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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: September 2023

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The Vitamins & Minerals You & Your Baby Need-for up to 3 years of Life. Jerry Baker explains the Research. Crooked Spine Show

Is there a time that parents can affect their child’s health? The first 1,000 days – the period between conception and a child’s second birthday. This is the time of rapid development of the brain, the body, and the immune system; and requires proper nutrition as fuel to drives a child’s early development. Jerry Baker has the research that backs up this truth, with the specific vitamins and minerals needed for this early development. Jerry explains this on today’s show.

Topics for today—

-Why parents (especially if you’re American) need to know this and be proactive early.

-how a “mom-to-be” can be deficient in these minerals and vitamins to effect development even during pregnancy.(iodine, omega-3, vitamin D, calcium, folate, and iron).

-can all these minerals and vitamins come from the standard American diet? Or a prenatal?

Links to the research mentioned—

Connect with Jerry Baker—

And the personal assessment tool (to know the supplements you are deficient):

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Is there a Better Solution for Chronic Pain, that Chiropractic can Provide? Chiropractor & Author Dr. Calvin Hargis explains. Crooked Spine Show

We have an epidemic of chronic pain in America. Over 50% of all doctors visit are for spine or body pain. Out of our own pockets, we billions spend on unnecessary tests and procedures. Of the 141 medical schools in the U.S., only 15% require any training. When doctors don’t have the training to adequately diagnosis and treat these conditions they prescribe potent and addictive pain medications. Is this the reason for this Epidemic?

Dr. Calvin Hargis is a Chiropractic Orthopedist and author of “Healing the Human Machine.” He as also the creator of several home tools to help pain suffers help themselves. He is here to help us understand a better solution to fix our pains, and give us the research why.

Today’s Topics:

-what is a chiropractic orthopedist? And how does it allow you to help patients differently?

-how has chronic pain become an epidemic in America? Is the medical approach working?

-how has chiropractic become one of the leading cures for chronic pain, that people still don’t know about?

-What tools in knowledge do you use to help diagnose and treat people chronic pain?

-do you provide your patience with at home care solutions for their pains?

-left field question: how does the weather influence pain?

-Your book, “Healing the Human Machine.” How does it help people?

Connect with Dr. Calvin And Get his book–

And for book purchase–

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Dehydration: What are the Signs & Your Recovery Steps @Gibson Aug. ’23. Crooked Spine Show

Have you ever been dehydrated? I have. It does NOT feel good. This workshop will help you understand how you will can feel when your dehydrated. Then how to keep your body well hydrated (especially if you know your body will be exerted in the heat), include our steps to recovery. Check it out.

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-What you can FEEL when dehydrated: -muscle cramps -tired, lack of energy -headaches -anxiety.

Causes of dehydration: -medications -specific beverages -exercise exertion -not adjusting diet to a change in climate -not wanting to go to the bathroom.

What you can do to stay hydrated: -eating specific fruits/vegetables -take electrolyte supplements -consciously drinking specific amounts of water/day -avoiding minimizing dehydrating beverages/foods -specific movements

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Experience, Knowledge and Determination: Why Marco is Successful Massage Therapist and More. Crooked Spine Show

Marco’s life experiences and current journey to challenge his own health, allows you to see his dedication to be his best. This allows Marco to give his best in your massage, and reaching your health goals. Watch this interview to see how genuinely passionate he works to help you.

Topics for the show::

-what type of jobs did you do before finding your passion?

-why did you choose massage therapy to help people.

-did you have a mentor to help you as massage therapist.

-how did you build your clientele.

-is staying healthy a priority for you. Why?

-what type of clients do you help.

-for each massage you offer, what are the benefits.

-what do you recommend your clients to do after the massage, including habits (stretching, etc) to stay flexible, pain-free.

-how have you built your professional reputation

-how has social media helped you personally and professionally?

Connect with Marco A. Hernandez

And Next Level Sports Massage (his company ):


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