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How to Prevent Falls and Injuries. Check out these Balance Exercises. @ Gibson Oct. ’21. Crooked Spine Show

Want to prevent falls? Injuries? These exercise will help give you better balance and strength while walking, going to stand, and when you lose your balance unexpectedly. Check out this workshop from October ’21.

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(3:30) Why best to start by correcting standing posture.

(5:50) Feet Rolling exercise (seated, standing)

(11:40) Knee raises (facing and on the wall).

(19:00) Side hip stretch.

(22:00) Walking exercise (eyes open and closed; backward).

(33:20) Back Lunge, modified.

(36:30) Gwen demos walking exercises and knee raises.

(39:50) Why soreness is normal with exercise.

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SWEATLOGIC: a new Micro Studio Community to help your Body & Mind. Owner and guest Vanessa explains. CSP


As we get ready to start 2022, the comical “new year’s resolution” to get healthy begins; and ends a month later for most people. The corporate, box gym setting is where most of these failures occur. SweatLogic is a micro studio in Upland helping members find a higher level of health (physical as well as mental) by their large variety of classes that range from strength and balance exercises to meditation classes. Find out why Vanessa Gomez started SWEATLOGIC, the short and long term health benefits the members have experienced, and why more people are gravitating here.

Checkout SWEATLOGIC classes here, and see what people are saying about it.

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(3:40) Why Vanessa started this micro studio.

(5:10) What to expect your first days/weeks in this community.

(8:30) Barre work classes explained.

(14:10) How trainers help you use the TRX, water rowers, etc. to make workouts fun.

(17:30) Vanessa explains yoga vs. pilates; and she describes her classes.

(23:00) Improving your mental health with this type of coaching.

(25:20) Long-term benefits for members.

(28:10) Vanessa takeaways to help you, now.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: December 2021

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Looking forward to the holidays?

As we get closer to the craziness of Christmas and the New Year it is easy to put our health on the back burner. Then we end up starting 2022 having to work up hill to get healthy again.

Maybe not this year? These videos (and past one from this year on our YouTube playlists) can help you keep a healthy routine.

I. Adjustment Playlist

I. Patient Stories


I. Exercise Playlist


I. Health Education playlist

I. Workshops

I. Interview Playlist

I. Podcast playlist


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Your Health Requires Joint Motion. Here is Why and How to Improve it (replay). Crooked Spine Show

Spinal motion (normal or limited) effects your internal health to keep you relax or stressed. Motion affects your body’s nerves, chemistry, and hormone levels. When you understand how your joint motion (70% from your spinal joints) controls your health, then you have value to have a full range of motion in all your joints. Checkout this workshop at the Gibson Center in Upland from March 2017 to understand the details.

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(1:30) How spinal motion works different other joints.

(2:50) How your brain knows if your joints are moving properly.

(5:20) Then Brain’s control of hormonal release in the body through the adrenals.

(7:10) How our nerves keep our body relaxed or stressed.

(12:30) What is arthritis?

(13:50) How spinal motion loss can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure; the Stress Response.

(15:50) Now, how normal spinal motion keeps you in a relaxed state.

(17:40) How sleep is effected by your nerves.

(19:40) Homeostasis: how your body adapts; how spinal joint motion helps.

(28:00) Spinal motion directly effects your body’s ability to relax or stay stressed.

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