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How Chiropractic gets and keeps You Healthy. In-office Replay. Crooked Spine Show

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Chiropractic adjustments work to return the nerves to a healthy state, so you can feel healthy and happy. In this workshop connects the nerves to your symptoms of pain, stress, your lowered/limited activities, and more. Then you will understand how Chiropractic can get and keep you well.

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How nerves connect through the body.

What are healthy/irritated nerves.

How nerve affect your health.

Nerve chart explained:

Effect on muscle strength/pain.

Nerves effect… on low back pain; Digestion, heartburn, diet; Sleep, anxiety, stress; and Attitude;

Your H.N.S.-what does it control.

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Recovery & Learning to Stay Healthy through your Chiropractor. Dr. Tony on the D4A Personal Injury Show. Crooked Spine Show Podcast

If/when your in a car accident how will you get help? Your choices do not include your medical doctor; you will need to find other choices. Doctors for Accidents helps people after an accident, and choses Chiropractors as their #1 referral source. This interview will help explain how Chiropractic can get your full recovery, stay healthy when your better and more. Checkout this talk to understand how.

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Topics covered:

-Why do chiropractors engage with the local community.

-Is there postgraduate training in auto accident rehabilitation? How does it help patients.

-How do you approach the treatment of scoliosis patients?

-Are there any specific techniques or considerations you employ when treating younger patients.

-How do you integrate nutritional counseling and exercise rehabilitation into your treatment plans.

-When do you collaborate with other healthcare professionals or specialists.

-What aspects of your practice bring you the most fulfillment or satisfaction?

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TWIT ::: @docs4accidents

LINKTREE ::: PHONE ::: 833-999-9362


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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: August 2023

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Shoulder Exercises to Reduce Pain, Improve Flexibility, Build Strength and Better Posture @Gibson July ’23.

Your shoulders help you live a normal life. When injured you lose use of your arms, carrying things on your shoulders and can cause neck pain and neuropathy. This workshop will help you enjoy pain-free and strong shoulders with an understanding of the assessment process and the exercises needed to get you there. Check this one out.

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Causes of Shoulder Pain: 1. Trauma 2. Posture (muscle imbalances) 3.Surgery

Is the Pain Acute or Chronic? 1. Acute 2. Chronic

Shoulder Assessment: 1. Motion 2. Strength

Shoulder Stretches: 1. Supine with Shoulder External Rotation 2. Corner/Door Stretch 2. Broomstick

Strength Shoulder Exercises: 1. 3 Shoulders 2. Shrug 3. Wall Pushup (3 positions)

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