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The Real Work Behind Being a Chiropractic Student then Doctor. @Professional Spotlight, KGI.

Was is the Work required to become a licensed chiropractor/health professional; then practice your profession? In this talk with students and career counselors will understand what it takes to succeed as a healthcare practitioner for the longterm.

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Looking for guidance in a healthcare career? Connect with Joon Kim, EdD at Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) 909.607.9254.


(3:50) What is your ROI of going to school?

(5:30) Improve the quality of life for patients.

(18:00) Patient’s reaction to the chiropractic adjustments.

(19:20)How to build trust with patients and show you care.

(26:20) How volunteering can help you.

(29:50) Staying connected with your patients.

(32:50) My secret to finding the best places to volunteer, then find a job.

(39:20) Q/A: what pains should I go and see a chiropractor?

(44:10) What happens after you finish chiropractic school?

(46:00) What physicality is needed to be a chiropractor.

(49:20) Q/A: What other health profession would Dr. Tony choose instead of chiropractic?

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Using Yoga & Breath Work to Help Mental & Physical Health? Guest Hailey Johnson. Crooked Spine Show

Can Yoga help you relax? Feel less stressed? Hailey Johnson is the founder of Bloom Yoga and Wellness. She is a Certified Yoga instructor whose mission is to teach others how to find inner peace and happiness through breath work and yoga.  She is a former NCAA gymnast with over 17 years of athletic experience. She brings authenticity and vulnerability to each class, providing a safe place for you to show up exactly as you are.

Contact and connect with Hailey-

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(2:35) -Why yoga and breath work has become Hailey’s passion.

(5:20) -Competing as a collegiate gymnast, Hailey different yoga practices improved her health, differently.

(9:40) -Hailey explains yoga and breath work.

(14:00) -Why yoga is for everyone.

(16:30) -Is there a length of time practicing yoga to see results?

(18:00) -Do you want with chair yoga? Hailey explains the benefits.

(18:50) -How Dr. Tony was humbled at his first yoga practice.

(20:20) -How yoga increase flexibility, strength.

(22:30) -What yoga practices does Hailey teach? How to prevent injury during yoga?

(25:10)-Health, and physical benefits of yoga and breath work.

(30:10)-This yoga for the busy, stressed person. Hailey explains.


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Want to grow Professionally? Grow your Business? Start here. Guest Ana Robles. #CrookedSpineShow

Can a coach help you personally, so can can grow business? Ana Robles is a successful coach that works on our mind first, so you a company can grow with less stress.  In today’s episode she shares here secrets that will help you see the “simple things” that are blocking your personal and professional success.  Enjoy the show.

Connect with Ana Yulisa Robles for a consultation:

(626) 757 9681

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(3:00) Ana’s experience and training before becoming a coach.

(7:15) Reprogramming your self-talk.

(10:00) Steps to applying a positive mindset to your work, vocation.

(12:40) Finding your blind spots.

(16:45) Working on (not in) your business; what is the difference.

(18:45) Grow your business by delegating. How?

(23:00) Find the balance in business to be happy.

(25:10) Being uncomfortable to grow.

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Let’s Get Uncomfortable to Get Healthy. On The You Don’t Have To Be Perfect Podcast with host Vanessa Luu. Crooked Spine Show

Need SIMPLE tips how to get healthy? Here are some simple concepts, but they will take time to help change your lifestyle to get and stay healthy.  Today’s show Vanessa and I go over the truth about getting healthy for the long run.  It may not feel comfortable…good!  We will explain why in the show.  And when you are healthy, then today’s stress will be a piece of cake.  Checkout the show.

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(1:45) Why I became a chiropractor. 

(4:25) How to get your body healthy and relaxed. 

(8:35) Why it’s difficult to keep healthy routines. 

(12:45) Changing your mindset to get healthy. 

(14:35) Power of questions, writing it down. 

(17:00) My favorite crooked Spine Show episode. 

(19:15) How Euclid Chiropractic can help you. 

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Want Your Business to Grow without more Stress? High-End Business Coach Tera Nelson tells You How.

Tera Nelson is a strategic business coach in Pennsylvania for high-end clients worldwide. Tera’s passion is to help people build their brand first to help bring attention and buyers to your services. Today she will explain her secret steps of “Focus-Capture-Develop” to help people enjoy growing a business with less stress. Tera will also explain the KEY to stay passionate and avoid burnout to ride the ups and downs of business.

Connect with Tera:

And get Tera’s Free Business Blueprint to find the simple weaknesses to help your business grow–

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(6:00) Who is Tera? What is her business?

(7:30) Starting with your mindset. Tera’s 3 steps.

( 9:10) Finding who you are; then your value to whom you serve; and adjust when needed.

(16:15) How a business coach saves you time, money; and grow your business.

(22:00) When will you see results from coaching?

(25:30) Where to find help, including coaching.

(32:30) #1 way coaching can help you.

(36:30) Getting out of Covid, it’s time to re-evaluate. Mini Brand Blue Print.

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Learn to Be Happy, all the Time. Guest Stephen, Happiness Expert, explains. Crooked Spine Show

Want to get and stay happy? Here is you specific steps. Stephen V. Richardson. Stephen is a motivational speaker, published author. He has made his mission to help people find ways to get happy by finding healthy routines to keep a positive mindset. Steven explains how you can learn the skill of being happy…all the time.

Connect with Stephen—

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(8:00) Using your 5 senses to change your emotional state.

(15:30) Getting stuck in a poor mindset.

(18:45) Happiness is a skill you can develop.

(25:10) Importance of self-affirmations.

(30:00) Using superlatives to talking to others.

(34:40) How happiness affects your physical health.

(42:30) Steven’s Mantra to stay happy.

(46:00) Seeing what you believe; NOT believing what you see.

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Digestive Pain? Heartburn?Natural Foods/Supplements to Heal you Heal.Guest Olivia at Honor Your Core

Having digestion problems or heartburn is no joke.  You can choose to treat the problems through medicine, drugs or surgery; or naturally that can heal the condition causing problems. Olivia is a certified nutritionist specializing in gallbladder and liver conditions. In this interview she will help you understand how your digestive organs function, and give you natural ways to heal your gut through foods, supplements, and much more. Checkout the show.

Connect with Olivia:

Links to Olivia’s website of her free meal guides, custom meal plans, and more–

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(5:30) Normal medical pathway to treat digestive issues.

(6:45) Why check with a GI specialist for specific testing.

(9:45) Factors that effect gallbladder, liver function.

(14:30) Supplements benefit to your gallbladder, liver.

(16:45) The Phase 1 and 2 of liver detox; including foods, exercise, chiropractic, etc.

(28:30) Olivia’s free .pdf of Friendly Foods for the Gallbladder and Liver –

(39:20) Does size matter? How to manage food portions.

(47:00) Food reflection explained.

(50:30) Olivia’s takeaways.

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Finding your Health Coach w/ Guest LeAnn Smith of Vibrant Life Source. Crooked Spine Show

The Right Wellness Coach can save Time and $. How do you find the right one? Our guest today is LeAnn of Vibrant Life Source. She is a successful one stop shop wellness coach (Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Health & Nutrition Coach). What should you expect from a coach; what mindset should you have as they help you reach your health goals, and more? Checkout the show to get advice from our pro guest.

Connect with LeAnn

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(11:10) How your mindset hurts you before getting a coach.

(12:20) Best work when client fires a coach.

15:50) Is your coach patient with timeline for improvement?

(19:30) First job as a coach. Listen.

(27:00) Are checkups with your coach helpful?

(29:00)interviewing for the right coach for you.

(39:20) How Vibrant Life Source works.

(42:45) Mindset of clients starting coaching.

(46:20) Finding a client’s WHY to get stay healthy.

(51:00) Why so social for coaches.

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How a Life Coach Help you Thrive & Feel Fulfilled. Guest Lani Kim on the #crookedspineshow

I needed Lani’s help. As a chiropractor, I know what you need to do to get healthy; but I didn’t understand the mindset that stopped my patients from getting well. Lani Kim is an experienced life coach. She starts with small steps to help her clients reach their goals. Lani share a few of her secrets that have helped people see then do the work to improve their lives. Checkout the show.

Connect with Lani for specific questions:

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(2:40) Lani’s experience that lead up to her being a life coach.

(5:00) #1 emotion holding you back.

(7:40) Are you buffering with anger, alcohol, your phone? And how to fix.

(26:20) Steps to a fit mind and body; using your WHY.

(38:50) Take action and adjust when needed; how your primitive brains stops you and your frontal lobe helps.

(45:50) Using past experiences to retrain your brain.

(49:00) How a life coach can help you now.

(53:10) Are you improving? Here is how you know.

(1:01:05) Your body requires physical fitness to improve your mindset to do the work; then reach your goals.

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How this Chair helps Your Back and Overall Health. Guest Dr. Osler. Crooked Spine Show

Have you been sitting more since a year ago? This is the #1 reason for the increase in neck and back pain/weakness. We need to keep our body strong by movement to stay strong; but we also need to sit. Is there a solution? Hope you are sitting down for this…Yes! A chair that keeps you moving while you sit. Dr. Turner Osler has turned from a 20 year career as a trauma surgeon in Vermont to creating a patented Red Rocker technology chair to make sitting active rather than passive. Watch/listen to Dr. Osler explain this chair and the benefit to you.

Connect with Dr. Osler and his team-

(802) 448-0362

See how this chair works:

Watch the full show:

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(2:40) Dr. Osler’s background and how he became interested in healthy sitting.

(5:50) How to have a healthy back while sitting.

(9:20) Walking motion/posture’s relation to sitting.

(11:00) How this patented chair works.

(17:50) Why most chair don’t help your health.

(22:30) Dr. Osler’s peer’s opinion of his chair.

(30:30) The Button Chair version for free -why?

(38:40) Dr. Osler’s role model.  This will surprise you.

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