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Let’s Get Uncomfortable to Get Healthy. On The You Don’t Have To Be Perfect Podcast with host Vanessa Luu. Crooked Spine Show

Need SIMPLE tips how to get healthy? Here are some simple concepts, but they will take time to help change your lifestyle to get and stay healthy.  Today’s show Vanessa and I go over the truth about getting healthy for the long run.  It may not feel comfortable…good!  We will explain why in the show.  And when you are healthy, then today’s stress will be a piece of cake.  Checkout the show.

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(1:45) Why I became a chiropractor. 

(4:25) How to get your body healthy and relaxed. 

(8:35) Why it’s difficult to keep healthy routines. 

(12:45) Changing your mindset to get healthy. 

(14:35) Power of questions, writing it down. 

(17:00) My favorite crooked Spine Show episode. 

(19:15) How Euclid Chiropractic can help you. 

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Headache Relief Explained. And Recovery Exercises. @Gibson Oct. ’17. Crooked Spine Show

Need Headache Help? Are medications my only option? Finding and Understanding the cause of your headaches can help you learn the lifestyle changes you can make to finally be headache free. This workshop will explain the different causes and give you solutions including the exercises in this post.

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Here are the YouTube videos of the exercise discussed in the workshop–

Walking posture checklist:

Sitting Posture Checklist:

Neck Pillow Stretch:

Upper Trap Stretch:

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Want Your Business to Grow without more Stress? High-End Business Coach Tera Nelson tells You How.

Tera Nelson is a strategic business coach in Pennsylvania for high-end clients worldwide. Tera’s passion is to help people build their brand first to help bring attention and buyers to your services. Today she will explain her secret steps of “Focus-Capture-Develop” to help people enjoy growing a business with less stress. Tera will also explain the KEY to stay passionate and avoid burnout to ride the ups and downs of business.

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(6:00) Who is Tera? What is her business?

(7:30) Starting with your mindset. Tera’s 3 steps.

( 9:10) Finding who you are; then your value to whom you serve; and adjust when needed.

(16:15) How a business coach saves you time, money; and grow your business.

(22:00) When will you see results from coaching?

(25:30) Where to find help, including coaching.

(32:30) #1 way coaching can help you.

(36:30) Getting out of Covid, it’s time to re-evaluate. Mini Brand Blue Print.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: August 2021


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What does August mean to you?

Do you have kids going to back school?

If not, maybe one last trip before we get back to the grind of work in September?

Maybe a home or yard project your working on?

Whatever is going on, let’s keep our bodies healthy.

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I. Workshops

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Do not keep us a secret.

Your friend’s health is just as important.

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