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CSP 082 : Kids & Adults Staying Healthy & Safe at Power of One Martial Arts in Upland. Crooked Spine Show

Looking to stay healthy and lower stress? Jeremy and Jessica can help you and your family do both at Power of One Martial Arts.  Learn how now they are working with people virtually and outside to continue to keep the community healthy physically and mentally.

Experience a class in person or online. Contact and connect Jeremy and Jessica:

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(2:20) Jeremy’s and Jessica’s past struggles and experience have help them be resilient.

(7:30)  More than trainers/coaches.

(11:15) Their secret to success, NOW.

(12:15) How Jessica and Jeremy are helping families, kids.

(17:30) Their process of transitioning to an outdoor studio (in summer).

(19:10) Teaching martial arts, virtually.

(21:10) Cross training baseball,soccer, and other athletes with martial arts.

(23:15) How this studio teaches discipline.

(25:00) Parents feedback about the training.

(26:00) How Jessica & Jeremy build confidence and keep kids mentally healthy.

(31:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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Hunchback Posture Recovery and Prevention @Gibson Nov. ’16. Crooked Spine Show

Right now, the #1 reason for neck/shoulder/upper back pain? HUNCHBACK Posture. As we sit longer for work or school, our bodies will adapt to this stressor.  Get pain relief and stay pain-free by understanding the stretches and strength exercises you can do.  Learn the simple home exercises in this workshop.

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(3:30) Effects of hunch posture on muscles imbalance.

(5:30) Lower resting breathing.

(7:30) Starting exercise to improve posture.

(9:30) Proper walking to improve posture.

(11:30) Sitting towel stretch for the upper back.

(14:30) Shoulder recovery from bad posture.

(18:30) Neck exercise for upper back  recovery.

(20:30) Chair squat for lower back leg strength.

(24:30) Back shoulder muscle strength for upper back recovery.

(27:30) Back brace advice.

(28:30) Pillow advice.

(29:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.


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CSP 081: How to Keep Calm in these Covid Times? Guest Norina Verduzco – Murphy, Clinical Therapist. Crooked Spine Show

How long can you and your family last during this pandemic? Norina is a licensed, experienced therapist. Her patients before the pandemic already learned the tools to stay healthy throughout. Norina shares her secrets to keep your minds and bodies healthy no matter how long it takes to get back to normal.

Best places to connect with Norina-

work: 909-815-9841

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1:00 Norina’s schooling, experience and office.

2:00 Social Media -how to keep our minds healthy with today’s pandemic.

9:50 How to recover from social media overload. Norina’s best app to help.

15:25 Forming positive habits for your health.

18:00 Helping parents with the stress of distance learning for our kids.

25:45 Find a routine to help kids to lower stress.

29:00 Helping kids learn by their choices.

32:00 Setting boundaries to avoid unhealthy friends, etc.

36:15 Learn/practice healthy habits without hesitating; and room for grace.

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Listen*LOUD*Neck Adjustment.Tony’s Full Body Experience.Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

This link to the full video. 

Listen *LOUD* Neck Adjustment.
Tony’s Full Body Experience.
Tony first came in with SEVERE, “10 out of 10” low back and leg nerve pain (sciatica).
Like most people Tony’s pain did not happen because of trauma.
After an exam, his x-rays showed no broken bones which cleared him to have a trial period of chiropractic adjustments to relieve his pain, and hopefully get Tony back on his feet.
It took awhile for Tony to recover, but he is back to strenuous bike rides with almost no pain.


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Improve Walking, Balance Exercises. Bill demos. Euclid Chiropractic.

Here is the full video.

Bill demos these exercises that keep him out of the wheelchair and walker, while being more energetic at 93 year old. Along with the adjustment, Bill has better posture, balance, and strength walking with less pain.

In order:

1. Knee raises

2. walking with a pause

3. with eyes closed

4. eyes closed, and walking backward.

Understand when you feel off balance…GREAT!  You are training your brain and body to have better balance.

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Proper Walking for Posture, Balance, Strength. @Brookdale Nov. ’18

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How Chiropractic Works to Help You. Workshop Nov. ’18 replay. Crooked Spine Show

How does Chiropractic work to help you? Chiropractic adjustments look to return the nerves to a healthy state, so you can feel healthy and happy. Dr. Tony gives you the details in this workshop connects the nerves to your symptoms of pain, stress, your lowered/limited activities,  and more. Then you will understand how Chiropractic can get and keep you well.

Watch this Full Video:

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(2:10) How nerve connect through the body.

(5:50) What are healthy/irritated nerves.

(11:10) How nerve affect your health.

(12:50) Nerve chart explained. Effect on muscle strength/pain. Nerves effect…

(15:00) on low back pain;

(15:50) Digestion, heartburn, diet;

(17:50) Sleep, anxiety, stress;

(24:50) and Attitude;

(26:20) Your H.N.S.

(29:50) How you personally connect your body to the nerve chart.

(34:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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CSP 080: Shoulder Assessment, Rehab. Derek & Dr. Tony episode 4. Crooked Spine Show

Have a shoulder injury, looking to improve our throwing performance? Derek’s assessment is extensive and full body to help you find the underlying cause of your injury. Checkout Derek’s steps and exercises to help your shoulder and whole body get healthy.

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(3:30) Who this episode can help.

(5:00) The assessment starting with the feet/ankles at (6:40), then knees/hips at (9:20), chest (15:50), and back at (18:00).

(25:30) Side assessment: pelvis, thoracic spine, then shoulders.

(34:50) Importance of posture.

(39:40) specific exercises for self rehab of the shoulder.

(47:00) How to use a band for shoulder rehab.

(51:00) Why a whole body assessment is most effective for rehab.

(55:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: Nov. 2020

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Hope you enjoyed a “different” Halloween.

If your like me, it is hard to turn down the sweets and foods of the fall holidays.

So let’s do our best to maintain healthy habits, and not lose track of our long-term health goals.

Here are last month’s videos to help your will power.

The Colored Titles will link you to the specific video list.

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I. Adjustment Playlist 

I. Exercise Playlist

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I. Interview Playlist

Neuroplasticity: Brain training for better learning, and more.Guest Browdy Miller.

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