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Healing your Body & Mind to Live a Successful Life. Guest and Expert Christina Fontana explains. Crooked Spine Show

Do you know you physical pain and/or stress effects your mental health? Christina Fontana coaches her clients and classes how to identify this; and helps you overcome it to feel and stay healthy. Then Christina’s coaching helps clients live a happy personal life as well as a successful professional career. Checkout the show.

Show topics:

-As a past pharmacist, how were you limited in helping people.

-How does a person’s health condition sometimes manifest in someone’s physical and psychological state.

-What steps do you take in helping your clients start to heal their body and mind.

-When do you recommend your clients to other healthcare practitioners to help accelerate their healing; and how do you help choose them.

-What habits help some stay on track in staying well.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: April 2024

Video Trailer of this Month’s Newsletter <–Click Here

Nikki is new to our office this year. After getting help from our office preparing for the LA Marathon, she hasn’t stopped talking about us.  This is why she is this month’s basket winner.

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Chiropractors Helping Patients Beyond the Adjustment @City of Orange, Feb. ’24.

Why do patients say their chiropractor cares about them? In today’s podcast Dr. Tony and about 30 other chiropractors discuss how their habits helped build patient’s trust. These include communication, good bed-side manner, adjustments that really work, and follow us. Dr. Tony also share some funny stories of patient experiences. Also, watch a few chiros get their adjustments.

Attending these continuing education courses provided throughout Southern California-

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