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Staying Healthy at Home. Try these Exercises. Crooked Spine Show

Perfect timing for this podcast.  If we want to kill this virus, we need to keep ourselves at home.  But how do we avoid getting weak just lying around? These exercises will help you stay healthy, relaxed and strong until we can get back to our normal lives. Checkout this workshop.

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(1:50) Setting your sitting posture.

(4:40) Finding a good standing posture.

(9:50) Fixing hunching posture. This corner stretch.

(13:40) Upper back strength/better posture with this reverse fly exercise.

(20:10) Plank exercise for lower back and core strength.

(24:50) How to stronger to help you posture.

(30:50) Carry a purse this way to help your posture.

(36:50) How to keep track of your health improvement.

(40:50) Lunge stretch for back strength/posture.

(43:15) Calf and hip pain relief with exercises.

(55:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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Neck, Upper Back Pain Relief. Compilation of a few Gibson Center workshops from 2019

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1. Because it’s your #1 cause, check and fix your sitting posture.

2. How stretch the muscle between your neck and arm upper trap stretch.

3. Relieve neck pain by stretch a hunched forward posture corner stretch.

4. Stretching over a rolled up towel -neck pillow stretch. 


These are the workshops these clips are from:

Neck Exercises for Posture/Pain Relief @Gibson Sept ’19

Neck Exercises for Pain Relief, Strength, Posture. @Gibson June ’19

Posture Home Exercises. @Gibson Nov ’19.

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Tips for a Healthy Brain. @Brookdale Nov. ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Our brain is the main hardware of our body.  How do we keep it healthy, or recover from a brain injury? This talk explores different methods for both. Toward the end of the talk David explains his stroke recovery exercise. Genius! Listen in.

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(2:30) Example of an audience member recovered from dementia.

(6:15) Can activity help?

(8:30) Can posture improve your brain health.

(15:30) Improve your breathing/neck motion by this exercise.

(19:15) Using puzzles for brain health.

(22:40) How other can help you/you can help others.

(26:00) What David did to recover from his stroke.

(28:30) Attitudes effect on brain health recovery.

(32:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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Reducing Risk of Contracting this Coronavirus -NOW. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

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This video helps you reduce your risk to contracting this coronavirus.

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. And we never give up.

Read and watch more information from UNICEF on their website-

We are also open to suggestions from our patients how we can help them feel safe at Euclid Chiropractic.

Do you have a recommendation?

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CSP 062: How to Lower Stress for Business Owners. Guest on The Odin Marketing House. Crooked Spine Show

Stressed from your business not having an online presence? Starting a podcast might be a way to accelerate branding your business on the web.  Josiah and Dr. Tony on episode #1 of The Odin Marketing House Podcast share some easy ways to get started to feel in control (and grow) your business online. click on

Connect with Josiah, The Odin Marketing House Podcast/Business-


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(1:15) Why podcasting can help.

(3:45) How we started podcasting, and use it for social media.

(10:00) Sound is a priority in podcasting.

(11:45) Why I go LIVE when interviewing guests.

(13:30) My system to convert videos to podcasts.

(14:30) Why a healthcare professional should podcast.

(18:30) Now, why it’s easier to podcast.

(20:15) How to start.

(23:15) Start different marketing to build awareness for your business.

(46:05) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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Back Pain Relief Exercises. @ Gibson Oct. ’19. Crooked Spine Show

All of us will suffer some type of back pain in our lives.  This pain can lead to lower quality of life, taking pills daily, feeling weak, and more. These exercises will help restore your back strength to help you tolerate your daily stress.

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(3:00) 1st check our posture.

(6:30) Towel stretch exercise -this way.

(9:00) Back stretch on your stomach.

(13:30) Fixing scar tissue after an injury.

(15:40) Bridge exercise for a stronger back.

(19:30) How pain lowers body’s stress tolerance.

(20:30) Squat exercise. These modifications for a stronger back.

(27:40) Chuck (guest) demos the squat for seniors.

(33:30) How flexibility helps you.

(36:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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Dr. Tony’s Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: March ’20 | Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Watch the Trailer here. 

Staying healthy is not easy.

It takes a mindset and action to get results.

We hope these videos keep you on track with your health goals.

The colored links will connect you with the images/specific video.

I. Short Clips playlist

Supervisors: How you can help prevent an active shooter event

4 Steps to Train your Company for an active shooter event

Fighting a DUI case. Duration of the Case affects You.

Car Accident Case Tip. Effect of Pre-existing Injuries.

How the Web can Break a Company’s Trust/Reputation.

Start Helping Yourself. Find out How.

I. Reviews/Testimonials Playlist

Back Pain Relief. And Looking Beautiful. Rita’s story.

Accident & Work Injury Recovery. Ricky’s Story.

Secrets of a Chiropractic Office Revealed -Jocelyn’s story.

Car Accident Injuries. How Adam Recovered from Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches.

I. Podcast playlist

Best Exercises for Neck Pain/Posture.

CSP 061: Car Accident Advice -Being Prepared When it Happens. Interview with Nima of Moet Law.

Is Social Media Good for Seniors and Everybody Else?

Finding Healthy Habits, Mindset and Routine. Guest on Michelle’s Mindful Mondays.

I. Health Workshops Playlist

Hints for a Healthy Heart

Improve Your Posture. Checklist & Exercises

I. Events

10th: “How to Prevent Falling” Location: Brookdale. 1031 N. Euclid, Ontario. RSVP optional 909-931-2622. Time 10:00am – 11:00am.

17st: “How Movement Improves Brain Health” Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15 pm

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