Helping your Mood/Attitude through Chiropractic. Short Clip from in-office Workshop May ’18

Full Video:In-office Workshop: How Chiropractic Helps Nerves, then Better Health. May ’18

When we are in pain, how does our mood change?  Yes, grouchy, negative, short-temper.  All of us.

Under chronic stress our body gets tired and stressed.  Then chemically and hormonally our body changes to a stressed state.  And being moody is a common sign.

Chiropractic helps relax your spinal nerves, then your body’s chemistry and hormone level can get back to a balanced, relaxed state.  The result: a person who stays relaxed with a positive mindset.  Then staying motivated to do the exercises to stay healthy becomes possible.

Hope you get or stay in this healthy state of wellness.

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