What should Healthcare Practitioners & Patients Expect? @Keck Graduate Institute March ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

These students next step is applying to highly ranked medical schools.  I give them the personality and my experience to help understand what it takes to help patients in a private practice setting.  One student came into my office after to see me in action.  Hope this talk helps patients know what to expect from a private practice doctor. And how students can give patients a good experience.

Highlights (podcast times):

(3:20) Why volunteering is important.

(8:20) How “going for the no’s” works.

(9:20) Senior patients treatment stories.

(15:35) Fun with younger patients.

(17:05) Treating stress in the body.

(22:50) Can patients reduce medications?

(27:50) How to help patient relax.

(32:50) ALWAYS work to get patients feel good.

(35:00) Students-build your online reputation now and why.

(40:50) Interview for jobs/schools: #1 characteristic needed.

(44:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

It continues to come down to doctors listening to patients.  Communication skills are required, so doctors can make the correct diagnosis and treatment to help patients improve their health.  And by students willing to volunteer/intern they gain the experience EARLY to build a reputation as a caring and competent doctor.

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