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4 Specific Steps to a Healthier You

From 2010 to 2016 more family and friends are take medications for diabetes, high cholesterol and pain.  This can lead to drug dependence and a lower quality of life.  Change one’s lifestyle, can help reduce or remove medication use and live a healthier and happy life.

So if you decide to get healthy, these are the four steps with specific lifestyle solutions:

Specific Exercises :

Examine your common day.  How much positional stress does your body experience from driving, sitting or standing?  Based on the amount counter the stress by opposite stretching and strengthening exercises.

For example, if your drive to and from work take one hour, and you sit at work for 4-6 hours that equals 6-8 hours of sitting per day. How can you incorporate specific exercises to counter that stress.  Try these:

Shaping Up Sitting Posture

Part 1: Intro. & Upper Body Stretches

Part 2: Low Back Stretches

Part 3: 3 Upper Back/Shoulder Exercises

Part 4: Low Back Strength Exercises


Exercise Handout

Specific Nutrition:

Like exercise, have meal and snack plans based on your common day.  It is usually healthier to eat meals you cook/prepare.  Can you cook/plan meals at home for the next few days?  If you need to eat lunch away from home can you bring a meal, or make plan a healthier choice if you need to grad a bite?  And can we keep healthier snacks at our work (protein bars, almonds, etc.) to keep us feeling full and provide energy.

Realize most Americans over eat by 20-40% per day!  Focusing on quality not quantity of food we consume is a good start.  Here is a handout we provide for our patients with quality suggestions:

Nutrition Handout

Specific Attitude:

How you feel about getting healthy is probably the most important.  You need to think long term.  Your habits have been in place for a probably a long time.  Anything you change now, may take 4-6 weeks just to see or feel the results.

Because your body is use to your current lifestyle, you will probably not feel good during this period.  As NIKE promotes: Just Do IT.  You need to commit yourself and/or have someone keep you accountable.  When you give yourself time and change your habits, then your body will change.

Specific Health Advocate:

Know that specific Chiropractors are the ONLY DOCTORS that do not treat common physical health conditions with medication or surgery.  They rely on your body’s ability heal itself to get and stay well.  Through an exam and x-ray analysis, Chiropractic treatment and specific posture exercises can help you improve your lifestyle and quality of life.

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

Enjoy Health from the Inside Out

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Best Accident Recovery Treatment

Any car accidents over 5 miles per hour can cause physical damage to your body.  Especially if you are in the smaller car in the accident.

So what is your game plan if/when you are in an accident?

Yes, make sure if you need emergency care, take the ambulance to the emergency room.

Once you know you can walk out of the ER, then make it a priority to get yourself 100% healthy.

Why a Chiropractor vs. your medical doctor?

Chiropractors can perform a full x-ray analysis and physical examination.  This detects internal injuries to your spine.  This can cause scar tissue formation that can turn into permanent arthritis.


The image ABOVE is a standard normal low back x-ray.

The image BELOW is the standard normal neck x-ray.

Each has a proper curve/alignment, disc spacing between the bones, and smooth curve.  The video describes each perfectly in detail.


In an accident, ligaments are injured in the front and back of the spine.  This can cause immediate pain, or pain in the next 24-48 hours.  Chiropractic treatment focuses on pain reduction first with therapies such as ultrasound, then adjustments and exercises to return joint motion and soft tissue recovery.

After a treatment plan is complete, an x-ray re-analysis is performed to ensure the spines structure has full recovered.

Each person’s health is at a unique state.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

Enjoy Health from the Inside Out

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James, “Less Pain has Helped my Temper.”


“Here is the list of what the doctors helped me with:

-reduced the spasm from the pinched nerve

-reduced headaches

-lower back pain has lessened

-knee pain has left me

-can walk without lower back pain

-mobility of everyday functions is a lot better

-pinching of lower back has lessened

-can go places with family without complaining, and can stay longer

-I sleep a lot better and my body heals quicker

-My temper has gone down due to the pain not being there.”

Thank you-James

It is more important to help someone with their quality of life, than their pain.

Each person is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a complimentary consult with doctors that help nerve, muscle and joint conditions.

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Why We Give: Testimonial from Jayden’s Dad


Joseph Ramirez, Father of Jaden Ramirez,

“As a father of two boys I believe physical activity and some form of sport is important in helping a child’s health and mental stability. Jaden is 8 years old. He wasn’t interested in sports. We tried soccer and baseball and he wasn’t too interested in either one. I was looking for some way to keep him active and healthy, and we came across this program, Fight for Our Future on Facebook. As with many other families we are going thru some financial difficulties and could not afford to pay for Jayden to get the training he needed. Fight for Our Future (FFOF) stepped in to help pay for Jayden enroll at UFC gym. Jaden is learning new things every class at UFC GYM and loves to go. Fight for Our Future also provided us with some nutritional counseling and nutritional supplements to help Jaden stay healthy. Jaden is very excited to grow with the program and to stay healthy with their assistance. Thank you for the continuous assistance Fight for Our Future!”

From Nathan, creator of this non-profit:

We also have several other kids at various other gyms waiting in the wings for sponsorship by the program. We are still working to raise some money to sponsor these other kids, so please reach out to anyone you know that might be interested in donating to FFOF. And for those of you who have already donated to the non-profit, thank you for your support. It makes a difference. I believe in the program which is why I’ve personally donated hundreds of dollars to get this thing going.

Euclid Chiropractic believes in a person’s overall health.  By being a monthly financial supporter of Fight For Our Future, we hope to help families like Joseph’s get the help needed to get and keep kids healthy.

Nathan Brodnax, Esq.

Founder, Fight for our Future

1520 N. Mountain Ave. Unit 118

Ontario CA 91762

For more info visit:

Like us on Facebook:

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Sciatica: What to Know BEFORE Surgery

Sciatica can be treated without surgery when causes are understood and it is diagnosed early.  Sciatica is a low back condition causing groin, leg, knee, foot neuropathy usually starting on one side.  Conditions causing sciatica include spinal joint limited motion and disc herniation/bulge leading to the neuropathy.  Neuropathy types include pain, numbness, tingling, pain, weakness.

The first step in treating Sciatica naturally is diagnosing the condition by an x-ray analysis.  Here is what to look for on an lumbar lateral x-ray view:


In our normal x-ray above, we look for 3 points of interest: curve, spinal joint space, vertebrae displacement.  These allow the spine to have normal motion to circulate spinal fluid into the disc.  This keeps the disc healthy to avoid pressure on the nerve that would cause neuropathies.

Here are the variations that can occur to cause neuropathies.


Disc Space Narrowing.  This is when the spinal joints have locked long enough to cause the discs to degenerate, narrowing the space.  This will narrow the nerve canal where the spinal nerves run through, causing neuropathy.  The CHIROPRACTIC APPROACH can regenerate the disc, widening the space.  Drugs and surgery CANNOT.



Displacement of the Spinal Joints.  Also called a Spondy, will narrow the nerve canal.  Chiropractic can return the normal alignment of the bones by returning normal motion.


Spinal Curve Straightening.  This usually occurs by bad sitting over time.  This is the most common condition causing sciatica.  By increasing joint motion the bones can realign to return normal motion and heal the disc.  This will remove the neuropathies.


  1. Chiropractic adjustments to return spinal motion and heal the spinal disc.  This will resolve the neuropathies, and correct the x-rays to a better normal.


  1. Posture exercises to improve flexibility and strength to keep the body healthy once the x-rays have improved.


By correcting the x-rays and adding the exercises, sciatica can be corrected and a person can stay healthy.

Each person is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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In summary, we will be close the 24th through the 26th; 31st through the 2nd.

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