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Neck Pain Recovery: Find Out Why & How to Fix it. Exercises Demonstrated. @Gibson March ’23

Neck Pain can cause physical as well as psychological stress. Your recovery is based on a proper assessment to find the cause of your neck pain. Initial treatment will help reduce the pain; and continued treatment to strengthen your body to handle the stress of your day. This will allow the pain not to return. Learn these exercises in this workshop.

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Outline for the workshop–

The causes: -traumatic, poor posture, lifestyle/exercise habits.

The symptoms: pain (around the neck & head), headaches, dizziness, radiating neurological signs (sharp, numb, weakness, tingling, burning).

Assessing your neck: R.O.M., posture check, x-ray analyis (if needed).

When chiropractic can help. (posture, disc healing, nerve symptom reduction, improve joint motion, guidance in building an exercise routine, etc.)

Start with these stretches:

-pillow stretch

-corner stretch

-upper trap stretch

Build strength/endurance:

-3 shoulders


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Car Accident Recovery. Finding Advocates for Fast Pain Relief w/ Less Stress. Guest Jean-Paul Anderson, Doctors for Accidents, explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Do you have a plan if/when you are in a car accident? Did you know you will NOT be able to see your current doctors(s), or use your health insurance.? And calling your auto insurance company for advice might be a conflict of interest. So where do you turn?

There are specific doctors that specialize in helping your full recovery and avoid any life-long pains. Where can you find them that provide a high standard of care?

Jean-Paul Anderson operates a directory of doctors (Doctors for Accidents)  that you can trust to help you full recovery to feel good even after you stop any treatments. Jean-Paul and his team give you complete access to them so you feel less stress as you get a fast, full recovery.

Connect with Doctors for Accidents:

(833) 999-9362

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: April 2023

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Identifying High Functioning Anxiety, How to Overcome it, and Support People that Have it.

Layne Vanlieshout founder of LV Wellness explains. Crooked Spine Show Podcast Episode.

Do you love to work until your exhausted? Your boss or family make encourage it, but it could be hurting your health long-term? In today’s podcast Layne helps us learn to self-assess ourselves physically, psychologically and emotionally to see if we need to adjust our activity, diet, sleep and other parts of our lifestyle to not allow our body get and stay in a stress or anxious state. Listen in.

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*Layne’s background and her specific passion to help.

*Defining high functioning anxiety. How it changes your stress hormones, effect libido, etc.

*How rest is productive.

*Low energy? Do you have this normal cortisol cycle?

*How would your medical doctor help you?

*Why is medicating a hormonal imbalance not helping your body.

*How Layne assesses a client’s lifestyle and their self-care.

*Adjusting your daily routine to protect your energy.

*Our nervous system’s change to short & long-term stress.

*How language affect your anxiety levels.

*Starting to build habits to reduce internal and external stressors. Your beverage and food choices matter.

*Can changing your cooking oils help? When to eat out.

*Importance of movement to reduce stress/anxiety; but balance with rest.

*Layne’s new group coaching option explained. Live, include labs, community support, etc.

*Layne’s Free Energy Rescue E-Book. How it can help you.

*Layne’s takeaway. Listen to your body.

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Understanding How Chiropractic can Help You. In-office Talk @Euclid Chiropractic. Replay. Crooked Spine Show

How does Chiropractic work to help you? Chiropractic adjustments work to return the nerves to a healthy state, so you can feel healthy and happy. In this workshop connects the nerves to your symptoms of pain, stress, your lowered/limited activities, and more. Then you will understand how Chiropractic can get and keep you well.

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How nerve connect through the body.

What are healthy/irritated nerves.

How nerve affect your health. Nerve chart explained

Effects of Spinal Misalignments (Chart). Nerve Chart

Effect on muscle strength/pain. Nerves effect… on low back pain; Digestion, heartburn, diet; Sleep, anxiety, stress; and Attitude;

Your H.N.S.- does it control every function of the body?

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