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Scoliosis: How Yoga helps you Stay Happy & Healthy. Guest Christine of Crooked Spine Show

Do you have scoliosis? Does it affect your quality of life? Our guest today, Christine Jaureguiberry of the United Kingdom is an empathetic yoga instructor because yoga helped heal her scoliosis. Like the United States the U.K. medical system has a “wait and see” approach to scoliosis; let’s wait until it bad enough for surgery to help a person. This is NOT the best approach. This episode with Christine will help give you a proper mindset, and the steps to start improve your scoliosis through Yoga.

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(2:35) How Christine became passionate about helping people with scoliosis.

(12:20) Why you should “Just Do It.”

(17:20) Christine’s evolution to an empathetic instructor.

(23:50) Should you move when it is uncomfortable?

(32:00) How to start helping yourself.

(36:50) You get what you pay for -applies to your healthcare too.

(40:20) Working one-on-one with Christine; what to expect.

(45:20) How Christine’s videos and social media can help you, now.

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Building Better Balance. @Gibson Aug ’19. (replay) Crooked Spine Show

Want better balance? Get better posture first. Why? Good posture allows proper spinal joints motion.  This trains your brain to have faster connection when you move, and build the small muscles around your spine.  The result is less neck and back pain. This workshop walks you through the steps to improving our balance by correcting your posture when you stand, sit and walk. Then a few exercises to keep your big muscles of your back to keep your new posture. Watch or listen.

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(1:40) First, finding good balance (maybe not your balance).

(3:40) Feet position affect on posture/balance.

(7:20) Walking checklist to improve posture.

(9:40) Rolling feet exercise to help balance.

(15:50) Exercise: combine walking with rolling feet; forward, backward.

(24:50) Lunge exercise: helps balance and getting up from the floor. Demo by Mr. & Mrs. Antoniak.

(38:00) Review of today’s exercises.

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Upper Torso & Core Strength Exercises, Part 2. Derek & Dr. Tony. Episode 5. Crooked Spine Show

Want exercises to help get rock hard abs, so you can show off?  Well, this episode is does not give those; but will help you improve the deep muscles of the upper torso/core.  The stretches and strength exercises Derek demonstrates will help improve your balance, posture and movements to avoid injury.  When these muscle are flexible and strong then you have less risk of injury bending and lifting heavy weight. Listen to Derek’s reasoning why stretching your core is more important than crunching.  And Derek will give you the secret to rock hard abs too.

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(7:30) Understanding the muscles and movement of the upper torso.

(12:40) Leg and upper body raise exercises -this way.

(21:45) Exercise ball (part 1) proper use.

(26:00) Proper trunk rotation exercise.

(32:30) Stretch the core first, then crunch (part 2).

(38:15) Shopping care or rings exercise.

(44:10) Exercise in full extension (part 3).



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Help get Your Shoulders Pain-free and Strong. Gibson Workshop replay March ’19

Looking for help with shoulder pain? This workshop helps you understand how your shoulders are linked to your neck, upper back and posture to keep them healthy.  Then we walk through about seven exercises to help start your shoulder rehab beginning with stretching and then eventually strengthen to keep your shoulders and posture stay strong.

A little hiccup. The video did stop recording sound at 14:10, so I did a voice over and sped up the video. Hope you are ok with it.

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Here are the exercises demonstrated:

1. Upper Trap Stretch

2. T Stretch

3. Towel Stretch

4. 3 Shoulders Exercise

5. Modified Shoulder Press Exercise

6. Sitting Checklist

7. Walking for Back Strength

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: March 2021

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It’s been almost one year since the Covid Crisis started. Are you doing ok? Our office staff and doctors have heard many stories of patients loosing family members and friends to Covid. We are sorry for their loss.  As the vaccine gets to more and more people, each of us need to continue keep ourselves and families healthy.

These videos will help you keep your body and mind healthy as the world gets better (hopefully) very soon.

The Colored Titles will link you to the specific video list.

I. Patient Stories

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I. Interview Playlist

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Do not keep us a secret.

Your friend’s health is just as important.

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