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How Chiropractic Works to Return Your High Quality of Life. In-office Talk May ’19. Crooked Spine Show

As Chiropractors, we are looking improve one’s quality of life through removing nerve interference that is causing stress on the body.  This workshop will help you understand how the nerves connect through the body starting pre-birth; then how removing nerve interference when we are stressed from our environment, posture, trauma and emotional stress can help us return to a relaxed and strong state to regain a high quality of health.

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(2:15) How the body connects together.

(7:15) Nerves health: healthy to irritated to low voltage.

(13:30) How to reduce/stop taking pain medications.

(17:50) Nerve chart (mapping your health conditions). -Here is the link. Effect on muscle pain, nutrition.

(22:45) Sleep deprivation leads to hormonal changes to stay on a stress state.

(30:45) P.M.A -your motivation to get better.

(32:15) H.N.S. -#1 reason for health/sickness.

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Keeping Your #1 Tool (You) from Breaking Down. Dr. Tony guests on The IronWorker Podcast. Crooked Spine Show

Hosts Russ, Tanner and Kevin are Ironworkers Union Local 27 in Salt Lake, Utah.  They ask great questions how to keep their brothers (especially the new apprentice) healthy in the Union Labor Trades. Answers: flexibility, hydration, sleep, and more. Learn these so you can enjoy the benefits for you and family long-term without injury.

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Here is the YouTube playlist of stretches I recommend in the show–

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(8:20) Becoming a chiropractor: the schooling and licensing.

(12:50) Do you want it: the maturity needed in any profession.

(17:40) The day in the life of a chiropractic office.

(19:20) The #1 injury reason for a labor profession.

(21:10) Common ironworker injuries. How they are assessed and treatment.

(29:10) Want to avoid the doctor/chiropractor/surgeons? Do this.

(31:10) How staying hydrated keeps you and your team safe.

(36:00) Drug and alcohol use. When it’s NOT ok.

(38:50) Protecting your #1 Tool from breaking down.

(44:00) These stretches done daily to prevent injury (see link above).

(56:40) Why Euclid Chiropractic helps people THIS way.

(60:00) Some wild adjustment stories.

(1:09:50) How the the ironworkers union (and this podcast) provides mentorship the right way.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: June 2022


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Highlights from this newsletter: the middle and low back adjustments explained and demonstrated; three testimonials from your neighbors; ways to restore hormone balance, remove body toxins and inflammation; healing your thyroid; building and starting a stretching routine; how to be proactive in seeking medical and chiropractic help; and more.

Watch the videos by going to the playlist link.

Let’s get and stay health my friends😊

I. Chiropractic Adjustment Playlist

I. Patient Stories Playlist

I. Health Tips from the Experts playlist

I. Workshops playlist

I. Interviews playlist

I. Podcast playlist

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Stretching: How to Start Building a Routine with These Exercises. @Gibson May ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Lack of stretching is my #1 reason people experience pain. I teach my patients to have a balance of flexibility with strength to handle their stress of their day. When people learn to build a DAILY stretching routine, they can prevent and recover from painful injuries. Today’s workshop will help start this process including simple exercises that will keep your body more flexible.

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Here is the workshop’s outline:

Why stretching prevents injury, increases strength, and helps your body relax.

Steps to setting up your routine.

1. What time of day?

2. What location (home or gym) If at home what room?

3. What equipment will you need? When stretching.

1. Does it feel uncomfortable, painful or tight?

2. How long will you hold the stretch?

3. How many times will you repeat the stretch?

Sample Stretches to build your routine.

1. Upper Trap.

2. Broomstick.

3. Low Back Roll.

4. Lying down Side Hip Stretch.

5. Cobra pose (full or assisted)

6. Downward Dog pose (full, chair assisted)

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Protect your Health: Know these Toxins We put In and On our Body. Guest Beth Smith explains how.

Your health long-term comes down to the simple things we already do: what we put IN our body (eat, drink) and ON our body (skincare products). Beth Smith is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and founder of Better Health by Beth. She uses her knowledge, experience, lab testing and more to improve people’s health by helping you remove toxins, improve your mindset and food choices in your daily life.

Connect with Beth—

And get Beth’s free guide, “your personal care products -what to avoid” on her site:

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Let’s find out how. Here are today’s topics–

1. Changing our mindset from food being good or bad to viewing food as nourishment and medicine.

2.Toxins in your home that could be contributing to your current health issues.

3.How skincare products can also be healthy.

4.Functional medicine lab testing and what it can show you

5.My personal health crisis and how it led me to become an Integrative Health Practitioner

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