CSP 050: Test, then Get & Stay Healthy with BioStar. Karen explains on the Crooked Spine Show

Can we measure your health-your mind, organs and physical body?  BioStar scientifically measures your energy levels through vibration/sound. Karen uses BioStar so you know what part of your bodies are unhealthy, which may be hurting.  This can not only help you prevent a medical condition, but also allow you to get and stay in a healthier state.

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Highlights (podcast times):

(1:30) How BioStar measures energy levels through vibration.

(4:30) Test to know if your vitamins are working.

(6:00) Can BioStar help you find parasites in your body?

(7:50) How a BioStar scan works.

(9:10) Helping find the #1 health problem.

(14:00) Understand Epigenetics to fight your genes.

(16:40) Toxins that affect your health.

(21:50) What health changes to expect after scan/changes to your lifestyle.

(24:30) How your chakra energy affects your health.

(27:45) Common protocols that fix gut issues.

(35:50) Karen’s wrap up.

(40:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Knowing your health is not just how your feel.  BioStar (like a blood test) can help predict future health conditions, and how to fix your body to prevent them.  Even when you live a healthy lifestyle, knowing your body’s inside can give you the insurance policy to get and stay healthy.

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