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How Motion keeps your Body and Mind Relaxed. And How to Start. @Gibosn Oct. ’22. Crooked Spine Show

When you are stressed, how to do feel? Do you have habits/routines that calm you down? In this workshop we explain how your body’s nervous and hormonal systems respond to movement to help you feel relaxed. Then we give you a few exercises to start a daily routine to handle the stress of your day and still feel healthy.

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How do you feel when your (1) Relaxed (2)Stressed?

What hormones are activated when you are stressed or relaxed.



Which nerve branches  (located in your spine and brian) are related to being relaxed or stressed.



What joints of your body have a high amount of nerve density.

*Putting it together:  Joint motion → nerve stimulation →hormone release → how you feel.*

Simple Ways to Improve Motion


-Ankle motion (ex: rotation while sitting,

-wrist motion (rotation, tossing a ball,

-Shoulder motion (rotation with elbow bent, straight

-pelvic tilt (while sitting)

-and whatever YOU like to do.

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Diabetes Type 2: Lifestyle Changes for Recovery & Prevention. Guest & Expert Layne Vanlieshout explains. Crooked Spine Show

Did your doctor tell you having Type 2 Diabetes (or being pre-diabetic) is forever? Liars! Expert Layne Vanlieshout can empathize with your anxiety, and how she (and you) can cover naturally. In this interview Layne breaks down what to eat and when to eat them. She links specific carbohydrates can help or hurt your recovery. Also, how your lifestyle (especially sleep and stress) effects your blood sugar; including our mindset toward food. Learn this and more with Layne today’s interview, and her daily tips on your Instagram and TikTok.

Free Guide to Balancing your Blood Sugar on her Website:



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The big topics today—-

-The importance of blood sugar stabilization

-Signs of imbalanced blood sugar

-Insulin resistance as an early marker of impending diabetes

-What labs tells us

-Hacks to stabilize your blood sugar, and more.


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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: Nov. 2022

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Thank you Daniel (and all our patients) for

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Highlights from this newsletter:

Albert & Bryant tell their neck & back pain recovery stories; Dr. Tony amuses Chris & Alli about one’s first adjustment reactions; how Rachel sets up a client’s life journey; a workshop helps audience understand benefits of motion; Interview with Christine explains how to control your nervous system to improve to feel and be good, and Dr. Tony & Rick explain how chiropractic and physical therapy helps you; our podcasts–Rachel: being proactive in your healthcare, the Bodcast show: combining chiropractic with lifestyle changes, the Gibson workshop: steps to better posture, Aimee: optimizing your chances of conception.

Watch the videos by going to the playlist links below.

Let’s get and stay health my friends😊

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I. Spine Education Playlist

I. Expert Health Tips playlist

I. Workshops playlist

I. Interviews playlist

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Thyroid Conditions Healed WITHOUT Medication by using this Standard, Medical Method. Expert Maria Merlo explains.

Feeling constant fatigue? Unexplained weight gain, overly stressed? Your doctor may diagnose you with a thyroid condition. In this interview with Maria Merlo of Splend Health LLC is our expert in abnormal thyroid function recovery, naturally, to avoid medication-based side effects. Learn how recovery through changes in your diet, environment, stress and more can help you regain your vitality and quality of life.

Connect with Maria to learn more:

And the Thyroid Nutrition handout—

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Highlights today’s interview–

What does the thyroid do for the body; what is normal and abnormal; a

-Symptoms of an abnormal thyroid.

-How is your thyroid affected by your environment (foods, stress, activities, household products).

-How an imbalance can present as a hormonal imbalance.

-What is a healthy food and why is absorption important?

-Simple steps to regain vitality instantly.

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