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Top Podcasts of All Time. 1 through 5 here. Crooked Spine Show

Here are the top 5 podcasts of all time.  Although the Crooked Spine Show has only been around for 4 years, we have been able to help promote local health professionals to get their message to the community. We are grateful for them to be on our show. This post has the full interview and the podcast is highlights from each interview.

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(7:46) #1. CSP 028: Digital Breast Exam using SureTouch. Interview with Brenda

Contact info. and to schedule an exam with Brenda:

See event info:

SureTouch. How this Digital Breast Screening  Works.  Short Clip

(5:04) #2. CSP 034: Finding the Right Doctor for You. Brianna Cardenas

Contact and connect with Brianna:…

Office Wait Times, Doctor Time Explained. Clip

(4:14) #3. CSP 021: Women/Girls: Fight Sexual Harassment. W/ Jessica

Contact and connect 

Jeremy Jeremy Castillo

and Jessica Jessica Covarrubias Castillo

Women’s Self Defense.  Jessica’s Best Advice

(2:24) #4. CSP 031: Reducing Stress. Prepare for an Auto Accident now. Taylor Fennell

Contact and Connect with Taylor Fennel, Personal Injury Attorney

 at Law Offices of Tanya L. Willis:


545 N. Mountain Ave, Suite 210

Upland, CA 91786

Looking for an Accident Attorney? Questions to Ask.  Clip

(1:48) #5. Proper Walking for Posture, Balance, Strength. @Brookdale Nov. ’18

Retrain Walking with Brian.  Clip

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Top Ten Crooked Spine Spine Show of All Time. This is 6-10. #crookedspineshow

Spending the last four short years doing this podcast has allowed us to interview some guests that can give you “all-time” advice how to stay healthy, mentally and physically.  We have broken up the top ten podcast, and here is 6 – 10. Next week will top 1 -5.  In the podcast you will hear the highlights each podcast posted (links in the post). Enjoy. 

6. CSP 019: Massage+Therapy with Henry of ASB Therapy

Connect and contact Henry at ASB Therapy:

Your Habits Helps or Hurts You -with Henry of ASB Therapy. Short Clip

7. Feet, Ankle, Walking Exercises for Balance & Posture @Brookdale Aug ’18

Improve Walking, Balance Exercises. Bill demos.

8. CSP 041: Suicide Prevention. Norima, Mental Health Expert

Contact and connect with Norina Verduzco-Murphy, MSW, LCSW:

Suicide: A Common Risk Factor for Kids. Clip

9. CSP 029: Detect Life-threatening Condition by Ultrasound w/ Christy Jones

Check out their site and next event:


Digita Imaging Ultrasound: Removing Life Threatening Risks on the Crooked Spine Show

10. CSP 032: Interview w/ Narcie of Cable Crossfit. Trusted Trainers and Family Feel.


1320 N Benson Ave

Upland, California

Cable Crossfit: Members Helping Members. Short Clip

Youtube Podcast Playlist

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CSP 083: Exercises to Building Torso & Core Strength. Derek & Dr. Tony. Episode 5. Crooked Spine Show

Want a stronger back and core? Derek explains how a stronger torso/core can help the athlete to the desk jockey to the homemaker move pain-free and efficiently.  Derek will teach you the stretches and strength exercises needed for the pelvis and hips in this episode (part 1 of 2).

Checkout Derek’s educational video and connect with him-

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(3:30) How your torso/core helps you move.

(8:00) Starting your assessment with hip stretching.

(23:45) Next, improving pelvis movement and balance.

(30:50) Building torso strength on the ball exercises.

(36:30) Plank exercise: explained for front torso strength.

(40:00) Now strengthening the side torso (side plank).

(43:00) Posterior pelvic tilt exercises.

(45:10) Hip rotation exercise (on the floor, ball and standing).

(53:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: Dec. 2020

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Holiday’s stress out most people.

Now, through in the Covid Crisis…Wow!

How do we keep a level head and still maintain healthy habits, so we don’t start in the red in 2021?

These videos will help you get and stay on track so your not hoping for a “new year’s resolution” to save you (again).

The Colored Titles will link you to the specific video list.

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Leg Bent/Back Stretch

Watch the full video on Youtube

This stretch is safe and effective for low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, and more.

Derek at Life Performance Enhancement demos this stretch.

Here are the steps of this exercise:

  1. Lying on your back, bend both legs about 90 degrees.

  2. Cross one leg over the other.

  3. 3. Whichever is the top leg, bend to the opposite side.

Listen how to anchor your foot to get the total stretch in the video. 

Hold enough tension where you feel uncomfortable.

Recommended to hold for 30-60 seconds for the most benefit.

More videos to help your low back–

Low Back Roll Stretch

Two Best Low Back Strength Exercises

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Headaches: Causes and Recovery Steps. Gibson Oct ’17 (replay). Crooked Spine Show

Chronic headaches driving you Crazy? Tired of taking medications that don’t help? This workshop will help you understand the causes of headaches. Then learn how you can stop your headaches with recovery steps including exercises (below). And understand if chiropractic adjustments can help you too.

Watch the full episode:

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Here are the videos discussed in the workshop:

Walking posture checklist:

Sitting Posture Checklist:

Neck Pillow Stretch:

Upper Trap Stretch:

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