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Fixing Sitting Posture Part 1: Intro. & Upper Body Exercises

Poor Sitting Posture contributes to muscle pain, neuropathy, headaches and arthritis long-term.

In this video (part 1 of 4), Dr. Ratkovic explains how to correct sitting posture and demonstrates the Upper Trapezius Stretch and the Corner Stretch for the chest and shoulders.

Steps of the Stretches

  1. Upper Trap Stretch

    1. Start by sitting straight up.

    2. To stretch the left side, put your right hand behind your left ear and turn your head over the left shoulder.

    3. Relax your neck, so your right hand pulls the head toward your chest.

    4. Switch hands to stretch the right side.

  2. Front Shoulder/Chest Stretch

    1. Stand with good posture

    2. Hands should be at shoulder level

    3. Stand 2 feet away from corner of the wall with your hand on the wall

    4. While holding your posture, lean into the wall and hold.

Every person is at a unique level of health.

Euclid Chiropractic offers a complimentary consultation to evaluate your present posture and provide a custom workout for you.

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