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Staying Healthy through 2020. @Brookdale Jan. ’20. Crooked Spine Show

It feels like we have had to adapt our routines to limit our activities and change our diet. Setting goals NOW, can help you this second half of the year improve your health and life. Being consistent with a NEW routine can get you results…over time.  Here are some tips to get you ready to make a change.

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(2:00) Starting where you are.

(3:20) Be patient when changing habits.

(5:00) Getting healthy by being uncomfortable.

(8:20) Being consistent to get better habits.

(9:20) Why nutrition is important.

(12:50) How attitude helps; P.M.A.

(14:00) Neighbors -social interaction can help; or hurt.

(19:50) Helping others helps you too.

(23:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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CSP 065: Knowing your Medicare Benefits to Save Money, Lower Stress. Guest Anthony Aragon on the Crooked Spine Show

Over ten thousand Americans enroll in a Medicare plan EVERYDAY.  WOW!  Do these people really understand their medical and non-medical benefits? Do they know their copays, discounts, etc.?  And in case of emergency do their spouse or children know how to access benefits?  Anthony Aragon is a medicare advocate and has spend the last 3 years understand Medicare and the current changes.  Listen in.

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(2:10) Why Anthony is a medicare advocate.

(5:00) MediCARE vs. mediCAL. Know the qualifying limits.

(6:00) Medicare parts A, B, C etc. explained.

(9:00) Save money by knowing your benefits.

(13:50) The doughnut hole -explained.

(14:50) The different Tiers of medicare.

(32:00) How being in or out of network effects you.

(37:00) Avoiding medicare fraud.

(41:00) Having guardians and your kids understand your benefits.

(48:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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Being a Good Neighbor: How Mindset, Socialization and Activities Help. Crooked Spine Show

Now is the time to practice being a good neighbor. What does that mean?  Our workshop discusses the mindset and actions you can do to keep you, friends and family neighborly. Checkout the show.

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(2:30) Can it help YOU feel good?

(4:00) How my neighbor help each other (and don’t).

(4:50) The Mr. Roger documentary -what a neighbor/friend.

(7:00) How smiling works.

(8:00) Phone conversation. A way to check in.

(18:00) Inviting your neighbors to events.

(21:10) Helping handicap and disabled neighbors.

(25:00) Having routine events to be neighborly.

(26:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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5 Better Back Exercises for your Home. Clips. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Watch the full video-

Can we keep our back strong at home? These exercises include 2 stretches, 2 posture checks and a strength exercise.

Doing these ROUTINELY will reduce pain and increase strength; then you can feel less stressed and sleep better. Bath towel, floor and wall space required; weights not needed.

Jump to the specific exercises:

Low Back Roll stretch exercise (1:13)

Lung Stretch for the back and hips (3:29)

Standing Posture Check (5:15)

Sitting Posture Check (8:02)

3 type of Squats for back strength (10:21)

Checkout our recent workshop for more exercises to Stay Healthy at Home-

Are here is our recent video for home exercise for neck pain relief–

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Changing Your Health from the Inside Out.

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CSP 064: Tips to Finding a Life Coach. And with Reiki? Guest Laura Medrano on the Crooked Spine Show

Want an easier way to get your mind and body healthier?  Getting a life coach is more common because people get good results…quickly.  Coaching can help you avoid the trial and error (and failure) of changing your habits to live a better life for you. And add Reiki to your coaching? Wow! Checkout this interview.

Connect with Laura at


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(2:15) Starting from within; taking small steps.

(3:50) Benefit of Laura’s experience to becoming a coach.

(13:10) Staying happy is a choice.

(16:50) Reiki with coaching? The benefits.

(19:10) How energy flow works to keep you healthy.

(23:10) The side effects of Reiki.

(25:10) How Laura’s new course can improve your mental and physical health.

(28:10) Why we should invest in ourselves.

(30:40) Tips for sleeping.

(32:20) How bookending your day helps.

(36:40) How to stay on track when getting healthy.

(41:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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Dr. Tony’s Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: April ’20 | Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Here is the trailer video:

How are you doing?

Getting “cabin fever”?

Here are some exercises, etc. to help you stay healthy at home.

New Coronavirus update videos.

The colored links will connect you with the images/specific video.

And just for FUN-

A couple tough guys…that are “too sexy” (listen to the music?)

And YES we are an essential facility, and…

I. Short Clips playlist

How to Serve Your Community More

Brain & Body Health by Your Routine

Want to Feel Better without Medication

I. Reviews/Testimonials Playlist

Less Pain, Better Sleep, More Relaxed -Martha

Neck and Back Pain Relief -Kyle’s Story

I. Exercise Playlist

3 Types of Squat Exercises to Build Back Strength

4 Exercises for Neck/Upper Back Pain Relief

I. Health Education


From World Health Organization

From the Center of Disease Control

I. Podcast playlist

Back Pain Relief Exercises @Gibson Oct. ’19

CSP 062:How to Lower Stress for Business Owners.Guest on The Odin Marketing House

Tips for Brain Health. And Examples. @Brookdale March ’20.

CSP 063: Body & Mind Health with Xyngular. Guests Courtney and Andy

Fixing your Posture at Home. Try these Exercises.

I. Interview Playlist

Assessing First, then Begin Exercise -Derrick of LPE Performance

How Euclid Chiropractic serves the Community -Uptown Upland Show, Julian Vejariel.

I. Health Workshops Playlist

How the Mediterranean Diet can Lower Body Stress. @Brookdale March ’20

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