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Upper Back Pain Relief & Better Balance. @Gibson July ’19. Crooked Spine Show.

Need help with neck, upper back or shoulder pain?  These seven exercises explained in this workshop will help stretch and then strengthen your body to keep your body pain-free. Listen in or watch through links below.

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(2:00) #1 reason for upper back pain.

(3:10) How to sit/stand with better posture.

(8:20) Proper pillow and sleeping position.

(28:40) Broomstick exercise.

(32:10) Towel stretch exercise. Leora demos.

(34:50) Wall Fly exercise.

(38:00) Reverse Fly exercise.

(39:30) Pull down exercise.

(40:45) Upper Trapezius exercise.

(42:20) Reverse of exercises.

(50:30) How movement helps stress, pain.

(58:20) Walking exercise for posture/balance.

(1:03:35) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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CSP 058: Staying Healthy as a Blue Collar Worker w/ Dr. Tony on The Blue Collar Nation Podcast

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Doing physical work 10-12 hours a day can physically wear down and cause injury.  Today’s podcast with The Blue Collar Nation’s Eric and Larry gives blue collar workers solutions to avoid and recover from common injuries. Also, how to create daily habits to keep you high energy all day.  Listen in.

Connect with Eric and Larry at The Blue Collar Nation Podcast:


(3:50) Your personal health effects the business (short, long-term).

(5:00) Most common blue collar worker injury and why.

(10:40) Does an invincibility attitude help or hurt your health?

(15:30) Effects of previous injuries on today’s health.

(17:00) Starting a daily routine to stay healthy.

(21:50) Avoiding injury to you and coworkers.

(27:00) How NOT to run yourself down.

(29:30) Monster drink nightmares; sleep deprivation effects.

(36:00) Changing your mindset of health -Eric’s experience.

(40:00) Get paid more by staying healthy.

(42:30) Where and how to recover from injuries and stay healthy.

(48:00) 5 action steps to get healthy now.

(57:00) Being your best doctor by continued learning.

(58:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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