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CSP 084: Being Happy by Learning and Sharing.Dr. Tony on the Coffee with Zach Show

Are you stressed finding the job you want, or growing in your current business in these Covid times? Dr. Tony and Zach discuss how to learn the habits and skills they are using to be happy, and the steps they took to get to the present. Learn what Zach and Dr. Tony are doing now to serve their communities without stressing themselves out. Checkout the show.

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(1:50) Zack’s show’s purpose of spreading positivity, and understanding how to be successful.

(3:50) How Euclid Chiropractic helps the community.

(5:20) Why I became a chiropractor.

(6:20) Different ways to serve our community.

(7:50) My road from school, to an associateship, then private practice.

(12:50) How mentors can help you.

(14:00)) My secret to planning to get into my practice after school.

(17:10) My keys to growing my business that can help you.

(19:50) Advice for other healthcare businesses to start social media marketing.

(23:00) Showing you care by showing your face/personality; like attracts like.

(26:00) Don’t reinvent the wheel; how do your competitors market and can you copy what working.

(27:30) Takeaways: Spread YOUR word, be consistent, network.

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Top Podcasts of All Time. 1 through 5 here. Crooked Spine Show

Here are the top 5 podcasts of all time.  Although the Crooked Spine Show has only been around for 4 years, we have been able to help promote local health professionals to get their message to the community. We are grateful for them to be on our show. This post has the full interview and the podcast is highlights from each interview.

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(7:46) #1. CSP 028: Digital Breast Exam using SureTouch. Interview with Brenda

Contact info. and to schedule an exam with Brenda:

See event info:

SureTouch. How this Digital Breast Screening  Works.  Short Clip

(5:04) #2. CSP 034: Finding the Right Doctor for You. Brianna Cardenas

Contact and connect with Brianna:…

Office Wait Times, Doctor Time Explained. Clip

(4:14) #3. CSP 021: Women/Girls: Fight Sexual Harassment. W/ Jessica

Contact and connect 

Jeremy Jeremy Castillo

and Jessica Jessica Covarrubias Castillo

Women’s Self Defense.  Jessica’s Best Advice

(2:24) #4. CSP 031: Reducing Stress. Prepare for an Auto Accident now. Taylor Fennell

Contact and Connect with Taylor Fennel, Personal Injury Attorney

 at Law Offices of Tanya L. Willis:


545 N. Mountain Ave, Suite 210

Upland, CA 91786

Looking for an Accident Attorney? Questions to Ask.  Clip

(1:48) #5. Proper Walking for Posture, Balance, Strength. @Brookdale Nov. ’18

Retrain Walking with Brian.  Clip

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Top Ten Crooked Spine Spine Show of All Time. This is 6-10. #crookedspineshow

Spending the last four short years doing this podcast has allowed us to interview some guests that can give you “all-time” advice how to stay healthy, mentally and physically.  We have broken up the top ten podcast, and here is 6 – 10. Next week will top 1 -5.  In the podcast you will hear the highlights each podcast posted (links in the post). Enjoy. 

6. CSP 019: Massage+Therapy with Henry of ASB Therapy

Connect and contact Henry at ASB Therapy:

Your Habits Helps or Hurts You -with Henry of ASB Therapy. Short Clip

7. Feet, Ankle, Walking Exercises for Balance & Posture @Brookdale Aug ’18

Improve Walking, Balance Exercises. Bill demos.

8. CSP 041: Suicide Prevention. Norima, Mental Health Expert

Contact and connect with Norina Verduzco-Murphy, MSW, LCSW:

Suicide: A Common Risk Factor for Kids. Clip

9. CSP 029: Detect Life-threatening Condition by Ultrasound w/ Christy Jones

Check out their site and next event:


Digita Imaging Ultrasound: Removing Life Threatening Risks on the Crooked Spine Show

10. CSP 032: Interview w/ Narcie of Cable Crossfit. Trusted Trainers and Family Feel.


1320 N Benson Ave

Upland, California

Cable Crossfit: Members Helping Members. Short Clip

Youtube Podcast Playlist

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CSP 083: Exercises to Building Torso & Core Strength. Derek & Dr. Tony. Episode 5. Crooked Spine Show

Want a stronger back and core? Derek explains how a stronger torso/core can help the athlete to the desk jockey to the homemaker move pain-free and efficiently.  Derek will teach you the stretches and strength exercises needed for the pelvis and hips in this episode (part 1 of 2).

Checkout Derek’s educational video and connect with him-

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(3:30) How your torso/core helps you move.

(8:00) Starting your assessment with hip stretching.

(23:45) Next, improving pelvis movement and balance.

(30:50) Building torso strength on the ball exercises.

(36:30) Plank exercise: explained for front torso strength.

(40:00) Now strengthening the side torso (side plank).

(43:00) Posterior pelvic tilt exercises.

(45:10) Hip rotation exercise (on the floor, ball and standing).

(53:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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CSP 082 : Kids & Adults Staying Healthy & Safe at Power of One Martial Arts in Upland. Crooked Spine Show

Looking to stay healthy and lower stress? Jeremy and Jessica can help you and your family do both at Power of One Martial Arts.  Learn how now they are working with people virtually and outside to continue to keep the community healthy physically and mentally.

Experience a class in person or online. Contact and connect Jeremy and Jessica:

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(2:20) Jeremy’s and Jessica’s past struggles and experience have help them be resilient.

(7:30)  More than trainers/coaches.

(11:15) Their secret to success, NOW.

(12:15) How Jessica and Jeremy are helping families, kids.

(17:30) Their process of transitioning to an outdoor studio (in summer).

(19:10) Teaching martial arts, virtually.

(21:10) Cross training baseball,soccer, and other athletes with martial arts.

(23:15) How this studio teaches discipline.

(25:00) Parents feedback about the training.

(26:00) How Jessica & Jeremy build confidence and keep kids mentally healthy.

(31:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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CSP 081: How to Keep Calm in these Covid Times? Guest Norina Verduzco – Murphy, Clinical Therapist. Crooked Spine Show

How long can you and your family last during this pandemic? Norina is a licensed, experienced therapist. Her patients before the pandemic already learned the tools to stay healthy throughout. Norina shares her secrets to keep your minds and bodies healthy no matter how long it takes to get back to normal.

Best places to connect with Norina-

work: 909-815-9841

Watch this Full Video:

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1:00 Norina’s schooling, experience and office.

2:00 Social Media -how to keep our minds healthy with today’s pandemic.

9:50 How to recover from social media overload. Norina’s best app to help.

15:25 Forming positive habits for your health.

18:00 Helping parents with the stress of distance learning for our kids.

25:45 Find a routine to help kids to lower stress.

29:00 Helping kids learn by their choices.

32:00 Setting boundaries to avoid unhealthy friends, etc.

36:15 Learn/practice healthy habits without hesitating; and room for grace.

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CSP 080: Shoulder Assessment, Rehab. Derek & Dr. Tony episode 4. Crooked Spine Show

Have a shoulder injury, looking to improve our throwing performance? Derek’s assessment is extensive and full body to help you find the underlying cause of your injury. Checkout Derek’s steps and exercises to help your shoulder and whole body get healthy.

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(3:30) Who this episode can help.

(5:00) The assessment starting with the feet/ankles at (6:40), then knees/hips at (9:20), chest (15:50), and back at (18:00).

(25:30) Side assessment: pelvis, thoracic spine, then shoulders.

(34:50) Importance of posture.

(39:40) specific exercises for self rehab of the shoulder.

(47:00) How to use a band for shoulder rehab.

(51:00) Why a whole body assessment is most effective for rehab.

(55:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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CSP 079: Finding the Right Physical Therapist. Guest Henry of ASB Therapy. Crooked Spine Show

You think physical therapy (PT) will help you? Don’t know where to go? Henry is the owner/operator of Advanced Sports and Body Therapy (ASB Therapy) in Claremont, CA. From his many years experience as a therapist, musician, and martial artist he gives you the mindset and other tools needed by your therapist and you to be successful improve your body.

Connect with Henry-

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(3:40) HowHenry’s musician and martial arts background helps him..

(12;30) Mind over matter. Is it real?

(16:00) “I don’t know” shows you care.

(20:10) Virtual therapy. Is it work? How?

(27:00) Henry critiques shoulder therapy steps.

(40:30) With Covid, staying healthy by slowing down.

(48:30) Doing what you love for home rehab.

(1:00:00) Importance of elasticity/flexibility.

(1:02:00) Getting your therapy in YOUR home.

(1:09:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.


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CSP 078: Better Health, Now. The High Vibe Nation. Hosts Sherry, Pamela, Christy. Crooked Spine Show

Sherry, Pamela, and Christy question Dr. Tony on The High Vib Nation. This will be an amazing interview about how Dr. Tony has created a high vibe life. Dr. Tony is passionate about educating people about chiropractic care, home exercises, and specific adjustments, so they can keep themselves healthy naturally.  Listen in.

Checkout more shows of The High Vibe Nation-

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(5:15) How Dr. Tony stays “high vibe” to help people.

(8:50) How chiropractic works.

(12:15) Reduce mental stress.

(14:30) How the 50’s and over are helped by chiropractic.

(20:15) Staying in a healthier state with chiropractic.

(21:30) Helping kids/your immune system with chiropractic.

(30:15) The beginnings of the Crooked Spine Show podcast.

(33:50) Pain relief from loading dishwasher/vacuuming.

(35:45) When to get checked by a chiropractor?

(37:30) Mars funny chiropractic story.

(46:45) Improve your sleep.

(52:00) Reduce eye strain.

(56:00) Less back strain on Zoom.

(58:50) Better posture.

(1:04:25) Dr. Tony’s wrap.



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CSP 077: How C.A.S.A. is asking You to Help Foster Kids during COVID. Guest Diane Smyer. Crooked Spine Show

Keeping kids safe and healthy has been harder in 2020; especially for foster kids. CASA’s program qualifies volunteers to help. Today’s interview is with Diane who runs the new Upland office. She has been with CASA for a long time. She understand the needs of foster kids and how volunteers can help them. Checkout the show.

Connect with Diane Smyers​ West-end Community Outreach Coordinator:

1126 West Foothill Blvd, Suite 175 Upland, CA 91786


Watch the full video:

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(4:10) How these Covid times terrifies foster kids.

(5:30) How a child is put in foster care and how CASA helps.

(12:50) Being a CASA is fun.

(18:00) How advocates help foster kids w/ health conditions.

(20:10) Steps & Stress when a foster child is moved and changes school.

(27:00) How opening the Upland office has helped CASA and volunteers.

(33:50) The community and police showing they care for CASA foster kids.

(38:30) The best qualities Diane is looking for in future CASA advocates.

(44:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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