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Aging: Myths-Truth & Fears. @Brookdale May ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

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Can Extra Effort Now, Pay off Later? @Baldy View ROP, Upland. Crooked Spine Show

These students travel here after school to improve their education and experience to help them in their dedication to become a health professional.  This talk helps them NOW learn the mindset, posture and attitude to make their schooling and life easier in becoming a healthcare professional later.

Highlights (podcast times):

(3:00) As you get older, what pace will school/life be?

(4:20) Reputation vs. Character. Like your friends?

(6:00) Learn the way YOU learn.

(10:10) Effect of self-talk.

(11:30) Why experience helps your future; and my interns.

(16:50) How relaxing makes you a better student/health professional.

(18:50) Relax in correct posture (sitting/standing) and while moving.

(27:00) Staying excited about your profession.

(29:10) Finding your post-graduate school -look closely.

(30:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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Low Back Exercises w/ Posture. @Gibson April ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

Have a painful back does not feel good or look good.  When trying to find relief, start with looking for the cause through x-rays, MRI and/or muscle testing.  Once you find the cause and start to fix it, muscle and joints need to be addressed.  Pain will cause the muscle to tighten w/ weakness; these exercises will address help your back feel good and strong.

Highlights (podcast):

(2:45) Low back roll stretch.

(9:45) Same stretch and add knees toward shoulders.

(13:45) How and why to set posture first, then exercise.

(21:45) How to set your sitting posture.

(24:30) Squats for leg/back strength -wall to chair exercise.

(29:45) Back strength by modified standing squat.

(33:10) More strength exercises -the lunge.

(37:20) Start with posture, stretch, then strengthen routinely.

(43;35) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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CSP 051: Being then Helping a Foster Child at CASA -Diane’s story. Crooked Spine Show

When a foster child is separated from their parents, the emotional trauma can be devastating.  Having a CASA volunteer help them transition and maintain somewhat of a normal childhood can (and will) benefit the child to adulthood.  Here is Diane’s story as a foster child helped by CASA.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:30) Why CASA is Diane’s dream job.

(3:10) Using your voice; getting uncomfortable.

(4:20) Diane’s nightmare experience that turned into a blessing.

(7:20) How Diane started with CASA.

If you want to find out how to support C.A.S.A or become a volunteer, connect with Diane Smyers, the West End Community Outreach Coordinator at the satellite Office in Upland.
1126 W. Foothill Blvd, #205
Upland, CA 91786
909 237 2741

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How to Find your Healthcare Career? @Out Reach March ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

How do you find your career in healthcare? Doesn’t matter if you in college, high school or earlier; it’s best to think about it now.  In this talk I have these students learn from my experience (what to do, and what not to do).

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:50) Sit for more energy/better thinking.

(4:20) Are you the top 5% in your profession.

(6:20) Why now is the best time to work for free.

(9:50) Reverse thinking to find your profession.

(15:20) Your reputation vs. character -why it’s important.

(18:50) How exercises relaxes the brain/body.

(25:20) How to be liked, forever.

(31:00) Working on your bedside manner.

(37:20) Learning the best way for you.

(42:00) Find the negative, first, for professions you like.

(43;50) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Knowing your personality and developing your personal character is never-ending.  Starting now gives you the opportunity to grow from positive results and mistakes.  Caring for others should be an extensions your personal beliefs, and actions.  Then practicing in a healthcare career becomes easy because you love it.

Connect with Reach Out for their future event, and become a volunteer–

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CSP 050: Test, then Get & Stay Healthy with BioStar. Karen explains on the Crooked Spine Show

Can we measure your health-your mind, organs and physical body?  BioStar scientifically measures your energy levels through vibration/sound. Karen uses BioStar so you know what part of your bodies are unhealthy, which may be hurting.  This can not only help you prevent a medical condition, but also allow you to get and stay in a healthier state.

Contact and Connect with Karen, at New Waves Holistic Energy Balancing Studio:




Highlights (podcast times):

(1:30) How BioStar measures energy levels through vibration.

(4:30) Test to know if your vitamins are working.

(6:00) Can BioStar help you find parasites in your body?

(7:50) How a BioStar scan works.

(9:10) Helping find the #1 health problem.

(14:00) Understand Epigenetics to fight your genes.

(16:40) Toxins that affect your health.

(21:50) What health changes to expect after scan/changes to your lifestyle.

(24:30) How your chakra energy affects your health.

(27:45) Common protocols that fix gut issues.

(35:50) Karen’s wrap up.

(40:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Knowing your health is not just how your feel.  BioStar (like a blood test) can help predict future health conditions, and how to fix your body to prevent them.  Even when you live a healthy lifestyle, knowing your body’s inside can give you the insurance policy to get and stay healthy.

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Shoulder Exercises for Pain Relief and Posture. @Gibson March ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Your shoulders’ health is complex.  Any muscles or joints injured around the shoulder (even your posture), can cause shoulder pain, weakness and/or a loss of motion.  These exercise will help improve motion, strength and your posture to maintain healthy shoulders.

Highlights (podcast times):

(4:00) How a shoulder becomes a problem/medical condition.

(6:30) Why it’s NOT crazy to move a painful shoulder.

(8:45) Start with stretching the muscles around the neck –Video

(9:50) 3 stretches for the shoulder joint –Video

(15:50) Modified downward dog wall stretch.

(16:20) Towel stretch for for upper back, shoulders and arms –Video

(19:00) Improve shoulders by proper walking, standing and sitting.

(20:10) Stronger shoulders by this press –Video

(21:00) Video wrap up.

(21:33) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

So shoulder motion is the key to recovery; slow at first, and then aggressively to improve motion, strength and posture.

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