After being Exhausted, Nerve Pain, Anxious -Anna’s Story after Treatment at Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Feeling tired for months, constant pain, and not sleeping well lead to Anna’s anxiety.  She was desperate for help, but didn’t want to live on medications.

She saw our videos on YouTube and Facebook, and decided to try chiropractic.

During the new patient interview with the doctor, Anna was sluggish and looked exhausted.  Her posture check was poor, and motion of her neck and back caused pain everywhere.  Anna showed sign of chronic physical and mental stress.

The x-ray analysis of Anna’s back and neck showed abnormal changes and some arthritis from dealing with her long drive to and from work, and eight plus hours of sitting at a desk.

At this point Anna knew chiropractic might help her, so she started treatments.

During office visits, Anna had Chiropractic adjustments to release joint pressure during office visits and home stretches were emailed to start the recovery of spinal joints and muscles.  This would help Anna start to relax.

After a few weeks, Anna’s pain reduced, sleeping improved where she felt more recharged.  Then changing standing and sitting posture was implemented to reduced muscle and joint tightening.

It worked!  After about 6 weeks, Anna consistently had more energy, felt relaxed, saw her posture improve and almost not pain.  Anna attitude was positive and she smiled again.

Lastly, Anna started posture strength building exercises to hold her improved posture and keep her strong to tolerate the stress of her long drive time and sitting.

Now, Anna knows she is better and the new x-rays we took show it.

What a change for Anna’s life.

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