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Better Balance, Less Falls with These Exercises. #crookedspineshow

Performing specific exercises regularly can improve your balance and strength; this will lead to less falls and injuries. This workshop will explain and demonstrate simple home exercises that improve motion in your lower body to help you improve balance with strength.

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(2:30) While in bed, start with ankle motion.

(4:00) Knee motion exercise.

(6:40) Using a tennis ball (or something similar) for feet stimulation.

(9:00) A hip motion exercise.

(12:00) Sitting checklist for better posture/balance.

(14:00) Feet position for back strength.

(15:00) Properly using a walker.

(18:30) Exercises for better balance standing.

(30:00) Leg crossover exercise.

(33:30) Lunge exercise for balance.

(34:40) The Dos and Don’ts if your going to fall.

(38:40) Hip stretch with a strap.

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Learn to Be Happy, all the Time. Guest Stephen, Happiness Expert, explains. Crooked Spine Show

Want to get and stay happy? Here is you specific steps. Stephen V. Richardson. Stephen is a motivational speaker, published author. He has made his mission to help people find ways to get happy by finding healthy routines to keep a positive mindset. Steven explains how you can learn the skill of being happy…all the time.

Connect with Stephen—

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(8:00) Using your 5 senses to change your emotional state.

(15:30) Getting stuck in a poor mindset.

(18:45) Happiness is a skill you can develop.

(25:10) Importance of self-affirmations.

(30:00) Using superlatives to talking to others.

(34:40) How happiness affects your physical health.

(42:30) Steven’s Mantra to stay happy.

(46:00) Seeing what you believe; NOT believing what you see.

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Shoulders Painful? Tight? Here are your Recovery Exercises. #crookedspineshow

Here are exercises that help you reduce the pain and improve strength to stay pain-free and strong. Is this replay from Gibson August 2018 you will learn the step-by-step process how this chiropractor helps patients understand the root of shoulder pain (sometimes your posture); then which stretches and strength exercises to incorporate in our rehab routine.

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(1:45) Posture wall posture check:

(5:00) Broomstick stretch:

(9:50) Upper trap stretch:

(14:10) 3 shoulder stretches w/ water bottles:

(22:20) Shoulder wall rise:

(24:40) These wall pushes for strength and balance:

(27:50) Test your shoulder health with this Modified Shoulder Press:

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Digestive Pain? Heartburn?Natural Foods/Supplements to Heal you Heal.Guest Olivia at Honor Your Core

Having digestion problems or heartburn is no joke.  You can choose to treat the problems through medicine, drugs or surgery; or naturally that can heal the condition causing problems. Olivia is a certified nutritionist specializing in gallbladder and liver conditions. In this interview she will help you understand how your digestive organs function, and give you natural ways to heal your gut through foods, supplements, and much more. Checkout the show.

Connect with Olivia:

Links to Olivia’s website of her free meal guides, custom meal plans, and more–

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(5:30) Normal medical pathway to treat digestive issues.

(6:45) Why check with a GI specialist for specific testing.

(9:45) Factors that effect gallbladder, liver function.

(14:30) Supplements benefit to your gallbladder, liver.

(16:45) The Phase 1 and 2 of liver detox; including foods, exercise, chiropractic, etc.

(28:30) Olivia’s free .pdf of Friendly Foods for the Gallbladder and Liver –

(39:20) Does size matter? How to manage food portions.

(47:00) Food reflection explained.

(50:30) Olivia’s takeaways.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: July 2021


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Okay, the summer in full effect in Southern California. Are you ready?

With longer days, you have more time to enjoy simple outdoor activities like walks, bike rides, beach and part activities; and all your local gyms are open again.

Here are the videos from last month to help you get healthy DIY, or how to find coaches to help you.

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Help your Posture and Prevent Pain by these Neck Exercises. @Gibson Sept ’19. Crooked Spine Show (replay)

Checking and correcting your sitting posture can prevent and relieve neck pain, headaches, upper back and shoulder pain. This workshop will help you understand how to set your sitting posture; then how to stretch and strengthen your upper back that will help build muscle and endurance to keep you sitting relaxed for hours.  Checkout this week’s episode.

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(2:20) Check this first with chronic neck pain.

(7:00) How and why to stretch your neck for relief.

(13:10) Neck pillow stretch -pull your neck back.

(16:10) Better Side Sleeping to help your back, neck.

(20:30) How to check your sitting posture.

(30:30) 3 Shoulders exercise to stretch and strengthen.

(35:30) Wall Fly exercise for lower neck strength.

(37:30) Reverse Fly exercise for shoulders, upper back.

(38:40) Shrug exercise for shoulders/neck strength.

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