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This Easy 90 Degree Stretch for Shoulder Pain Relief. Euclid Chiropractic. Upland, CA

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Most shoulder injuries rotate your shoulder forward and inward, causing a hunched position. And the secondary muscles will also tighten (your neck, upper trap, chest and arm muscles) with back muscles of the shoulder weakening.

Here is the stretch streps:

-Using any water bottle, lay face up at the edge of bed, sofa, etc.

-Start with your arm at your side with your thumb pointing up.

-Bend your elbow 90 degrees, so your forearm is above your body.

-Slowly raise your elbow toward your shoulder until you feel uncomfortable, or your upper arm is even with your shoulder and keep it there.

-Then rotate your upper arm back until you reach discomfort again.

-Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.

Repeat this stretch as much as you want to relieve pain, and improve posture.

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How to Improve your Posture to Feel & Look Good @Gibson Dec. ’23. Upland, CA. Crooked Spine Show

The primary cause of most back, neck and other body injuries is poor posture when you sit, stand or while you walk. This workshop helps reset your posture to a standard normal; then get it stronger to endure sitting and standing for long periods. Checkout these exercises in this podcast. 

Workshop outline–

Which is better, a posture in Flexion? Or Extension? 

How to check your Standing posture; then fix it this way: 

*Stand/Walk this way. 

*Wall Squats

Correcting Sitting posture

*Try this checklist

Stretching common tight muscles with poor posture.


*Leg behind chair

Strengthen these muscles to improve your posture. 

*Wall kick back 

*Reverse Flys

More workshop to learn how to get pain-free and strong.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: January 2024. New Office Location is Set

(new address, same phone number)

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Our New Address:  870 N. Mountain Ave Upland, CA Suite 201 Upland, CA 91786.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Massage Therapist. Cheryl founder of CJ Mobile Massage. Crooked Spine Show

Cheryl enjoys being a massage therapist. She is dialed in on the science behind the physiology. When understood, the human body can be manipulated to get and stay healthy. Cheryl helps her clients enjoy a better quality of life. Let’s learn how.

Show topics::

-Why Cheryl chose to be a massage therapist.

-How and why she continues to learn about the human body.

-How Cheryl leads to help her clients stay physically healthy.

-What type of clients does Cheryl help.

Connect with Cheryl::

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