In-office Workshop: How Chiropractic Helps Nerves, then Better Health. May ’18

Most Americans (and the world) have not been told the secret health benefits of chiropractic. This talk exposes why and how this health service might be the key to enjoying better health, and living a happy life.

Highlights (podcast times):

What Chiropractors believe (1:40).

How nerves wires the whole body (2:40).

How your nerves control life & your stress (5:40).

The nerve chart explain (9:50). –See it here

Your nerves effect these parts of your life:

  1. physical strength/flexibility (11:20).

  2. Digestion/weight control/breathing (16:25).

  3. Ability to sleep well (18:40).

  4. Attitude -PMA (23:50).

Questions answered

  1. Can Chiropractic help allergies, breathing?

  2. Benefits to speech/voice

  3. Your body’s need for movement

Dr. Tony’s wrap (32:30).

Chiropractic’s benefit’s primary goal is to keep you healthy, so you can stay strong and relax.  Then we can tolerate the stresses of our everyday life, and have less health conditions.  Understand this, then taking medications will seem secondary to discovering ways to stay healthy through exercise, nutrition, and PMA (see above).

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