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Leg and Lower Body Strength for Posture @Gibson Feb. ’18. #crookedspineshow

With the start of any new year, people want to get healthier. When you have poor posture, exercises can be painful and limit the results you are expecting. Here are a few exercises and checklists to help you feel pain-free, stronger and happier with proper posture.

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(1:50) Use walking sticks? Here is the proper length for posture.

(5:30) Sitting checklist for better posture.

(9:30) Get uncomfortable to get better.

(11:10) Stand wall posture check.

(14:00) How driving affects your back, posture.

(19:20) Lunge stretch for hips, posture.

(25:20) Build leg strength with Knee extension exercise.

(30:50) Hamstring stretch to help your posture.

(33:30) Modified chair squat for a stronger back.

(44:30) Why different chiropractic treatments have different results.

(47:30) Review of the exercises.

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Exciting Adjustments. Maybe the Best 4 from our Collection. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Exciting #Adjustments. Maybe the Best 4 from our Collection. Everyone’s first adjustment is…unpredictable; a person may laugh, cry, speak in tongues or have terrets.

This video is a clip of a few examples. After a full exam and an #xray analysis (if needed), then it can be determined if an adjustment can be #safe and #effective.

Then the chiropractor can provide a confident adjustment that has a high probability to be success to help a person.

If you desire more #entertainment, here is our YouTube playlist of adjustments–

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CSP 084: Being Happy by Learning and Sharing.Dr. Tony on the Coffee with Zach Show

Are you stressed finding the job you want, or growing in your current business in these Covid times? Dr. Tony and Zach discuss how to learn the habits and skills they are using to be happy, and the steps they took to get to the present. Learn what Zach and Dr. Tony are doing now to serve their communities without stressing themselves out. Checkout the show.

Watch more of Zach’s talks with current entrepreneurs-

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(1:50) Zack’s show’s purpose of spreading positivity, and understanding how to be successful.

(3:50) How Euclid Chiropractic helps the community.

(5:20) Why I became a chiropractor.

(6:20) Different ways to serve our community.

(7:50) My road from school, to an associateship, then private practice.

(12:50) How mentors can help you.

(14:00)) My secret to planning to get into my practice after school.

(17:10) My keys to growing my business that can help you.

(19:50) Advice for other healthcare businesses to start social media marketing.

(23:00) Showing you care by showing your face/personality; like attracts like.

(26:00) Don’t reinvent the wheel; how do your competitors market and can you copy what working.

(27:30) Takeaways: Spread YOUR word, be consistent, network.

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Neck Pain Relief: Exercises & Better Posture. Gibson Nov. ’19 Replay. Crooked Spine Show

Nothing seems to be different as we start 2021. We need to stay Resilient in our habits that will keep our minds and bodies healthy.  This workshop will help your neck and upper body relieve pain, increase strength and improve posture; then your body can better handle the stressors in these days.

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(0:00) Dr. Tony’s intro.

(3:00) Effects of posture, sitting, wearing a bag.

(9:35) Upper trapezius exercise.

(27:50) Wall fly exercise.

(30:10) Shoulder exercise -Right angle elbow, then externally rotate hand above head.

(33:30) Exercise -Straight arm raise to the side.

(37:50) Seated shoulder shrugs.

(41:20) Standing exercise -straight arms horizontally rotate back to pinch shoulder blades.

(44:20) Review of exercises. Q/A time:

(48:20) Adjusting your walker for posture.

(51:10) How to use your pillow.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: Jan. 2021

The quick video trailer of this Newsletter.

Here we go!

2021 has started, but is it any different?

If you want to be Resilient in your mental and physical health, we need good fundamental habits.

We can all agree, these Covid times will last longer than we think.

Use these videos to get and keep YOUR body healthy.

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Do not keep us a secret.

Your friend’s health is just as important.

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