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“A Healthy Dose of Controversy” Show. Hosts Zaed Hindi & Leslie Contreras. Put Dr. Tony in the hot seat.

Dr. Tony is in the hot seat today on “The healthy dose of Controversy Show” with Zaed Hindi and Leslie Contreras We discuss all things chiropractic including the philosophy and practice of this “quackery,” alternative form of healthcare over the last hundred years to the present; And clarify how it relates to your health.

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(2:00) What evidence links chiropractic to a person’s health.

(5:20) How chiropractic (communicated this way) help’s a patient, long-term.

(7:30) Chiropractic’s ethical boundaries; what we fix, and don’t fix.

(11:30) #1 job as a chiropractor.

(12:50) The death rate of medical doctor’s drug treatments.

(15:30) If chiros are really doctors, how are they different than medical doctors?

(18:50) Is the adjustment (ninja neck snap) safe?

(23:30) How can chiropractors improve their reputation as healthcare practitioners.

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Helping Patients w/ Neck Pain & Headaches. Why Rick’s Method is Better than your Doctor’s Diagnosis. Crooked Spine Show

This Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience. Rick Olderman helps us understand how to look at the whole person and their lifestyle when helping them with neck pain and headaches.

Connect with Rich Olderman—

Checkout his downloadable home exercise videos–

Rick’s podcast, “Talk About Pain,” is also a good resource:

Purchase the Fixing You® Method At Home Course (, listeners can also use the code FIXINGYOU to get 20% off

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-is there a common pattern to the cause.

-why Rick starts with muscle/posture imbalances.

-where most practitioners first look; why its a mistake.

-what is the systems solutions approach.

-what patients are helped with this approach; and specific tests to confirm the problem.

-Rick’s Fixing You Method. Why it works.

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Is Your Home Making You Sick? 6 Steps to a Proper Evaluation. Expert Mark, The Mold Guy explains. Crooked Spine Show

Mark Levy is the founder of The Mold Guy in 2005. He has the experience and knowledge in performing comprehensive mold inspections specifically for hyper-sensitive individuals with complex health issues like Biotoxin illness, Lyme, CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue) and Autoimmune Issues. This is why every team member who inspects a home is a Certified Mold Inspector & Certified Microbial Investigator.Mark and his team have a passion to help professionals in his industry; and the families they serve to live in a mold-free, healthy home.

Learn more at The Mold Guy at:

Lake Forest, CA

And feel free to talk to his team with any questions:


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(4:20) Where Mark found the passion for this specialty service.

(9:10) What Mark looks for (that your doctor might miss).

(10:45) How The Mold Guy teams members start -the home’s history.

(16:30) Why the crawl spaces, inner walls, attic, etc. impact your health.

(23:40) This 6-step process in client consultation. And how it can to help your health practitioner help your health recovery.

(34:40) The Report: the work plan to help your remediation company clean your home PROPERLY.

(39:00) How this inspection report improves your health.

(44:20) Mark’s takeaway: setting a standard to evaluate, then clean your home to improve your health.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: Jan. 2023…Let’s have a Healthy one :-)

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Thank you Richard (and all our patients) for referring your friends and family to our office.

Highlights from this newsletter:

Maria tells her story of sleep and pain recovery; Lawrence’s FIRST, full body adjustment; Quick health tips from Camille, Suzan, and Mollie; Layne’s help for high functioning anxiety; and Marcella’s, owner of Socal Fitness and Massage, self-care tips. Podcasts this newsletter include: Rick explains his “Fixing You” Method to help chronic pain; Suzan experience and help for long-term chronic illness; and how Monique helps her clients with massage.

Watch the videos by going to the playlist links below.

Let’s get and stay health my friends for 2023 😉

I. Patient Stories Playlist

I. Adjustment playlist

I. Spine Education

I. Expert Health Tips playlist

I. Interviews playlist

I. Podcast playlist

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Controlling Your Health? Experts Brian & Jill, Founders of New Self, Explain How. Crooked Spine Show

Brian and Jill, founders of New Self, are here as our guests to debate this topic. The medical approach commonly will proclaim your health is dominated by your Genetics (what health conditions, body type, etc. are passed down from our parents); this means you are largely NOT in control of your health. There is long-term evidence that rebuttals this is the study of Epigenetics. Brian and Jill have over 40 years of experience in the health care arena. They have both experienced set backs in their personal health that was helped through a functional medicine approach. Now as functional health wellness consultants they want to help people take control of their own health. Jill and Brian will breakdown Epigenetics to help you understand how to control your ability to stay healthy through your lifestyle, and more.

Connect with New Self—

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(4:30) Brian’s cancer survivor story; why he chose this profession.

(6:30) The medical paradigm is like a triangle.

(7:00) Jill: how she was an advocate for herself &  her dad; her reason to become a functional medicine clinician.

(9:00) Understanding your Epigenetics & Environment to control health.

(17:00) The 4 Pillars to improve your gene expression, to be healthy.

(19:00) Initial patient evaluation for…inflammation, toxins, etc. to know your stressors.

(22:00) How mindset effects your recovery – where coaching helps you.

(26:00) Nutrition pillar and the labs to heal your gut.

(32:40) Sleep (pillar 2) evaluation and how to improve; blue light effects.

(38:00) Motion/exercise (pillar 3) daily routine; building one with help.

(43:00) Stress: the 4th pillar. Affected by changing the first 3 pillars. And time management.

(48:45) Seeing client’s hard work pay off by the 4 pillars shifting.

(51:20) Brian & Jill’s takeaway: helping client’s find a different way to be their best, for life.

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Self-Improvement Ideas to Boost Your Overall Wellness. By guest writer Camille Johnson

Photo via Pexels

Self-improvement can mean many things, from finding ways to live a healthier lifestyle to learning how to be more assertive. If you’ve been thinking about making some lifestyle changes for the benefit of your health or overall well-being, consider both your current needs and your future ones. For instance, if you think you might want to change jobs down the road, going back to school can be a great self-improvement step that will help you build confidence. If you suffer from chronic pain or back issues, you might seek help from professionals who can provide a treatment plan; take a look at the services offered at Euclid Chiropractic to find some relief. 

Think about these lifestyle changes when you’re ready to focus on self-improvement:

Make your home a healthier, safer space 

When it comes to self-improvement, typically, the easiest place to start is at home. Take a look around your living spaces and assess how well they’re working for you.

Start with a deep clean

Deep-cleaning your home can accomplish several things, from helping you and your family breathe easier to removing clutter that can be harmful to your mental health. It’s best to start in one room–such as the kids’ playroom–and work your way out to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Look for organizational tools that will help you maintain order, and read reviews on cleaning products from experts who can provide advice on the best ways to clean certain areas at

Make movement part of your routine

Giving your home a good deep clean can help alleviate stress and anxiety, especially if you work from home or keep long hours at your job. Another way to banish stress and boost your energy levels is to make regular activity part of your routine, even when you’re busy. 

Find easy ways to get active

You don’t have to buy a membership to an expensive gym; working out at home, going for a walk, or practicing yoga are all great ways to work in some movement, which will help you maintain a healthy weight while keeping your joints and muscles in great shape. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from chronic pain or work at a job that requires you to sit at a desk for several hours a day.

Make some changes to your job

If you’re ready to make a career change, either for your physical or mental health, take a look at some of your options. 

Update your CV or resume

When you’re ready to seek out a new job, it’s important to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, and there’s no better way to do that than to update your CV and resume. You can try this free CV builder online that will allow you to create an eye-catching document using a template, then add your own colors, photos, and copy to impress your interviewer.

Learn something new that’s just for yourself

While going back to school can have serious benefits for both your self-esteem and your career, there are other ways to learn that will help you boost your physical and mental health.

Pick up a new hobby

Hobbies can be wonderful tools, allowing us to learn something new, improve a particular skill set, have fun, grow socially, and stay sharp cognitively. Try something you’ve always wanted to do, such as roller skating, baking, or playing a sport you enjoy. These activities can help you keep stress from setting in while giving you an opportunity to spend time with loved ones or new friends.

Self-improvement comes in many forms, so give yourself some options and take time to try a few different things. By tackling tasks like deep-cleaning your home or building a new CV to boost your career, you can create lifestyle changes that will help your overall well-being.

To check out pricing or to message the team at Euclid Chiropractic, head to the services/pricing page.

Checkout Camille’s previous articles: 

Living With Your New Reality of Chronic Pain.

Guidance To Become a Top-Notch, Self-Advocate for Your Health.

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How This Massage Therapist that Helps you in this Post-Pandemic World. Monique Johnson, Total Body Bliss. Crooked Spine Spine

Through the pandemic most massage centers were shut down. Massage therapist who had a passion to help people during this time were able to adapt and (when it was safe) find ways to practice their craft. Monique Johnson was one of those people. I am fascinated by Monique’s story of resilience, and now success, in growing her personal massage spa, Total Body Bliss. As an expert in her art, I want to help us understand the different massage techniques and other services Monique uses to help her clients feel healthy. And then why Monique’s clients continue to use her services to stay healthy.

Checkout Monique’s Total Body Bliss knowledge, services and book an appointment—

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(3:20) How Monique built her experience over the last 18+ years; and grew her clientele during Covid.

(6:50) The benefit of having her massage center at her home property.

(9:40) Monique’s self care helps take care of you, long-term.

(12:30) Monique explains how she customizes her many treatments based on your needs.

(15:40) Problems clients are coming in with now; how Monique is helping them.

(20:10) Help when chronic pain causes mental stress, anxiety.

(23:50) Starting Your self care routine in 2023 -Moniques’s recommendations.

(26:00) Why Dr. Tony thinks you should make Monique part of your self care team.

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