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4/19: Upland HS Career day

Euclid Chiropractic will be available for Q/A at this year’s Upland HS Career Day, 10:20-11:50.

Dr. Ratkovic has been involving Upland HS and other local schools’ students with our internship program for over 5 years.

Students are allow to being involved in every aspect of our office: front office tasks (filing, scheduling patients, etc.) and back office (patient therapy application, x-ray development, etc.).  MOST IMPORTANTLY, students are allowed to shadow the doctors to understand doctor-patient relationships.

If you student is interested in a healthcare career, stop by our table and let’s talk.

If you can not attend, feel free to email us your interests and we can schedule a phone conversation.

909-981-5666 wk

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3/30: Dr. Ratkovic @Charter Oak High School

Throughout the year, Euclid Chiropractic is invited speak in our surrounding community and schools to promote health.

Today, Dr. Ratkovic speaks to Charter Oak High School Students looking into a healthcare career.

Our goal is to prepare the students with the necessary attitude and characteristics to withstand the rigor of schooling required to become a healthcare professional.

Title of this talk: The right mindset to simplify your learning years and your profession.

Here are the videos associated with Dr. Ratkovic’s talk today:

The Adjustment demonstrated:

The Loud Pops during the Adjustment

Then Dr. Ratkovic will breakdown this video to help create the right attitude:

Human Interaction

Being the MILLENNIAL generation of youngsters, the society (older people) feel you have forgotten how to be social (like your grandparents).  For example, you don’t look people in the eye, you avoid human interaction like talk, and would rather text instead…I disagree.  YOU just do it differently that older people don’t understand.

0-1:18:  How to build trust and stay passionate in your vocation.  In any business, especially healthcare you need to have your patients trust you.  They need to trust your prediction of better health is the accurate.

How to know if you can be trusted?  Visit with an old aunt/uncle, grandparent; even a nursing home.  If you feel comfortable talking with them, and them with you, then its a good start.

3:49-7:05: When looking to work in healthcare or any business, distrust can happen.  A financially successful business, when not there for the patient/client, can be unfulfilling to a person.  Generation gaps: Greatest Generation (born early 1900s), Great Depression, 1950s, Hippie movement, 1970s, cults, 1980s (computers), 1990s (; better economy/wealth with less sense of purpose.

7:05-8:18: Technology: good for information, speed; bad for relationships/trust.

10:37-End:  Don’t forget “hand shake” interaction.

And for laughs:

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Grateful for your Referrals

Jessica and her daughter are the February Referral Basket Winners

We are also grateful for the 39 others who referred there friends and family to Euclid Chiropractic.

Spreading the word about Chiropractic via Word of Mouth is

ALWAYS the best THANK YOU for your service.


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1/17: Neuropathy: Non-surgical Treatments @ Gibson Center

17th: “Neuropathy: Non-surgical Treatments”

This workshop will help people understand the neuropathy and the non-surgical, natural, low-risk treatment options and prevention habits.

Location: Gibson Senior Center  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786

RSVP optional:  909-981-4581

Time: 12:30-1:15

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Holiday Hours


In summary, we will be close the 24th through the 26th; 31st through the 2nd.

On the 23rd & 30th, 8:30-11:30 only.

Open regular hours 19th through the 22nd; 27th through the 29th.

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