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Reduce Inflammation in your Body to Live a Better Quality of Life. Melissa Bunkers explains. Crooked Spine Show

Inflammation (especially long standing) in your body can keep your in a stress state. This can lower your quality of life physically and psychologically leading to chronic pain, less sleep, anxiety, etc. Melissa Bunkers of Revive Functional Medicine is a Nurse Practitioner and Functional Medicine Health Consultant. Her Revive Method will help your body reduce inflammation and return your quality of life.

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Ways to reduce inflammation ->

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In this show Melissa explains:

-What is inflammation and when does it become “bad”.

-What causes inflammation –

Ways to reduce inflammation

-and more.

And how Melissa’s REVIVE Method works to help you.

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Choosing Your Foods WISELY for a Healthy Body & Mind. @Gibson April ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Are your food choices important? Yes! Today’s workshop helps your understand the types of foods and its function, which help with stress (instead of feed stress), importance of reading labels, the effects of food on mental health and more detailed in the outline below.

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The Basics: Understanding the difference between Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats

What are your BETTER choices for you? 

Don’t forget the fiber. 

Burning Calories; how to be efficient. 

Hydration for food absorption, digestion and getting it out the OTHER end. 

Checking the label.

Stress: Fight OR feed stress (inflammation) with your foods. 

Energy: What are good and your food choices?

Sugar and Salt:  Are they Evil? 

Supplements: Do you need them? 

Eating to lose weight

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: May 2022

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Summer is almost here. Are you ready to enjoy the warmer weather and enjoy longer days in Southern California? Now is the time to check your walking or running shows and get out the sun block. Let’s get outside and start moving more to get yourself feeling and looking healthy.

These videos are filled with health experts’ advice to get your body healthy from a plethora of health conditions; even helping your mindset to get more motivated. Check out the videos that interest you by clicking on the orange colored playlists that take you to the image of videos on YouTube.

Let’s get and stay health my friends😊

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Signs of an Hormone Imbalance & How to Fix Them. Guest & Expert Megan Bliss Explains. Crooked Spine Show

You might have been told your weight gain, lack of energy, overwhelming stress and other symptoms is from a Hormonal Imbalance. Medical treatments such as birth control, surgery, antidepressants will not fix the problem, and can have long-term side effects. Megan Bliss has helped many women fix their hormonal imbalances NATURALLY. Over the last eight years Megan has helped women regain their lives, look good, feel help and stay healthy. Today Megan will discuss: -how hormonal balances occur. -the best way to test your hormones and how frequent. -why your doctor only can help you through medications and surgery. -why hormonal balances cause weight gain, and feeling of being overly stressed. -self-care tactics to help you rebalance your hormones. -And Megan explains her Free Hormone Symptom checklist on her website.

Connect with Megan to understand how to take care of your body—

Free Hormone Symptom Checklist:

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(3:50) Causes of hormone imbalances.

(5:50) How your food choices effect your hormones.

(9:10) The Lab testing and more Megan uses.

(13:50) The imbalance causing weight gain.

(15:00) Stress reduction: a collaborative effort.

(18:30) How your amount of exercise effects hormones.

(22:10) Adrenal fatigue recovery.

(24:00) This is your self checklist ->

(26:00) Pregnancy & hormonal imbalance.

(28:10) How your partner will enjoy having your hormones balanced.

(28:40) Megan’s first day client process.

(30:10) Megan’s takeaway:  Don’t wait.

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Your Health Requires Movement. Here is the How and Why. @Gibson Jan. ’19 replay Crooked Spine Show

The human body requires movement for more than just physical health. When you move our joints and muscles, then nerves fire to stimulate brain activity, chemical reactions and hormonal stimulation. This results in better balance, strength, flexibility, feeling less stressed and a better immune system. This talk will give your simple movement patterns you can perform seated and standing to help you start to get and stay healthy.

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(4:20) Have fun moving.

(9:00) How hormones change with motion to relax you.

(14:00) Start with tapping feet; shoulders; knees.

(19:20) Proper walking posture; and w/ cane or walker.

(27:10) Tossing a ball for coordination/motion.

(31:30) Twisting a stick.

(37:40) How music helps.

(40:30) Different sexes lower stress differently.

Q/A (43:30) Breathing to help when you can’t move.

(47:50) Find ways & why to relax.

(49:30) Replay of exercises.

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Getting & Keeping Your Body & Mind Healthy. Guest Alli Covington explains her Software-based System. Crooked Spine show

Need a more than a fitness or diet coach? Alli Covington uses her experience and knowledge to help you get to the bottom of your health issues, and then setup a long-term fitness and health plan customized for you. Alli has a medical degree, is M.A. in counseling psychology, UCI Group Exercise Instructor of the Year, an author and software developer, enjoys her family of five, and more. Ali has the background and experience to help us understand how to get and stay healthy. Let’s learn.

Connect with Alli–

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(3:10) Alli’s journey to starting her on-line, software-based training.

(8:20) What stops people from starting or continuing a training program.

(11:00) Avoid this negative talk. This is why.

(14:10) Why Alli’s training gets clients more results.

(17:00) This trademarked nutrition system -how it works.

(19:50) Start eating healthier this way. Dealing with cravings.

(23:20) Helping people with Type 2 Diabetes.

(28:10) Guidance in post-Covid & post-vaccine recovery.

(36:10) Alli’s takeaway: how this pandemic has MOTIVATED people to get healthy.

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Middle Back Adjustment Demonstrated and Explained. Euclid Chiropractic

Here is the Middle Back Adjustment video

The middle back adjustment helps local pain, improve posture, helps breathing, shoulder pain and more.

The middle adjustment can be perform on your back or face down; some people will be even perform this adjustment seated. Checkout the demonstration in the video.

Here is Naomi’s full adjustment of the neck, middle and low back adjustment demonstrated and explained–

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Shoulder Pain: Assessment & Recovery. 5 Exercises Demonstrated. @Gibson March ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Having shoulder pain? This workshop will help you understand the anatomy of the shoulder, the sources of pain, and five recovery exercises to help you keep your shoulder flexible and strong. Checkout today’s show.

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Highlights: -2 min

(3.20) Which muscles affect shoulder movement/pain?

(9.15)  Secondary causes of non-traumatic pain.

(14.30)  Other signs of a shoulder problem.

Recovery Exercises:

(22.30) Lying down at 90 degrees (shoulder and elbow).

(28.00) Corner Stretch

(34.35) Broomstick

(40.10) 3 Shoulders

(45.45) Modified Shoulder Press

Watch more stretch on our Youtube playlist–

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Can our Home Floors Make us Sick? Expert Mike owner of Baseline Carpet Care explains how to clean/sanitize them. Crooked Spine Show

Our home floors are stepped on everyday by us and our pets.  They look clean, right? Like our clothes and bodies, we need to clean our floors regularly to allow them to look and feel good; along with keeping them from wearing down. Mike of Baseline Carpet Care in Rancho Cucamonga gives his knowledge how to clean and sanitize our floors the right way with the right equipment that helps our health too.

Checkout his work and connect with Mike for any questions—


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(3:30) 2 types of common professional carpet cleaning service. Which is better?

(7:00) Difference from a pro-service vs. DYI rental equipment from a store.

(8:10) How to clean tile and pet spots.

(14:00) Are my carpets ready for cleaning?

(15:40) What you can do to keep your carpets clean/sanitized.

(17:40) Better home air quality too.

(19:30) A personal connection to ask/schedule with Mike.

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Look Good and Live Your Best Life in the Los Angeles Area. By Camille Johnson

Living in Los Angeles comes with a lot of pressure to look your best. You’re constantly surrounded by people who are fit, have perfect skin, and always dress to impress. It’s tough to keep up with the Joneses (or Kardashians), but here are some tips from Euclid Chiropractic to help you feel confident and look your best while living your life to the fullest.

Enjoy the Southern Coast’s Access to Fresh, Nutritious Foods

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is that you’re surrounded by an abundance of fresh, healthy foods. From the Santa Monica Farmers Market to the many organic produce stores in the area, you have easy access to everything you need to fuel your body with nutritious, tasty options.

Take Advantage of the Many Outdoor Activities

Los Angeles is a great place to get active and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re swimming, hiking, cycling, or practicing yoga in the park, there’s something for everyone. Popular spots include Runyon Canyon, Griffith Park, and the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Exercise To Tone Your Body

Los Angeles is a great place to do it if you’re looking to tone your body. With so many gyms and studios offering every kind of exercise class imaginable, you can find something that fits your needs and goals. From SoulCycle to Barry’s Bootcamp, the options are endless.

Invest in Quality Skin Care

One of the best ways to look and feel your best is to take care of your skin. The Pacific Coast offers tons of sunny days, which are excellent for vitamin D levels but damaging to your skin. Invest in quality skin care products that protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Get Enough Sleep

With 24/7 activities, nightlife, and excellent weather, it’s easy to stay up too late in the famous West Coast city. However, getting enough sleep is essential for looking and feeling your best. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night to keep your energy levels high and your skin looking fresh.

Dress Professionally at Work

If you’re a working professional, it’s critical to be mindful of what you wear. Even if you work from home. When you dress professionally, it affects how you carry yourself. When you’re well-dressed, you look and feel more confident, which lends itself to exuding confidence and always giving a great first impression. 

Start a New Hobby

One of the best ways to look and feel your best is to do something you love. From cooking classes to wine tastings, there’s something for everyone. When you’re engaged in an activity you enjoy, you automatically feel more confident and happy. L.A. County is a great place to explore new hobbies and interests.

Schedule Time for Self-Care

It’s essential to schedule time for self-care if you want to look and feel your best. This can mean taking a yoga class, reading a book, or walking on the beach. Taking some time for yourself each day helps you relax and de-stress, which is essential for maintaining your health and well-being. Especially at home, you should also wear clothes that are built for comfort – and that goes double for nursing moms!

When you look and feel your best, you’re more likely to take on the world with confidence. Achieve this with exercise, healthy eating, and self-care.

At Euclid Chiropractic, we are proficient in numerous adjusting techniques to help each patient reach their optimal health. We also specialize in joint, muscle and nerve rehabilitation. Call 909-981-5666.

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