Lift Weights for Overall Better Health with Mike Gonzalez, Strongman Coach and Competitor on the Crooked Spine Show

Looking to start getting physically healthy?  Mike’s credibility is superb.  His credentials: current strongman & power lifting competitor, current certifications and experience lifting weights since high school and college. Mike clients range from high school athletes to seniors looking to reduce their medications.  Anyone can benefit from Mike’s guidance in building strength to get you healthy.

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Highlights (podcast times):

How Mike started lifting weights.  Mindset then and now(4:00).

Who benefits from Mike’s training.  How you begin (12:30).

Power Lifting compared to strongman (17:30).

Mike’s routine and competitions (21:40).

Importance of warmup and recovery (28:20).

Setting goals to push yourself (33:40).

Mike overcame this (41:10).

#1 Benefit for clients-not shape (43:30).

Benefits to diet, sleep, stress, less meds (47:10).

Client Success Stories (56:20).

*What Mike gives his clients (58:50)

Dr. Tony’s wrap (1:03:50

Mike Gonzalez has done it.  His experience as a current competitor and client results proves he can help someone get to better state of health.  Then a person can have the confidence of enjoy a relaxed, injury-free life with less medications.

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