want to live a good quality of life with a Healthy Back?”

“Then how will YOU keep a routine of stretches and exercises?”

See more exercises on our playlist–


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The Five Principles of Migraine Relief Created by Expert Courtney Beck. Crooked Spine Show

You are lucky if you have never had migraines. This week’s guest expert Courtney Beck suffered and now recovered; Courtney is a nurse practitioner, mother, and wife. Now her passion as a health coach is helping migraine sufferers through one on one consulting, so you recover your quality of life, naturally. Here at the 5 fundamental principles to your recovery: functional labs, education, lifestyle changes, detoxification. and mindset.

Connect with Courtney:


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A few highlights including the principles:

(3:20) How Courtney helped herself, first, to fix her migraines.

(5:20) Which blood work helps diagnose your migraine causes.

(10:00) Education: the types, symptoms and triggers of migraines.

(13:40) Specific lifestyle changes through a coach.

(19:30) Why your medical doctor will NOT give you self-care habits; Courtney will.

(22:20) How to detox to help migraine relief.

(24:25) The proper mindset long-term to get and keep you healthy.

(26:50) A client’s success story; building good habits.

(29:40) The 5 principles, in summary.

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Fixing Poor Posture: Start These Exercises Today to Feel Good. @Gibson June ’22. Crooked Spine Show

As a chiropractor for almost 20 years, the #1 reason people experience neck, back, hip, shoulder pain is poor posture. In our current year of 2022, more people are sitting long hours for work and driving long distances. When unchecked this lead to a hunched posture standing or sitting making the body tighter and weaker. In this workshop we help the live audience, watchers and listeners understand how to check their posture; then how to stretch and strengthen to improve and keep good posture while sitting and standing.

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Here is the workshop outline–

Causes of poor posture. How a hunched posture can make you feel. The goal of corrective movement: improve your body’s balance of flexion and extension muscles.

Proper Sitting: Front edge, knees below hips, feet back.

Proper Standing: Standing against a wall with heels, hips, shoulders and head against the wall.

Start with stretching:

1. Pillow

2.Low Back Roll

3. Broomstick

4.Modified Seated Lunge Proper Standing/Walking. Checking position; on your heels/head up.

And a couple strength exercises:

1.3 Shoulders

2.Kick Back (Standing OR on hands and knees)

3.Superman (Lying flat OR on hands and knees)

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How Sara & Anastasia Coach Healthy Habits so You Recover and Stay Well WITHOUT Changing your Life. Crooked Spine Show

Nurses do a lot to help people in medical settings. These two go above and beyond to help coach clients to get and stay healthy once your home. Sara and Anastasia are registered nurses who work their shifts, then share their wellness knowledge daily on social media and clients. It’s much easier to trust coaches that practice staying healthy everyday.

Connect with Sara and Anastasia: 






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(4:40) Who they are and why coaching.

(7:30) First, helping clients change their mindset.

(11:40) How to know when you are stressed. 

(13:00) Using physical activity to lower stress. How EVLO works. 

(17:00) Giving yourself grace and focussing on the big picture; using your WHY. 

(21:40) Importance of accountability partners work. 

(23:50) Avoid professional burnout by using a coach. 

(26:40) Your diet can help or hurt your stress levels. 

(28:30) Importance of sleep and how to improve it. 

(33:30) Using the 4-7-8 breathing to lower stress. 

(37:40) What to expect when working with Sara & Anastasia. 

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