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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: April 2022

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If your still looking for the motivation to start or keep your health goals for 2022, here you go!

This is one of our Biggest newsletter in a while packed with a plethora of videos from myself and Seven interviews from health experts.

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Let’s get and stay health my friends😊

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How this Group Exercise keeps Seniors Fit and More. Evan Russo, Expert Trainer for Seniors explains.

Coach Evan Russo explains how he coaches his clients by consistently keeping them moving to see long-term results in their physical and mental health.

Connect with Coach Russo & Senior Fit

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(7:50) Mindset of seniors BEFORE starting exercise; the fear.

(12:20) Time frame to exercise to feel comfortable, committed.

(14:20) Secret to getting your parents to start exercise.

(18:50) Lowering risk of injury by having a certified senior coach.

(20:00) Benefit of group exercise classes.

(30:50) The value (time & money) of paying for a trainer, coach.

(33:00) Shifting mindset from sick care to healthcare.

(39:00) Have a health team; in addition to your health insurance doctors.

(40:30) Group exercise, having a coach to keep clients accountable.

(46:00) Evan’s takeaways- community, mindset, communication.

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Keys to Start, Sustain and Grow any Private Healthcare Office, Today. Guest Dr. Tony on The Adam Keller Show.

Adam’s show is helping people understand how businesses work to be successful. Dr. Tony and Dr. Weaver have been partners for almost twenty years. Watch or listen as he interviews Dr. Tony to understand the mindset and actions needed early in a private healthcare office to be and stay successful.

Checkout Adam Keller’s Biz & Educational channel’s on Youtube–

The Tent Guy

How I Started & Real World Side Hustles

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 (2:00) What’s the purpose of our YouTube channel?

(3:30) Why I chose to be a chiropractic, my journey to getting my license and my secret to getting a job after.

(7:00) Importance of mentors and Not reinventing the wheel.

(9:30) Learning to adapt.

(11:10) I am a chiropractor and…

(13:45) What I would tell chiropractic students (or any private healthcare students) preparing to start practicing.

(15:00) Grow your practice by being a “specialist.” Betting on a positive R.O.I.

(16:40) What is one THING you want people to know?

(19:50) Making chiropractic/your service part of your main social media feed.

(21:00) What to Expect Euclid Chiropractic.

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The Nerve Connection to Your Better Health. In-Office Workshop. Crooked Spine Show. Replay

How does Chiropractic work to help you? Chiropractic adjustments look to return the nerves to a healthy state, so you can feel healthy and happy. In this November 2018 replay Dr. Tony gives you the details in this workshop connects the nerves to your symptoms of pain, stress, your lowered/limited activities, and more. Then you will understand how Chiropractic can get and keep you well.

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(2:10) How nerve connect through the body.

(5:50) What are healthy/irritated nerves.

(11:10) How nerve affect your health.

(12:50) Nerve chart explained.

Effect on muscle strength/pain. Nerves effect…

(15:00) on low back pain;

(15:50) Digestion, heartburn, diet;

(17:50) Sleep, anxiety, stress;

(24:50) and Attitude;

(26:20) Your H.N.S.

(29:50) How you personally connect your body to the nerve chart.

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Workplace Bullying. Learn to Stop the Stress & Enjoy your Career. Guest Tammy Dunnett explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Bullying is commonly kept a secret especially in large companies. Most commonly women are the targets and this needs to stop. Today’s guest is Tammy Dunnett, a communication coach and nurse. She helps people affected by bullying reclaim their reputation and confidence by learning communication skills (see her PAUSED Model below).  Then her clients get more out of their careers and life.

Connect with Tammy Dunnett—

And Join her Facebook. Tammy goes LIVE every Thursday-

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(2:40)  Tammy’s personal story of workplace bullying.

(7:10)  Why work policies don’t work.

(11:10)  When looking for a new job, check for this too.

(16:10)  In a conflict, who needs to change? Who needs to speak up?

(21:30) How can bullying effect your family or home life?

(23:40)  Tammy new client assessment. How she will help you.

(29:40)  Then how Tammy helps her clients to communicate (not conflict) with coworkers.  Here is the PAUSED  Model–

(39:40) Example from Tammy’s clients with coworkers & family.

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Headaches, Dizziness, Vertigo. Dr.Tony Explains the Causes and Treatments. Then Exercises to Help. @Gibson Feb. ’22.

What type of headache do I have? Or is vertigo or dizziness?   This talk will help give you clarity how to define each one; hen give you ways to manage and cure the root cause of your symptoms with lifestyle changes, exercises and posture. Checkout the show.

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Type of Headaches

-Migraines (4:20).

-Sinus/Viral headache (7:00).

-Cluster headaches (13:00).

-Hypertension headaches (14:00).

-Stress/Tension/Cervicogenic/Positional headaches (15:00).

Dizziness difference from Vertigo (16:50)


-BPV, benign positional vertigo, (18:30).

Meniere’s Disease (21:00)

Viral (COVID) (22:10)

Exercise for Vertigo (Bend over; sit) (23:50).

Diet/Lifestyle changes (26:50)

Exercises for Stress/Tension/Cervicogenic/Positional Headaches

-Upper Trap stretch (28:50).

-Broomstick stretch (30:50)

-3 Shoulders (33:10).

-Shrugs (39:00).

-Reverse Fly (40:50).

-Standing, Seated Posture checks (43:20).

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Lose the Weight & Stay at your Goal Weight for the last time, Naturally. Nutritional Coach Brooke Simonson Gives you the Steps. Crooked Spine Show

Want to  lose weight for the LAST time without giving up carbs, counting every calorie, drinking meal replacement shakes, or other unsustainable extremes? Meet Brooke Simonson a Certified Nutrition Coach & Weight Loss Expert. Brooke helps you develop sustainable habits that work for YOUR unique lifestyle . Then you can STAY at your goal weight for good, and feel completely in control around food. RESULT: you start showing up as the trimmest, healthiest, most confident, most energized version of yourself!

To learn more about Brooke’s VIP coaching program, monthly membership, and podcast—and download a free 17-page guide, visit her website–

And connect with Brooke on her social media:

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(5:30) Brooke’s transition from teacher to nutritional coach.

(9:00) Brooke’s 3A Approach for healthy eating and losing weight.

(12:10) Taking inventory of your relationships and mindset that help/hurt you.

(22:50) The Worth-It Chart. Choosing your foods.

(28:00) The benefits and steps to meal prep, hydration, and cutting out soda.

(41:50) Exercise helps you lose weight. A myth?

(45:00) How Brooke’s Health Investment Podcast helps

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Why People Quit. Episode 2: Finding your Purpose to Build Strength & Avoid Setbacks. Derek & Dr. Tony

Why do we or our friends quit? We want to feel stronger, look good, or lose weight; But when we start doing to the work to get there, we lose motivation. WHY? In this episode 2 with Derek of Life Performance Enhancement we learn the specific steps his clients do to find their personal purpose that affects their heart, mind, body and/or spirit. When you find your  perseverance, then you start to perform the strength formulas and do the repetitions without giving up on yourself.

Connect with Derek of Life Performance Enhancement.


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(3:30) Finding your Source of motivation BEFORE setting goals.

(5:50) Self-awareness how your heart, mind, body and/or spirit. How this changes by your motivation.

(13:50) Strength building starting with hardwiring the brain-nerve-body connection.

(20:10) Importance of patience, positive mindset. Progressive quality of movement, then increasing the weight/reps.

(14:20) The Linear strength building formula. Start movement in different planes to assess different muscles-how a coach helps.

(31:40) How to get stronger by muscle overload by changing repetition range for pushups (for example), then change resistance and load.

(39:50) Derek’s recap of today’s outline.

(41:50) When your motivation is wrong, you make reaching your goals harder.

(45:10) Intro to the next episode.

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Creating your Self-Care Routine to Be Happy, First. Guest Angela McKay explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Do you find yourself increasingly frustrated by not being able to find a moment to yourself? Do you put your mental and physical health in LAST place? And, even if you find a moment, do you feel guilty about it, thinking about what you’re not getting done? Meet today’s guest, Angela McKay.  She helps “overwhelmed, driven, do-it-all women” (and potentially men) do more of what brings them energy and joy. Angela will help you break free of that undesirable cycle you find yourself stuck in day after day.

Connect with Angela McKay:

And your Free guide: Seven Ways to Self-Care on her website.

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(6:10) Angela’s typical client.

(11:15) Asking the right questions to change emotion and action; is this your coach?

(14:30) Setting boundaries; especially with family.

(18:15) #1 excuse why people choose to not have self-care.

(20:45) Free guide: Angela’s 7 Ways to Self-Care on her website; what your #1?

(22:15) Different options with Angela’s coaching correlates your needs.

(32:00) How successful client feel and act.

(35:40) Who friends/family still like you after you choose self-care, first?

(38:45) Angela’s final message: showing up better for you and your people.

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Proper, Pain-Free Walking with these Exercises. @Gibson Dec . ’21. Crooked Spine Show

Want to improve your walking? This workshop will breakdown the exercises you can start today at home to improve your flexibility and strength of our lower body muscles.

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(4:10) How to keep your left and right lower body balanced for walking; and prevent falls.

(5:10) Seated side hip stretch.

(8:10) Modified knee pain relief with knee extension exercise.

(12:55) Getting up from the floor.

(15:10) Wall hamstring stretch.

(18:00) Standing kick back exercise for back strength.

(20:30) Standing wall leg lifts for gait, stronger front hips.

(24:40) Proper walker setup for posture.

(27:30) Calf stretch exercise.

(35:15) Rolling feet exercise. Eyes open, closed; backward.

(49:50) Alternatives to walking outside. Ex: Assisted squats.

(54:30) Sitting checklist. May demos standing up from a chair.

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