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Stop Body Pains. Standing, Sitting, Walking This Way. And Exercises to Help. @Gibson Feb. ’24. Crooked Spine Show

Most non-traumatic spine, shoulder or hip pains are primarily caused by poor posture. Let’s learn how to fix it by these steps and exercises.

Outline for Today’s Workshop–

First, let’s check your posture.  What is tight What is weak Stand and walk, this way, will help keep a better posture.

Sit better; steps to check.

Exercises to help stretch into better posture (all lying down):

For the low back and hips

-On the Edge Stretch

-Hip Flexor Stretch

For the neck/upper back

-pillow For shoulders:

-right angle shoulder stretch

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: March 2024

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Mizti and her daughter are the referral basket winners.

Also Joel, a UPS employee for sending his coworkers to our office.

We appreciate ALL Patient’s trust with your friends and family.

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I. Shorts Playlist

I. Patient Stories Playlist

I. Posture Exercises

I. Expert Health Tips playlist

I. Interviews playlist

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Being Happy in a Healthcare Career. Sam interviews Dr. Tony. Crooked Spine Show

Univ. of LaVerne student Sam Interviews Dr. Tony to understand this career choice. Sam asks the questions to help you find out how this chiropractor (Dr. Tony) is still passionate after 20+ years in a growing practice with his partner Dr. Weaver.

Questions ask:

-What schooling was required to become a chiropractor.

-How did you find your entry level position after school.

-What the top personality skills to do well as a chiropractor.

-How do you prepare yourself for the days you see patients.

-What keeps you passionate about helping your patients.

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