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Mike, “I couldn’t be happier.”

Mike suffered from progressing neck and arm pain for 10+ years.  Medical doctors, medications, acupuncture and massage gave him no relief.  His next step was to start long-term pain medications; maybe surgery.

Mike came to Euclid Chiropractic before this could happen.  After a thorough exam and x-rays, Mike had a report of his findings and understood, with time, his condition could resolve with Chiropractic.

After a few weeks, Mike started feeling better.  His pain started to reduce, he sleep improved and he had more energy.  Mike also started getting back to his active lifestyle including mountain bike riding.

After a few months, we retook his x-rays and saw a dramatic improvement.  Mike was 100% healthy and 100% back to a normal neck x-ray. 

This is when he told his story with this video.


Can a Chiropractic exam and x-ray analysis benefit a friend, family member or yourself?

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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Wall Squat Exercise for Low Back Posture Strength

To help recover from low back spine pain and poor posture, start with this exercise.

The wall squat gets your legs stronger first in the correct posture, while supporting your back.

ALWAYS start with good posture before performing exercises.  The wall squat helps set your posture.


  1. Stand against the wall with your feet 12 inches away from the wall; hips, shoulders, head against the wall.

  2. While keeping your body/head against the wall, slide down the wall keeping your knees above your hips, or where you feel comfortable.

  3. Hold for 1 second, then slide back up.

Bonus: Hold the same posture, take one step forward, then repeat the squat while lowering ONLY wear you can hold the same posture.  If you cannot hold the posture then you have a weak back.

Every person’s body is at a different state of health.

Contact us and enjoy a free consultation if you have questions about this exercise, or if it is uncomfortable or painful.

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How to Stay Healthy WITHOUT Medications, Shots or Surgery

Quick video explains injury recovery and staying healthy through drug-free and surgery-free treatment.

Spinal motion (Chiropractic adjustments) and exercise are REQUIRED to keep you healthy.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from specialists to understand how to recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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UFC Gym Ontario: How they are Unique

Nathan explains how this gym uniquely helps people move. This has caused UFC Ontario to grow 100% in a year.

With one-on-one coaching, functional motion group exercise and specific UFC training, people having fun while staying fit.

Fitness when made fun, keeps people moving until they get “addicted” to feeling good after a workout.  This “feeling good” carries over to your home and work life.

In addition functional motion exercising keeps you injury free, so have less medical bills and less medication use.


♦Functional movement to stay fit

♦Body position at work/home

♦Get checked by pros

♦Fitness pays dividends in all areas of your life

♦Fun, cool classes with experienced coaches


Call and enjoy a free trial membership now.

Also, enjoy a Complimentary consultation at Euclid Chiropractic from spinal specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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Collin’s Case of Posture-Neck-Spine Pain Recovery

Watch Now

Because Collin stopped his exercise routine and his work requires sitting for long periods, his posture suffered. This lead to spine pain and neuropathies.

Watch how Collin’s Chiropractic treatment and exercises have epic results!

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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“My Pain-Relief Story”-May U. at Euclid Chiropractic

img_2119“Chiropractic has helped me decrease my lower back pain, and increase my activity throughout my day.  Getting help for my lower back has helped me with my daily, routine exercises and become more active.  I no longer have numbness down my leg, and no more excruciating pain for my lower back.

“Coming to the Chiropractor has allowed me to return to normal activities that I was not able to do while I had pain.  I was amazed by the difficult stretches to help strengthen my core to help my back.

“The staff answered all the questions I had before coming to the clinic to start my treatment.  The staff  are nice and welcoming when I first came here up to the present day.

“I have incorporated a few wellness activities such as: walking, jogging, running, yoga, biking and slowly adding more as I strengthen my muscles to maintain staying pain-free.  I have also changed my diet to become healthier.”

-Parichard (May) Utaranart

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