How to Find your Healthcare Career? @Out Reach March ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

How do you find your career in healthcare? Doesn’t matter if you in college, high school or earlier; it’s best to think about it now.  In this talk I have these students learn from my experience (what to do, and what not to do).

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:50) Sit for more energy/better thinking.

(4:20) Are you the top 5% in your profession.

(6:20) Why now is the best time to work for free.

(9:50) Reverse thinking to find your profession.

(15:20) Your reputation vs. character -why it’s important.

(18:50) How exercises relaxes the brain/body.

(25:20) How to be liked, forever.

(31:00) Working on your bedside manner.

(37:20) Learning the best way for you.

(42:00) Find the negative, first, for professions you like.

(43;50) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Knowing your personality and developing your personal character is never-ending.  Starting now gives you the opportunity to grow from positive results and mistakes.  Caring for others should be an extensions your personal beliefs, and actions.  Then practicing in a healthcare career becomes easy because you love it.

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