Loud Screams during Jack’s Painful Adjustment for Back Pain Relief | Claremont Cucamonga Upland Chiropractors

This treatment is a little scary to watch.

Coming from the Emergency Room, Jack trusted Euclid Chiropractic to help him with his condition.

We had helped him with pain & anxiety before, but this time it was worse.

Watch full video, and see if he felt better after.

Someone’s chiropractic adjustment can be exciting or scary. Because you never know what your going to get as a reaction. And because we will only do the adjustment if it can give a person a relief, we feel confident when I perform this action.

As you can see in the video, Jack is screaming and then has relief in the end.

Performing an x-ray analysis first, then we can know where to cause a chiropractic adjustment that can benefit the patient.

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