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Fascia: It’s function when Healthy & Your Recovery Steps when it’s Not. Este Bleu explains

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Having healthy fascia keeps us feeling flexible, strong and injury-free. Fascia surrounds tissues and provides shape for muscles and joints. When your fascia becomes tight, it can limit motion and be a precursor for injury, stress, and arthritis. There are specific ways to improve the flexibility of fascia, and Este Bleu is here is to discuss how.

In today’s talk we discuss:

-what is fascia and how it helps your body.

-the causes of fascia tightness (short and long term).

-treatment options with therapists and tools to use.

-setting up your health team for full life recovery.

Este lives in the Inland Empire. Connect with Her for a consultation—

(909) 218-3884

Learn more about Fascia in the body–

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Finding Your “Self Care.” Get started with Guest Marcella Reyes, founders of SoCal Fitness and Massage in Claremont, CA

New #crookedspineshow episode.

When I meet a patient for the first time, one of my first questions is, “what do you do for self care?” This lets me understand their health habits (or lack thereof). My guest today can help improve your self care routine to get and stay healthy. Marcella Reyes is the owner and operator of SoCal Fitness and Massage Therapy right here in Claremont, CA. She has the experience and knowledge as a licensed massage therapist and certifications in personal training, ergonomics and as a exercise specialists. Marcella helps many people recover from injuries and stay healthy through her combination of services. Let’s find out how much so I can help you get to a better state of health.

Topics covered today:

-why did you become a massage therapist; then want to open SoCal Fitness and Massage.

-explain in detail the services you offer to your clients to improve their health.

-what are common struggles that your clients present with. -how do you decide which treatments to suggest for your clients.

-how does the person’s physical state improve with treatment; and their mental state.

-what frequency of treatments do your clients usually maintain their peak health.

Connect  book an appointment at SoCal Fitness and Massage:

626-533-9459 (booking number)

And feel free to text Marcella for a free 10 minute consultation at the same phone number.

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Let’s Check Your Standing, Sitting: And Exercises for a Stronger Back, and be Pain-free. @Gibson Feb. ’23. Crooked Spine Show

Unless we are sleeping, this is how we spend most of our daily hours. Based on engineering there is a optimal position to sit or stand that lowers stress to our body’s joints and muscles. It can take awhile of being in the improper position for our body to give us signs this has occurred (usually pain). In this talk we will help you learn to check how you stand and sit; then start stretches and strength exercises to improve these positions to feel good at the end of your day.

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The Outline for the Workshop

The #1 reason for non-traumatic neck and back pain? 

What percentage of your day is Sitting? Standing? 

Let’s check your posture: 

  1. Standing; then Walking

  2. Sitting

Which muscles become tight or weak with poor posture? 

Stretches to improve your standing or sitting: 

  1. Pillow stretch

  2. Upper Trap stretch

  3. Shoulder Wall stretch

  4. Lunge stretch

Strength these muscles to ENDURE standing or sitting: 

  1. Walk THIS way

  2. Wall Squat 

  3. 3 Shoulder exercise

  4. Kick Back exercise

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The EPIC Realignment: A Different, Precise and Effective Adjustment. Dr. Ernest Pecoraro, a practitioner of EPIC, explains.

This week’s #crookedspineshow.

There are a plethora of spinal adjustment techniques to heal your body and tolerate your daily stress. The EPIC adjustment is specific in the analysis using instrument-based equipment to give a precise adjustment. Today’s interview is with Dr. Ernest Pecoraro who practices EPIC in his current New Jersey practice. He is one of only three offices in the world (as of the fall of ’22) that specializes in using this painless, cutting-edge sound wave technology to help fix the body. Let’s listen and learn how.

A few topics covered—

-As a seasoned chiropractor on New York, how did you gain the knowledge and experience to help so many people in your 5 clinics?

-Now in New Jersey, your treatments seemed to be around EPIC. How is it similar and different than traditional chiropractic adjustments/treatments?

-Explain when using sounds waves with EPIC cause exponential benefits.

-Now that we have a good idea how chiropractic works to realign the spine, how can it cause peak body performance?

-Being a chiro for more than two decades (like myself) what are a few personal characteristics that help you “care” for patients?

Connect & Learn with Dr. Pecoraro Website:

Social Media:

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Reasons to Make Chiropractic & Physical Therapy part of your Health Team on the Talk About Pain Show hosted by Rick Olderman

Today Dr. Tony guests on the Talk About Pain Show hosted by Rick Olderman. Learn how chiropractors are your doctors to help you reduce pain and improve your quality of life, naturally; the chiropractic adjustment explained; how chiropractors and physical therapists are similar in their guidance to get and keep you healthy and much more.

Topics discussed today:

-Why chiropractors are recognized as primary care physicians — like MDs and DOs (Doctor of Medicine & Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)l

-How chiropractors chose to look at patients symptoms differently than medicine; why they are specialists

-The chiropractic adjustment broken down how it works 🩺 What symptoms do chiropractic treatments help

-How does chiropractic treatments help your “quality of life”

-Dr. Tony’s takeaway: Euclid Chiropractic’s goal with every patient — and reviews back it up

Checkout other #TalkAboutPain #podcast #episodes —

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Back on Track with Healthy Exercise & an Eating Routine after the Holidays @Gibson Jan. ’23. Crooked Spine Show

This being our first workshop for 2023, so we need to get or stay motivated to stay healthy this year (especially if you too a health vacation during the holidays. This talk will cover the basics to start, what to expect and how to SLOWLY change your routine (to make it your normal) to start the year off right.

Outline for the workshop:

If you think a standard method of measuring your health is weight, do you want to lose weight? Gain weight?

Today, where would you rate your health in

Activity/Exercise level (0 to 10) 

Your Eating Habits (0 to 10) 

For each, do you have a routine presently? Good or Bad. 

Is it important to you? 

If you want to improve your health, are you willing to be uncomfortable? For example, feeling hungry or being sore. 

Simple steps to improving your Eating routine

  1. For one week, log/track what you eat and drink, and know the average calorie count of each. 

  2. Is there one food/beverage that is high calorie that you can cut out and/or replace? 

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you hit your target weight. 

Steps to improve Exercise routine

  1. What do you like to do? 

  2. Can you increase “movement” 10 minutes a day for 6 days in a row? 

  3. Can you move while watching TV, going to the store, etc.

Checkout our other workshops on our YouTube channel–

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Your Nervous System Keeps your Body & Mind Healthy Under Stress. Christiana Patterson Teaches You How. Crooked Spine Show

Learn How to Keep Your Nervous System Healthy, Naturally. Your body has an internal intelligence to adapt to stressors in our lives. This is your nervous system, including your brain. In my interview with Christina, she explains how your nervous system works to give you signs when it feels unhealthy. Then actions you can take to improve your nervous system to feel relaxed, happy and energized again.

Outline for today’s show—

1. Intro: Why it may be important after stress to “retune” the nervous system

2. How do I know if my nervous system needs help?        – Symptoms       – Self assessments

3. 3 Natural Ways:       – Body postures       – Addressing the Gut Brain       – Activating the Vagus Nerve

4. How do I know if I need more help than doing it on my own?       – Where can I turn?

The Mind-Body Toolkit explained (link below)

Connect with Christina Patterson

Free Mind-Body Mindset Toolkit Video

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“A Healthy Dose of Controversy” Show. Hosts Zaed Hindi & Leslie Contreras. Put Dr. Tony in the hot seat.

Dr. Tony is in the hot seat today on “The healthy dose of Controversy Show” with Zaed Hindi and Leslie Contreras We discuss all things chiropractic including the philosophy and practice of this “quackery,” alternative form of healthcare over the last hundred years to the present; And clarify how it relates to your health.

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(2:00) What evidence links chiropractic to a person’s health.

(5:20) How chiropractic (communicated this way) help’s a patient, long-term.

(7:30) Chiropractic’s ethical boundaries; what we fix, and don’t fix.

(11:30) #1 job as a chiropractor.

(12:50) The death rate of medical doctor’s drug treatments.

(15:30) If chiros are really doctors, how are they different than medical doctors?

(18:50) Is the adjustment (ninja neck snap) safe?

(23:30) How can chiropractors improve their reputation as healthcare practitioners.

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Helping Patients w/ Neck Pain & Headaches. Why Rick’s Method is Better than your Doctor’s Diagnosis. Crooked Spine Show

This Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience. Rick Olderman helps us understand how to look at the whole person and their lifestyle when helping them with neck pain and headaches.

Connect with Rich Olderman—

Checkout his downloadable home exercise videos–

Rick’s podcast, “Talk About Pain,” is also a good resource:

Purchase the Fixing You® Method At Home Course (, listeners can also use the code FIXINGYOU to get 20% off

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-is there a common pattern to the cause.

-why Rick starts with muscle/posture imbalances.

-where most practitioners first look; why its a mistake.

-what is the systems solutions approach.

-what patients are helped with this approach; and specific tests to confirm the problem.

-Rick’s Fixing You Method. Why it works.

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Is Your Home Making You Sick? 6 Steps to a Proper Evaluation. Expert Mark, The Mold Guy explains. Crooked Spine Show

Mark Levy is the founder of The Mold Guy in 2005. He has the experience and knowledge in performing comprehensive mold inspections specifically for hyper-sensitive individuals with complex health issues like Biotoxin illness, Lyme, CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue) and Autoimmune Issues. This is why every team member who inspects a home is a Certified Mold Inspector & Certified Microbial Investigator.Mark and his team have a passion to help professionals in his industry; and the families they serve to live in a mold-free, healthy home.

Learn more at The Mold Guy at:

Lake Forest, CA

And feel free to talk to his team with any questions:


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(4:20) Where Mark found the passion for this specialty service.

(9:10) What Mark looks for (that your doctor might miss).

(10:45) How The Mold Guy teams members start -the home’s history.

(16:30) Why the crawl spaces, inner walls, attic, etc. impact your health.

(23:40) This 6-step process in client consultation. And how it can to help your health practitioner help your health recovery.

(34:40) The Report: the work plan to help your remediation company clean your home PROPERLY.

(39:00) How this inspection report improves your health.

(44:20) Mark’s takeaway: setting a standard to evaluate, then clean your home to improve your health.

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