Healing your Body. Dr. Jeff Trigo’s step-by-step new book, To Heal a Nation, explains. Crooked Spine Show

Dr. Trigo has been around Chiropractic for a long time. As a child he watched his father treats patients, and Jeff began adjusting people at an early age. Since then Dr. Trigo’s has been passionate to help people live a better quality of life. And after years of helping people as a licensed chiropractor, Dr. Trigo now shares his knowledge as the author of, To Heal a Nation. If you ever wondered the history of Chiropractic to present, how it helps you, and simple ways to life a healthier life; Read This Book. Today, Dr. Trigo gives us his story how he got here, why he wrote the book, and explains specific chapters.

Here are the questions I am proposing (in this order):

1. Brief history of your professional background (experience as a chiropractor, your school experience).

2. Explain the difference between the Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic.

3. Having a long, successful career is enough for most people. Why did you choose to write this book?

4. In the beginning of your book, you mention the Inner Healer and Vital Connection. Explain these please.

5. Love your title for chapter 6, “Powerful Pisiform”. Is this the Adjustment you are referring to? Why is it powerful?

6. In chapter 7, why did you name it “Against all odds.”

7. As we know, people want to save money. Your chapter 14, “The Insurance Ideology” is probably about this right? Do health insurance companies confuse people regarding their non-medical coverages, like chiropractic?

8. After reading your book, how do you want people to take action?

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