Shoulder Exercises for Pain Relief and Posture. @Gibson March ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Your shoulders’ health is complex.  Any muscles or joints injured around the shoulder (even your posture), can cause shoulder pain, weakness and/or a loss of motion.  These exercise will help improve motion, strength and your posture to maintain healthy shoulders.

Highlights (podcast times):

(4:00) How a shoulder becomes a problem/medical condition.

(6:30) Why it’s NOT crazy to move a painful shoulder.

(8:45) Start with stretching the muscles around the neck –Video

(9:50) 3 stretches for the shoulder joint –Video

(15:50) Modified downward dog wall stretch.

(16:20) Towel stretch for for upper back, shoulders and arms –Video

(19:00) Improve shoulders by proper walking, standing and sitting.

(20:10) Stronger shoulders by this press –Video

(21:00) Video wrap up.

(21:33) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

So shoulder motion is the key to recovery; slow at first, and then aggressively to improve motion, strength and posture.

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