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Proper Walking for Posture, Balance, Strength. @Brookdale Nov. ’18 (replay) | #crookedspineshow

Want to avoid falling, have an injury? Take a tip from athletes by doing these small exercises. These first steps are the building blocks to becoming a better balance and a healthier person. Doing these exercises DAILY will help you regain or maintain a better walking motion, balance and strengthen in your lower body. Then you can lower the risk of injuries and falling.

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(0:45) First, improve standing posture.

(4:15) Wall walking exercise.

(6:50) Why lean back/staying on your heels helps.

(9:00) Rolling feet exercise.

(13:00) Brian demos above exercises.

(16:00) Knee raise exercise.

(17:30) Eyes closed during wall walking.

(19:45) Walking backwards exercise.

(24:45) Above exercises with a Walker.

(31:10) Betty demos exercises with walker.

(35:30) Lorraine (99 years old) demos exercises.

(41:30) Proper sitting posture.

(46:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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Watch the Chiropractic Adjustment for Back Pain. Mecopius,”OOF!”. Euclid Chiropractic. Upland, CA

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Chiropractor use the adjustment (moving spine bones) to help people with acute pain.

Getting an adjustment can make people feel: anxious, fearful, scared; until you finally get one.

Reactions to a patient’s first adjustment (including Mecopius) include: laughing, crying, cursing, speaking in foreign languages and in tongues.

And then the RELIEF; pain relief to start, then sleeping better, feeling happier, more energy, stronger.

Hope, now, you are excited to get adjusted to feel better.


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CSP 079: Finding the Right Physical Therapist. Guest Henry of ASB Therapy. Crooked Spine Show

You think physical therapy (PT) will help you? Don’t know where to go? Henry is the owner/operator of Advanced Sports and Body Therapy (ASB Therapy) in Claremont, CA. From his many years experience as a therapist, musician, and martial artist he gives you the mindset and other tools needed by your therapist and you to be successful improve your body.

Connect with Henry-

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(3:40) HowHenry’s musician and martial arts background helps him..

(12;30) Mind over matter. Is it real?

(16:00) “I don’t know” shows you care.

(20:10) Virtual therapy. Is it work? How?

(27:00) Henry critiques shoulder therapy steps.

(40:30) With Covid, staying healthy by slowing down.

(48:30) Doing what you love for home rehab.

(1:00:00) Importance of elasticity/flexibility.

(1:02:00) Getting your therapy in YOUR home.

(1:09:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.


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Back Pain Relief. What to Expect and 8 Patient Stories. Crooked Spine Show

How is chiropractic SO EFFECTIVE in fixing back pain?  The first step of this episode with walk you through the steps a chiropractic takes to find the cause of your back pain, explain how the adjustment treatment fixes the pain, and how continuous rehab during treatment can stop back pain from returning.  The second part of this episode with give you eight patient experiences that also helped sleep, leg nerve pain, and feeling happy and beautiful.  Jump to the highlights or checkout the full episode.

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(1:15) What to expect.

(4:20) Virginia’s relief, better energy, happier.

(5:35) Israel’s relief after an accident.

(6:40) Hannah’s relief and back to softball 100%.

(9:30) Donna’s relief and no sciatic pain down the leg.

(10:50: Stephen’s relief with better sleep and no more limp.

(13:20) Rita relief and back to her beautiful self.

(16:20) Cynthia’s relief and back to an active lifestyle.

(20:35) Selma’s relief with no leg nerve pain and sleeping better.

(21:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.  

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CSP 078: Better Health, Now. The High Vibe Nation. Hosts Sherry, Pamela, Christy. Crooked Spine Show

Sherry, Pamela, and Christy question Dr. Tony on The High Vib Nation. This will be an amazing interview about how Dr. Tony has created a high vibe life. Dr. Tony is passionate about educating people about chiropractic care, home exercises, and specific adjustments, so they can keep themselves healthy naturally.  Listen in.

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(5:15) How Dr. Tony stays “high vibe” to help people.

(8:50) How chiropractic works.

(12:15) Reduce mental stress.

(14:30) How the 50’s and over are helped by chiropractic.

(20:15) Staying in a healthier state with chiropractic.

(21:30) Helping kids/your immune system with chiropractic.

(30:15) The beginnings of the Crooked Spine Show podcast.

(33:50) Pain relief from loading dishwasher/vacuuming.

(35:45) When to get checked by a chiropractor?

(37:30) Mars funny chiropractic story.

(46:45) Improve your sleep.

(52:00) Reduce eye strain.

(56:00) Less back strain on Zoom.

(58:50) Better posture.

(1:04:25) Dr. Tony’s wrap.



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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: Oct. 2020

The quick video trailer of this Newsletter.

If Covid wasn’t enough, hope you survived the fires, smoke, earthquakes.

Wow! What a year so far.

And have you been RESILIENT (thanks Dr. Doug) to do the habits to stay health?

Here are last month’s videos to help start or maintain habits for a healthy mind and body.

The Colored Titles will link you to the specific video list.

I. Patient Stories

I. Exercise Playlist

I. Short Highlights playlist

I. Podcast playlist

I. Interview Playlist

Do not keep us a secret.

Your friend’s health is just as important.

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