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4/2: Free Wellness Fair with Giveaways and Licensed Speakers

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Speakers include health advocates to the benefits of wellness programs at work including ways to destress after work or school.
You will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the details:

On April 2nd, 2016 UFC GYM Ontario will be hosting a company wellness fair for businesses in our local community. This fair will be attended by local doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, insurance experts and physical therapists.
Topics to be presented on include:
1) What is a company wellness program? (Dr. AshoK)
2) How can a wellness program save you money? (Rylan Klaseen)
3) How can you encourage healthy eating in the work place? (Debbie Mapstead and Katie Keck)
4) How can you be more active at work? (UFC GYM Coach)
5) How can UFC GYM help you? (Nathan Brodnax)
Special guest speakers at this event include:
• Dr. Nagasamudra Ashok – Internal Medicine Specialist
• Katie Keck – Therapist specializing in eating disorders
• Debbie Mapstead – Health and Nutrition Specialist
• Rylan C. Klaseen – AFLAC District Sales Coordinator
• Nathan Brodnax – Owner UFC GYM
Guest Vendors Include
• Chiropractors
• Meal prep companies
• Physical therapists
• Massage therapists
• Farmers Markets
• Supplement companies
Start Time: 12 pm
End Time: 2 pm
Location: UFC GYM Ontario
Cost: FREE for all participants
Raffles and giveaways all day long, including:
• Gym Memberships
• Gym Merchandise
• Personal Training sessions
• Dave and Busters Gift Cards
• Nutritional supplements
• And much more!

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3/22: Pioneer Junior High Career Day


Dr. Ratkovic will represent Euclid Chiropractic at Pioneer Junior High’s Career Day next Tuesday, March 22nd.

From 12-2:30, Dr. Ratkovic will explain the benefits of being a Chiropractor and the rigors of the schooling required to earn a Chiropractic doctorate degree and passing the national board exam. 

During his talk he will show specific videos to explain Chiropractic, examples of patients benefiting from this profession, and some funny videos too. 

Overall, we want students to understand that being a healthcare professional requires a genuine desire to serve others. 

Here are a few of the the videos:



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How Chiropractic Works to Improve Posture

what-is-healthThis workshop will help you:

1. Understand the nerve-muscle connection for a healthy body

2. Give you specific exercises to improve balance and posture

Class is in-office and begins at 6:30

No cost to attend
Approximately 20 minutes plus Q&A

All materials supplied by the office

RSVP recommended due to limited seating


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3/15: Gibson Center Workshop: Fixing Forward Head Posture (FHP)

what-is-healthDr. Ratkovic will discuss the causes and effects of Forward Head Posture (FHP) and instruct attendees how to fix this condition.

All ages welcome.
No cost to attend.
Approximately 30 minutes plus Q&A.
Please bring note taking materials.
RSVP recommended due to limited seating.

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